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  1. How does cutoff timings work for International mutual funds like Kotak Nasdaq 100? Like if I place an order on Coin, 13th June before 1:30PM, the US markets are closed. So will it wait for US markets to open and close later the same day and then assign me the NAV? Or will it just give me NAV of the last trading day which in this example will be 10th June?
  2. So not gonna get Infinia but they are gonna give me DCB LTF based on my college so I am gonna do that but need a backup card for the places where DCB doesn't work. Then maybe I will try for Infinia again 6 months down the line. @hannibal09 What's the best option for the backup card? Focus is travel redemptions only, either via RP convertion or Airmiles.
  3. But that would be applicable on Indian exchanges, right? Anyway, looks like the good old stock market is the best for me.
  4. Do yourself a favour, go and buy something locally rather than ShitKart.
  5. Which currencies you are investing in right now? And via which platform?
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CehX0rGPxQi/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=
  7. Have only been using S22+ for a few months but great experience so far. Very solid, no bugs. Hoping microstutters never show up. I think for iOS it's more about peripherals too because nothing comes close to Apple Watch, although I hope Galaxy Watch 5 is close enough.
  8. So I can stack even right now at MRP and take advantage of this cap, right? Not gonna do it but just curious. I wonder if any PS users will use this "loophole".
  9. https://www.playstation.com/en-in/support/store/redeem-ps-store-voucher-code/?s=09#faq
  10. Offline it is for 42500. Haggled him down to 41k and then 1k discount from HDFC. Very tough to haggle on price though. Old 1.5T Hitachi, he will take for 3000. Installation 500+gst. Gave me free Onsitego service for 3 of my ACs, not sure about that.
  11. https://www.croma.com/o-general-bawa-1-5-ton-5-star-window-ac-copper-condenser-axgb18bawa-b-white-/p/235311 Bought offline after card discount for 40k.
  12. Trying to register my Krisflyer on HDFC and it asks for FF expiry date but I can't find it on my digital/physical card or anywhere in my account. @hannibal09
  13. I have noticed that these tours are always a tad expensive but I guess it comes down to convenience. When it comes to Europe, language is the biggest barrier so I would say not skimp out on a reliable sim and data plan. These are pretty standard places and a quick Youtube search will tell you most of the things but when it comes to Paris, be vigilant about Pick pockets, they are everywhere and really active.
  14. Got O general. Not many 2 ton options in Window ACs and 1.7/1.8 ton are 3 stars with crappy power efficiency. But I assume 1.5 ton will do just fine.
  15. Depends where you are going in Europe. But why opt for tours when you can build one yourself?
  16. We already have space for it and getting a split fitted will mean drilling etc. My dad just doesn't like split ACs. The one I am looking at is not far off from the equivalent split, so not much difference in power consumption.
  17. Has anyone been using O general ACs or everyone just thinks that O general are great because someone else told them so? I just need some actual review.
  18. Panasonic actually underwent some manufacturing restructuring few years ago and that introduced some issues into their products. Old Panasonics used to be great.
  19. That's out of my hands. It's for my Dad's room and he is strictly against split ACs because he has heard people bicker about yearly gas leaks during pipe disconnects and water leakage. Gonna buy the O General tomorrow. Currently we are using Hitachi and can't wait to throw that piece of sh*t away.
  20. Yeah, I have a space for window. Don't really want to use up extra space for split. Found an O General 1.5 ton 5* 5300W, going for 41k. While 2 Carrier models, 5100W each, going for 34 and 37k. The latter has some smart features, I think. Will the difference be noticeable between O General and Carrier? I will spend extra 7k but I hope the extra money is worth it.
  21. I went through all of the available models from Carrier and LG. And LG's cooling capacity is lower. 5* inverter 1.5 ton from LG is 4850/4950W while 5* Carrier is 5100/5150. And then comes O General which is 5300W. So LG might use less electricity but cooling capacity is less as well. Daikin is 4900 too, Blustar is 5000. O general is more expensive but I think it is worth it, gonna check if it's available.
  22. https://www.reddit.com/r/india/comments/v49ls2/act_fibernet_is_impersonating_vlc_by_actually/
  23. So ACT just blocked VLC player and their websites. Same a jio. What the hell.
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