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    It's been more than one week, but Tapatalk on Android just wouldn't upload images for me.
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    on Croma Witcher 3 game of the year ps4 - ₹494 https://www.croma.com/ps4-the-witcher-3-wild-hunt-video-game/p/200465 Killzone Shadowfall ₹494 https://www.croma.com/ps4-killzone-shadowfall/p/181133 Order 1886 - ₹494 https://www.croma.com/ps4-order-%3a-1886-video-game/p/188894 Last of us ps3 - 194 https://www.croma.com/ps3-the-last-of-us-standard-edition-video-game/p/188279 Just Dance 2014 - 194 https://www.croma.com/ps3-just-dance-2014/p/179886 Resistance 3 Special Edition - 194 https://www.croma.com/ps3-resistance-3-special-edition-/p/168995 THRUSTMASTER F1 WIRELESS FERRARI 150TH ITALIA ALONSO EDITION PS3 GAMING CONTROLLER (WHITE/RED) - 194 https://www.croma.com/thrustmaster-f1-wireless-ferrari-150th-italia-alonso-edition-ps3-gaming-controller-white-red-/p/175030 Final Fantasy x / x-2 - 194 https://www.croma.com/ps3-final-fantasy-x-x-2-hd-remaster/p/181465 Dark Souls 2 - 194 https://www.croma.com/ps3-dark-souls-ii/p/181464 Battlefield 4 - ps3 - 194 https://www.croma.com/ps3-battlefield-4-standard-edition/p/180297 LA Noire ps3 - 194 https://www.croma.com/ps3-l-a-noire/p/168113 Mass Effect 2, Portal 2, Thief, Murdered Soul Suspect, Marvel vs Capcom 3 also for 194 for ps3
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    Open BETA. Store link Size: 11 GB
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    @CarbonCoreNice. Time to download along with system "stability" update 5.55 @HEMAN open beta
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    Beta is up on PSN, lets get some racing going on @Walker
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    Man..that is really ugly. Most likely to be the second cod after blackops 3 I won’t be buying.
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    Buffon to play final game for Juventus on Saturday. End of an era. 875 Games 9x Scudetto 1x World Cup 1x UEFA Cup 5x Coppa Italia's 6x SupperCoppa's 12x Goalkeeper of the year
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    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus for PS4 is available at Rs 1999/- only. You can order the game from our website: http://www.gamestheshop.com/Wolfenstein-II-The-New-Colossus-for-PS4/2395 or buy it from our store's http://www.gamestheshop.com/store-locator
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    Ya true true....Hope dice use their common sense and release bfbc2 remastered on ps4 .....shut down ps3 bfbc2 servers and use that for ps4 ....I know it won't happen.....But one can dream about it
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    Spectra's reliability varies a lot by region. Although it's not available in my area, a friend of mine has it. His main problem is downtime, every other day either something is wrong with the backend or fiber and he is left with hours without the service, but another friend of mine who lives about 6kms further than the first, has had no problems whatsoever with it, only rare speed droppages. This is in Delhi, not sure about about your area. To be honest, I am fed up with max 5mbps upload speed Airtel provides because of using vectorization, also vectorization is not even fully supported by many devices because they haven't used the Google's authentication yet. No matter if they are giving me 100 down, with roll over, my FUP is 1.5tb almost every month, but I want more upload speed. But only thing which keeps me is their almost negligible downtime and response time. Maybe I will give a try to ACT in future.
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    Rcb will also probably make an exit today
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    There will never be another Battlefield game as good as BFBC2.
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    Not battlefield bad company 3 though.....When will I get to see bfbc3!!!! Hope dice makes this game exactly as it was in the bfbc2 Vietnam dlc .....One of the best dlc's I've seen in a mp game!
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