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  1. Don't have many doubles. Just 2 Wii U games and one Super Nintendo game as far as I remember.
  2. I wish. Unfortunately, still quite a few games I want to get hold of such as Wonderful 101. Opened topics asking people for the same, but no response. Have to try getting them from the US if I can't pick it up here.
  3. Thanks. Surprisingly, all the games have been purchased in India. Many from this forum or through people on this forum. Actually, all the games are second hand, therefore some don't have their manuals.
  4. Got all Mario Kart games ever released. Zelda related games so far. Not been actively collecting for this though.
  5. Not as big as some of the collectors here, but here's my collection (excluding Gameboy series). Just started seriously collecting from the second half of last year, so a long way to go... @WhiteWolf Here are some XBOX games for you...[emoji846] Sent from my ONEPLUS A6000 using Tapatalk
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