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  1. I will buy this game even if its on Game Pass.
  2. Don’t know why anyone who bought it are not sharing any reviews here.
  3. Is the PSVR2 worth buying? I have never tried a VR headset till now (not even in the malls).
  4. Anyone got the 512 GB version? Should we use a screen guard on the anti-glare screen or leave it as it is?
  5. Was looking to buy immediately. Went to a local store and got 8k straight discount on the 256 GB model. Thanks for the inputs.
  6. Planning to buy an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro max. Where can I find the best deals?
  7. I remember seeing a 512 GB deck going for 65k in a WhatsApp group.
  8. R a g h u

    Elden Ring

    Can someone drop Rivers of blood, Twinblade and Scavengers Curved Sword if you have extras? Platform: PS4/PS5
  9. The wait is over. It's here Steam Deck 512 GB 1 TB Sandisk A2 Micro SD card Official Steam Deck Dock
  10. 20-30k more than buying from US. Got the 512 for 700$.
  11. The moment these retailers got an upper hand, they stooped super low. Bundling Console with useless games, headsets, controllers. Almost everyone who were regulars knew about PPGC and the way they operate. We still go and order from them (including me). I miss the old sellers like intencity.
  12. I remember the guy who wall mounted my TV quoting 27k-30k for 2 years of extended warranty for my 65 C2.
  13. Reliance Digital was ready to sell at 1.20l when I bought my C2 65. This was like a month ago in Bangalore.
  14. Is the open Beta live? I remember seeing a notification from the PS App in the morning..
  15. IMO, Don’t even know what the players who want to get into Indian team are playing for. Is it for money, fame? I always hated IPL. The selectors pick players from IPL. This is really the end of Indian Cricket.
  16. You have your name as Sach4life, I don’t. No difference about Sachin.
  17. Not just Sachin, the way Yuvraj, Yousuf Pathan, were clearing the boundaries. They were actually hitting sixes into the crowd and not just clearing the rope.
  18. I was watching the Road Safety something series Highlights on YouTube. Oh man..I still feel they show more hunger than this team we have now. And some moron wanted to have 3 different teams playing around the world.
  19. How can they smile while losing?
  20. Couple of purchases from this week. 2x AirPod Pro and LG C2 65”.
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