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  1. Nope. Add-on cards don't contribute to the holder's credit score and hence not included in Cibil. There are only a few startups which started offering this functionality. Add-on card only helps you to put all the expenses on a particular card, nothing else. Generally for milestone based expenses. Apply one for yourself if you need one.
  2. Sine wave is better than square wave inverters. Better voltage regulation.
  3. It won't be just for a while and you know that. Not an easy situation, you can try to find a shelter for her later but you have to be prepared to fully take her in if you are not able to. By any chance you can determine the breed if she is not a mix? Can get better idea about the space requirements then but I understand that with the cats already, it won't be easy.
  4. That's very weird. Maybe the inverter is just passing the direct supply through and not regulating it. Shouldn't be the case on the UPS mode. Is your inverter sine wave?
  5. You can put your TV on the inverter, that should take care of the spikes. Can also enable UPS mode on your inverter.
  6. Nifty Management is bonkers.
  7. They are. Prestige holders will probably shift to Axis Reserve and PM to Atlas. But for now, Citi is issuing. Haven't been able to get a call for Prestige though while others are applying for PM and then upgrading to Prestige.
  8. Does anyone have a contact at Citi? Been trying to apply for Prestige but unable to get a damn call back.
  9. Whatever it is. Anything is better than Regalia, now that Mastercard is unbanned, Citi might move back to the MC world elite variant so trying to get that. Axis might change the rewards in future but that’s a problem for another day.
  10. In line with what we were getting last time. So the same price. That extra 750 discount is most probably shared among purchases.
  11. Doing exactly that. I threatened them I will close the card and even move bank accounts but to no avail. And also in addition to that, they are saying my salary is too low. I mean, do any of the DCB/Infinia holders even meet the official requirement given on their website when they are given the card? They offer DCB for 70-80k net and my earnings are way north of that. CC asks me to share the documents which I have already shared with RM, RM's head and their CC rep. Kitno ko documents share kru? Just gonna keep Regalia around as it is LTF but really considering moving account to ICICI and trying Citi Prestige.
  12. So an update. HDFC is f**king sh*t. RM told me that he will get me LTF DCB because I am an IITD alumni and the same was promised to me when I graduated when the ban was running. But after stringing me for 2 weeks, they have rejected even DCB let alone infinia on the basis that my current Regalia's limit is too low (the same Regalia which was offered to me as a temporary fix till I get DCB and promised a credit limit and card upgrade) and also that my spend is not that high, idk how 6L+ in last 6 months is not as high. So long story short, gonna cut all of my expenses on Regalia. Trying to move to Citi Prestige.
  13. If you have to keep your fingers crossed or say that it is a gamble, then is this really a sound investment for you? Are odds even remotely stacked in your favour?
  14. Also, any idea about SC ultimate? 5 RP/150 and says 1RP = 1 RE but I can't find any Krisflyer Transfer option/Ratio. Looks to be a good option for backup card just want to check Airmiles transfer ration compared to OM/Prestige if available.
  15. Great thread, thanks a lot. On Citi's website, they just mention 4 miles/100 for both but they don't mention the transfer ratio. Prestige in that case offers better base reward rate for Airmiles even than DCB and Infinia. I am still not sure how things will change once the transfer is complete to Axis, any idea? I will probably apply for Prestige in case there is no risk of Axis devaluing it, PM if I don't get prestige and then I can use it as a backup for my DCB.
  16. But what happens when they become Axis? What's the difference between prestige and premiermiles except the fees? Can't find much difference between the two, on website, both of them give 1RP/100 which is equal to 4 miles, so why pay 20k for prestige?
  17. You call it gambling yourself and then you say people can't make a fortune. You might be fully behind crypto but that doesn't mean people who aren't can't make money. You can make a fortune from stock market too, only difference is time taken.
  18. Is Citi still offering new cards as they are exiting India and their cards business is going to Axis? Anyway, I think Atlas is my best option. Citi cards are too expensive as well.
  19. Compressor of the AC has a temperature gauge. The compressor can trip it's own supply if it overheats while the rest of the AC keeps on running. I am not sure why, but suddenly people have started having these issues. Not really at night but during the day. I think it depends where your ACs are placed too. If it's in direct sunlight or not. Whether it's a split or not. If your AC is in shade the whole day, then it's better.
  20. Been noticing a pattern with ACs among my friends and family. Compressors are tripping up from heat in Delhi. Only ACs working are quite literally General and Mitsubishi. My friend's Carrier tripped, heard similar things about Bluestar, been experiencing the same with Hitachi. While the General I bought last week is running absolutely amazing and cools way better than a similar 1.5 ton Hitachi. Gonna replace all of my acs with General soon.
  21. Are you investing directly in the US? I would say just start investing via Kotak's fund if you want the index. The expense ratio is higher than Motilal's and there is a premium but it's the only option we got and taxation is very much favourable if you invest via Indian mutual funds as compared to direct US listed ETFs or stocks.
  22. Because investment in international mutual funds have been paused by RBI because the sector came close to the umbrella limit of $7B. In addition to this, there is a $1B limit for any one fundhouse and Motilal hit that limit. They can't do anything until RBI increases the limit. And they have been lazy with it. This is for funds which invest directly or into their own ETFs which track the US markets. Same reason why PPFAS is not able to invest more in their US stocks. For funds which invest in ETFs which trade directly in US markets, the umbrella limit is $1B and $300M limit for any one fund house. That's why you can still invest in funds like Kotak Nasdaq 100. Now these ETF funds have some premium over the actual NAV but that's the best you got. Otherwise you can directly buy Motilal Oswal Nasdaq 100 ETF from open market.
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