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  1. Gland, lol. Knew it long ago. @Bird Bird Bird
  2. Their clarification says that payments for goods/services while being in India will not attract TCS but in the same clarification they have mentioned multiple times that it will. Assume the following: TCS applicable anywhere where you pay in forex or pay in INR to a foreign merchant. Rest, we will know starting July 1st.
  3. Bhakt nhi rukenge. My IQ dropped while replying to this person.
  4. Same, it's under the same rule set and always was.
  5. Ministry of finance has released some clarifications and looks like it has been written by a 2nd grader. It mentions that it will not affect txns done on CCs inside India, although I will take this with a bucketload of salt. Banks will just club all of the txns together. More and more, I regret not taking overseas career options.
  6. Bus yehi chahati thi government. Interest free loan and reduce international travel.
  7. Yup. And Govt. will thank you for giving them an interest free loan as a loyal tax payer.
  8. There needs to be an IVG meet-up for this.
  9. A local dealer recently quoted 84 for USD in white and 85 in black. People who want to keep txns hidden, will gladly take this over reporting and TCS.
  10. Indian Tax-payers: Can't create roadblocks, can't do dharnas. Govt: Phas gya yeh toh.
  11. People pay cash in INR. Travel agents do jhoomla. All is well.
  12. Waiting for WA forwards about how this is a master stroke.
  13. Nail in the coffin. This sets up TCS on every CC, international txn. Canons of taxation goes to hell, get ready for mismanagement by banks. Govt. has lost it and with this taxpayers as well.
  14. True, I hope they provide support for vouchers via Smartbuy/Gyftr soon.
  15. It's not a checkbox now. One has to give explicit permissions on the relatively newer version. Android's native permission dialog pops up.
  16. True but it is more difficult than ever to get these permissions because now they require explicit opt-in rather than opt-out. Anyway, end game for every fintech company is lending and that's what Cred is farming this data for. Cred mint/cash etc. I don't depend on Cred a lot but in some cases, it's very handy.
  17. Ultra's battery is class apart. Has been since S21U. 7 Pro has a better battery but in likes with the Plus variants, can't touch Ultra.
  18. This has not been mentioned in any amendment. While we should be ready for this to happen, it's just fear mongering until it actually hits the bill. If this happens, then it will be one of the most regressive policies as it will violate both canon of taxation: economy and convenience.
  19. Going to the moon. This will correct sharply again in future, tempting to book profits but LT investor HODL.
  20. 1. Afaik, yes. This only works in case someone declares an income which is way less than the amount spent. But yes, agriculture guys continue to make hay. 2. TCS of 1% can do the same job as 20% as this is just for accounting. Anyway, instruments like CC/DC/Internet Banking are linked to PAN anyway, accountability is anyway there, they just didn't want to make policy and put effort to segment and penalize cash txns, makes no sense. 3.This is nothing more than a lazy attempt for making up for the incompetence in tax collection. This is basically a no-cost loan for the Govt as they don't have to provide interest till the time you file the return. And as always tax payers paying the brunt for it. This is not a new problem and other countries have already solved this without draconian policies. 4. Anything in excess is not healthy. Excess meat is poisonous (rhetorically), the same way excess potatoes are. But I am ready to bet, that all things equal, a person who eats a balanced diet with meat in it will on avg. have equal/better markers than a person who eats only veg.
  21. This guy is a religious and political bhakt. Nothing against vegetarians but he advocates to ban non-veg because it apparently poisons the soul and the body (mind you, he is in awful physical shape). Says that 20% TCS on foreign investments and txns is justified and people should vacation in India instead, then posts about honeymoon in Switzerland. A clear case of how religious and political biases ruins a good mind.
  22. These guys have no limits. Didn't have a great childhood, don't want others to have it either. Correlating IQ with a platform. Also this person is pro-taxation but hypocrite as well, wet his knickers when rumours of tax increases on capital gains were running online.
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