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    PSPlus prices dropping to 2,999 INR per annum from May 1st. Anyone on the hook to buy subscription might want to wait a bit.
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    Safer option is to buy codes outside of PS store and then redeem. PS Store is a bit dodgy in its net stability.
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    Saw this on FB and felt it was a highly appropriate way to describe our team
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    Loserpool loosing against Watford. 3-0
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    Disgraceful performance in that match overall. We just couldn't get a grip of the game. Defense is atrocious, still. No creativity in the midfield. Barely any chances created. Any chances created were not taken. Why in the world did Martinelli not start is beyond me. Credit to Olympiakos. They played well and kept pushing. 4th/5th place is only possible if other teams drop points, which is always a bad thing to bank upon. Winning Europa was the only way to guarantee CL next year so that some of the big names stay. But, it seems all over now. If other teams don't drop points, we might not even play European football at all next year. These are tough times for our club. In a way, that's fine, I guess. Yes, reputation and finances take a hit by not playing in Europe. But if we just take a season where we have only the league to focus on (lesser matches), I hope we can make sure we utilise that time to just get a few things like our playing style, fitness, mentality, etc. right. I don't know. I'm sad is all. What hurts more is the performance. We were playing exactly like we wanted to justify our position on the league table.
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