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  1. No downside. On the other hand, no measurable upside either. Only a tag to make you feel better while they earn off your 10L+ balance.
  2. Now is a good time as any. Hardly any deals.
  3. Yes, AC is absolutely necessary and one should just assume it as a mandatory expense.
  4. This is not new. Despite thousands of people facing this (check reddit), Apple denies any flaw in their design. You'll have to get a new one, unfortunately.
  5. You should get 5%, it is under the fair usage policy.
  6. Should apply afaik. Two iPhones won’t cross its fair usage policy. Although I am not sure of the 5000 off part.
  7. Neuland πŸŒ‹
  8. 2023 ka thread banao. 20 din pehle bnega toh kisi ko time pe gifts nhi milte.
  9. @Bird Bird Bird Any suggestions for a mask? N95 only or is there anything better? Mask quality sucks all around.
  10. Does it work well? I can't believe how much worse it is this time around.
  11. Hybrid capping. 0.3% i.e. 1 NC/300 INR spent in Croma offline stores or Croma website outside of Neu. If you spend via Neu, then it's 5% i.e. 5NC/100 spent for upto 750NC/txn. The rest 5% is via HDFC Card Tata Neu Infinity card and it has a capping for Croma at 6L/month expense or 18L/year expense. Post this threshold, 5% won't be provided.
  12. There is a cap. 750 Neucoins/txn. So it will be 5% via the CC + 750 Neucoins for high value txns.
  13. https://www.flipkart.com/samsung-frame-163-cm-65-inch-qled-ultra-hd-4k-smart-tizen-tv-matte-display/p/itm184c76a404254?pid=TVSGDH3YEV9UC8P7&cmpid=product.share.pp&_refId=PP.07f96f22-d468-40ba-abba-62fc59a5d916.TVSGDH3YEV9UC8P7&_appId=CL Consider on your responsibility. Edit: Price error fixed. Was going for 87k.
  14. 1.15 for which unit? What's the break up? I don't think there have been any changes which don't allow you to cancel an EMI, only thing is whether your bank charges you foreclosure charges or not. Generally, longer the tenure of the EMI, the more you can save via foreclosing it but it depends upon the merchant fee and if it was no cost EMI or not.
  15. If the retailer knows how to clear the runtime using service remote, you are out of luck unless you can find an issue with packaging and the unit itself. At this point, chances of a fresh unit are negligible. Every year the same cycle repeats.
  16. It's already going for 1.4L with 10k discount on EMI (Croma, online). I am sure, one could score it for 1.2L offline.
  17. You will not get any lesser price on that C2. Historically, LG Oled prices have remained the lowest around Dusshera, same prices around Diwali. But I am really doubtful about a spare fresh C2 being available. LG is very active with taking away old stock and hence, chances of a retailer having spare stock unless it's open-box/demo unit, are unlikely. C3 55" should also be available for 1.2L, I think.
  18. Went with 25L Racold Omnis DG. Instant ones rarely work well.
  19. Choti si duniya banai hai logo ne, how dare you take their hope away?
  20. We need a new switch. I have been holding off. Absolutely necessity to play these games.
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