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    Wife baked cake for our wedding anniversary. For dinner Pav Bhaji Veg Biryani
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    Havent played TLOU1 and giving expert opinions Play the game first to understand how beautifully it is done. You should be the last person to comment. Jeez.
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    So fanboys are butthurt over the story? Good! It means that Druckmann and co. are trying to tell the story that they actually want to tell regardless of whether it will go down well with fans. I appreciate them more for it.
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    Good News : Got promoted and because of the exchange rate right now I make decent bank.... Bad News : Maybe the only reason I got promoted right now is because the company had to let go of people. Some who were really close and some who actually trained me. Talk about bittersweet. Worse news? Work load has increased by at least 30% but at least I still have a job.
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    @Banz happy anniversary [hide]veg biryani is a lie[/hide]
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    Happy anniversary buddy, looks delicious.
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    Follow up to this
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    Don't underestimate days gone though. Its a great game. Once you invest 10-12hrs in that you will really start liking it.
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    Despite that. They have already bent active cases curve
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    Available on GamePass. 😇 PC - https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/moving-out/9n9h593x8svp
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    Free - Total War: SHOGUN 2
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    I have another version of Phillips trimmer and that works well.
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    Not surprising tbh. The gaming community on a whole is toxic af. The replies are part over-entitled shits and part xbots, who are rejoicing at this 'misfortune' of Sony's crown jewel.
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    OpenCritic: 80 Gears Tactics does an excellent job of grafting Gears' signature look and feel onto XCOM's turn-based battle format and looks great doing it. A competent tactical retooling of the Gears formula, even if the execution isn't always spot-on. Clever combat abilities and brutal executions translate Gears of War into a deep, fast-paced strategy game. Gears Tactics is a smart, fast, and aggressive strategy game that's in need of a little more variety Inject some much-needed adrenaline and storytelling into the tactics milieu, even if the campaign wears out its welcome This is a near miss, but as anyone who has ever played a turn-based game will tell you, a near miss can be all the enemy needs to take you out. This is an interesting, but hardly essential, addition to the Gears family. Gears Tactics carefully recreates the chaotic excitement of a Gears of War firefight in turn-based strategy form. Gears Tactics finds its niche by leaning further into the hyper-aggressive action and gore of the franchise. It throws tons of enemies at you, which forces you to move and keeps you on your toes, but can also become annoying and tedious in some missions. For a first-time outing though, Gears Tactics is a fantastic start. Gears Tactics makes a wonderful addition to the franchise, and I hope that it spins off as its own series. BUY!
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    Don't think they can. Relationships are of paramount importance in any business. And TLOU2 is a major release. Releasing digital only means pissing off all the physical suppliers with whom they have a contract with. Those suppliers are already taking losses due to Corona, but giving away TLOU2 digitally, will even take away their hope that as soon as they can start business again - they can rapidly recover due to instant major releases like TLOU2. And stunts like this, will in turn affect how much stock of PS5 Consoles and other future physical games the retailers will keep in stock. In short - it's a sensible business decision. TLOU2 by itself is not worth getting into disputes with their entire physical seller contact list. And that list is not only retailers. It also includes the distributors, the wholesalers, the stockists, the logistics guys etc. throughout the entire World. That's a lot of people you piss off. Remember - Relationships take a lifetime to build, but some bad decisions can ruin them. And in this case, even lead to tremendous losses and even failure of consoles for the company. So unless they somehow find a way to ship physical (Like Atlus with Persona 5 Royal or SE with Final Fantasy 7 Remake), expect this game to be delayed until the entire COVID19 case is over. If the game is spoiled online and all gamers look at it - well it's on them. They can look forward to TLOU3 in that case. Expect same with Ghost of Tsushima and all other major releases as well. Small games and less popular IPs can still go the digital only route though. If TLOU2 and GOT flops, well Sony can take the loss of 1-2 games. Plus, it will give major rep that Sony stands with it's partners in all crises. That's some major goodwill. But the opposite, will also have the opposite effect.
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    Releasing on Apr 28. Looking forward to it!
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    Made close to 10kgs worth of Chocolate Cream Cheese brownies. A few for my family but majorly for a couple of my neighbours who are in healthcare and have been working non stop, going through daily tests. Just a token of appreciation. Everything was properly sanitized and package was dropped off outside their door for them to collect. Final product:
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