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    When i used to play pokemon go, came across this near banswara rajasthan.
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    Maybe its time to take a break from IVG instead of constantly sh*ting in and on the forum with zero contribution. See ya in 3 months, hopefully with better appreciation of the community. Should've been when you made fun of people taking Covid-19 seriously, but eh. Of course they don't need it, not when only 2% of the install base subscribes to it. But that's not what I said, did I (comparing the two)? They have a sub in place and its been there for a long time, if they want to compete in that space they can push for it.
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    >women are swole or skinny. >fungus-zombies are THICC Just look at that booty. Drunkmann pls. pic found on reddit
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    Here you go - paying 1$ for high quality AAA is a bad thing. You know why? It's not because MS is doing it, but because it is not sustainable. And one has to be incredibly shallow minded not to see that. Imagine OTT platforms like Netflix, Prime were the only avenues left for movie makers. Do you think you would see them coming out with big budget mega blockbusters anymore? That one time money is no comparison to what a really successful game can make in it's lifetime. There won't be any motivation for R* to make a RDR2 or ND to make a TLOU2 if they all they had to count on was that GP money and/or, say, PS Now money. Yes, if Sony starts offering PS Now at super cheap throwaway prices I (and everyone else) will definitely go for it. Will it be a great deal- sure. But I wouldn't be silly enough to constantly brag about how amazing it is for gaming on a whole.
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    Something with folks in Pimpri Chinchwad and Gold.
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    Thanks for all the great recommendations Turns out desktop power cord works just fine. Got one locally for 110 INR. Weekend gaming saved
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    You can see numbers here: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ India has more active cases, more deaths, more critical cases and less recovered cases than Russia. Soon we will exceed them in total cases too.
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    tbh all games excluding the fast paced fps multiplayer games( not ones like BF seriues where you have vehicles etc, i'm talking about CoD and every BR there is ) give a much better experience when played on the [ BIG SCREEN ] I miss my 32 inch TV, it was nothing fancy but atleast it was big screen, now i'm stuck with 24 inch monitor :/
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    More like no one wants to sit in that chair right now. More than 4 lakh out of the 6.5L cases have come from Maha/delhi/TN.
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    The experience is the exact same on iPhone. However there is one caveat. Samsung phones have scalable codec which is supposedly better than AAC codec on Iphones but that's about it.
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    Guy has some 2700 achievements on steam, PS4 and TV are more like side-distractions when the steam icon on his desktop is just STANDING THERE MENACINGLY
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    You get 4 sets of dynamic themes - 1) First set of 3 themes, multiple avatars etc. for beating 1st Palace 2) 2nd set of 3 themes, multiple avatars etc. for beating the 4th palace 3) 3rd set of 3 themes, multiple avatars etc. for beating the game (Completing all Palaces) 4) 4th Set of 3 themes, multiple avatars etc. for getting the final trophy. If you are on 12/24, you should already have the first 2 set of codes (6 Themes total + their associated avatars etc.). If your trophy is all synced up, just look at the email id that's associated with the account you are playing the game on. The first 2 codes should already be there. It might be under the "Promotions" tab or "Spam" tab, but Atlus is pretty prompt in sending it. Just take the codes, redeem on the PS Store of that region, and you're all set.
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    Reached Seattle day 2. I wish I had Xbox instead of Switch as a second console so I could spend more time with this game Also suppressor is OP af. More OP than what it was in Uncharted LL. Upgrading it to 5 shots almost breaks any encounter with humans even on Survivor AI.
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    Yes it's like Bioware.
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    Got this done strictly on weekends when the cheater noobs are running havok over trials
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    Finished *that* boss fight. Yes... THAT one.
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    So if someone lives in Bhosari, I'm well within my rights to call him Bhosari waale?
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    This is flawed logic. There are lesser deaths because viral load is less. Indians care little about their health, the regular health checkups are extremely rare and more than half the population doesn't even know what comorbidities they have. Foreigners especially in developed countries take health very seriously because of awareness and to avoid costly healthcare, and are better prepared to handle any health emergencies. Ever wondered if normal Indians even know wtf is lactose intolerance or peanut allergies or how many know which vitamin deficiency they have? How many practice dental hygiene like yearly teeth clean-up or plaque removal? How many take yearly flue vaccine or swine flu vaccines? So many people die without even knowing wtf happened to them. My cousin died in 2018, without any disease or accident. He was 36 years old. Uncle didn't do post mortem. Doctor said his heart stopped suddenly. If only he did yearly health checkup and was on top of his health issues if any. He was complaining of tiredness for over 10 days and was sleeping early. But he didn't go to doctor. We are just lucky that virus is not as lethal as in US or Italy. And don't believe the official death numbers. There are many many deaths not being reported. And these deaths will now increase due to other diseases that take lakhs of lives each year during rains like dengue etc, because private hospitals are not accepting patients unless they do Covid tests and government hospitals are already full. Real test begins now.
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    If 70 bucks is the standard pricing next gen, I might have to go the xbox route. No way I'm paying 5k per game. Atleast gamepass can provide some relief, even at 600 per month.
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    XIXIXXIXI YES OF COURSE IT WAS 85K ONLY WE TOTALLY CONTAINED IT Like you said this is PR stunt, in the end the vaccine will be bought from some Big Pharma MNC for an exorbitant sum anyway.
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    China is done with it. Has been since Feb end. Current - 409 active cases. 402 mild condition. 7 critical.
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    What a piece of rotting garbage ! Unless they do P1 and 2 PROPERLY (which, honestly, are a pain in the a*s) for testing efficacy and safety, you can't move to P3, where you would be injecting thousands of volunteers. And if sh*t hits the fan in P3, we can have double or triple digit morbidities and mortalities in our hands. There's a reason CTs take years to finish - efficacy is important, but never at the cost of safety. There is no way anybody anywhere can prove both efficacy and safety with a 40 day trial. It's ridiculous. You don't have long term efficacy or long term safety data. PR stunt. Even the list of institutions look like a joke. Most of them would have never done a P1/2 trial. f**k.
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    2K being 2K, nothing new. On top of not supporting next-gen free upgrade, they also jacked up the price. They make EA look like saints.
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    Yes we wash all the air tight packets with soap, and vegetables and fruits with vinegar and salt water. we even wash soap with soap before using 😂🤣
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    Just finished the hotel descent level and halfway through the next one. Around 2-2.5 hours of some of the most intense gameplay sections I have played in a long LONG time. Finally couldn't take it anymore. Makes the whole generator room section from the first game look like a joke.
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    If you go all out calculating and integrating the volume of different shapes making up the ps5, on paper it might come out to be lower, but for all practical purposes such as storage, you'll have to consider the ps5 a cuboid too, much like a series x.
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    Why does the volume even matter??
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    are you serious ? do you think design is all about multiple colors and irregular shapes ? XSX design encompasses the core concept of minimalism , the design concept where you prioritize only the most essential and necessary elements of a product and get rid of anything that's not required. Irony is that you're asking others to learn design, whilst you have little to no idea of the same. To give you a more layman analogy, check the home page design of Google & Yahoo. Yahoo has all those links, pictures, videos and what not, while all Google has is a logo and some minimum hyperlinks at the bottom. The latter is the concept of minimalism where only the essential (search bar) is highlighted to the user, as nothing else is required. Both approaches have their pros and cons, and is subjective depends on what your preferences are , but to say xsx doesn't have a design as its designed like a box is laughable
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