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    There can be asymptomatic cases of Coronavirus but the symptoms do start to creep up in a week or 2, that's why anyone who actually goes for a screening test must already have clear cut symptoms based on which they made a decision to take the test. But mostly, people are going out of fear thus the only ones being tested asymptomatically are the ones with travel or contact history. Now the test works by taking a swab sample of your throat, might even have to cough up some sputum. Then they use a procedure called Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction in which they extract genetic material from the sample taken, mix it with other genetic material which is extracted from the specific virus which is Coronavirus in current scenario. Now if the sample has the same material as the Corona, the genetic material will amplify and will be reported by the testing machine. If it doesn't, then it's negative. No blood or any other body fluids required. The genetic material of Corona is not in a surplus supply hence the limited number of testing kits. But it's getting better, India had about 100,000 and ordered 200,000 more from Germany. Although it will be quite some time before it becomes ubiquitous.
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    Update: He's absolutely recovered now. Symptoms are gone as well. The doctor has given it in writing that no further tests/investigation is necessary. He just advised rest for another day for him to get to 100% and he can resume work, too. Thank God, it turned out okay.
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    Thanks. If I get it, I'll put it on my shelf thats keeps my PS4 games and such, and not to the actual desk itself
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    The glue wont come off if you apply it well. It is rock solid but yeah, the downside of that is, it will f**k up your finishing when you do remove it. I hang a Hyper X Cloud 2 on it and that is a heavy headphone. No issues so far. Been well over a year.
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    Lol, my sanitizer is very good at keeping hands clean, I have named it Gogoi.
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    We just arent testing. Last I checked we test 6 people or so per million. Other countries are testing thousands per million. Its the old Soviet rule. If you cant see the problem, there is no problem.
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    Finally ,it's about time
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    There are many Instagram accounts which are reporting that people are not being tested, they are making memes out of it. But most of them carry false information. There was one with almost 10k likes and said that people with whole range of symptoms are being turned away which I can say with personal experience is not true. I myself have been to 3 testing facilities by now and anyone with all symptoms is being tested. These accounts are exaggerating the scenario for likes and follows. Also, many are blaming the govt. for lack of kits. Govt. did react a bit late but I think as of now, India is doing much better job with it's volume of tests than other countries. More kits have been ordered but because of the sheer population, the ratio of testing will still be down as compared to South Korea etc. Also, Germany itself has order from multiple countries, all the countries have to wait for their turn. It's not just govt. but the novelty of the virus which caught everyone off-guard. No matter how accurate the info. might seem on Social Media. to be, always take it with a spoonful of salt.
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    f**king bang up job with the name there MS. Takes a strong man to look at the WiiU f**kup and go "you know what, maybe the problem was there werent enough consoles with names starting with a Wii".
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