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  1. What's the general exchange value of an old AC? I got 1.5 ton Hitachi.
  2. With LG I am seeing the same issue which @Bhpian Bali pointed out, 1.5 ton is 4950W while Carrier has 5150w cooling capacity.
  3. I need to get a 1.5 ton window AC. Not sure if going for 5 star inverter AC from LG is worth it over a 5 star Carrier. Need suggestions.
  4. Correct. 7X comes with a dongle which you can connect to XB/PS and switch between modes. 7P is only for PS.
  5. I guess Deepak survived.
  6. FDR wala option is always there. That ITR return is stupid, 8L limit on existing HDFC CC and 7.5L spends in last 6 months or even 12 months is the best criteria. They can't cancel your Infinia if you don't continue your FDR, you know. And always get card first, they morons will go back on their words and make you take the early exit penalty on FDR.
  7. So there was no announcement regarding VR2?
  8. Nope, check their SEBI disclosure. People will react and it will recover.
  9. Well, dekhte hai. Abhi add kia tha dip me, I don't think it will reach that.
  10. Not necessarily, this happened with Hikal and Gujarat Fluoro.
  11. Arre yaar. Abhi lia add kia tha
  12. I am not getting back at you, just saying in general. Use any loophole you get and play games.
  13. For Regalia, sit tight and save for 2 years. Using points for economy tickets doesn't make sense because redemption ratio is not attractive but it's better than paying. Rewards are best to use for stay redemptions or for experiencing luxury travels. You can try for Club Vistra redemption, economy tickets. But Regalia's points are worth 0.5 re so you will need a lot of points for something meaningful. That will be your best bet, you can try for Amazon vouchers but redemption ratio won't be attractive. While DCB and Infinia points are worth 1RE. For 3L spends, I guess move all of your Amazon purchases to Smartbuy and take advantage of Blinkit/Bookmyshow vouchers but Regalia has a 2000/day and 4000/monthly cap of bonus rewards so you can only earn so many points.
  14. Everyone want cheap/free games. It's only an unethical loophole until your platform gets one. Khelo sab, khelne ke liye hi liye hai console.
  15. Infinia or DCB works well. For Infinia, 40k points gets a business class international travel ticket to somewhere close like Singapore. 50-60k for somewhere in Europe, depends on the taxes. On Infinia, to accrue 40k points, you will need to spend 1L/month for 12 months via regular rewards or 20k/month for 12 months via accelerated rewards via Smartbuy. On DCB, 1L/month remains the same but for accelerated since the cap is lower you can do 25k/month on smartbuy + some regular spending. You can transfer these to Singapore Airline's Krisflyer program and book from them or any of the Star Alliance partners. Amex also works well, but generally better for stay redemptions rather than travel. For stay, Standard Chartered Ultimate is a good option too.
  16. For Infinia generally 8L limit and 7.5L spend in last 6 months. Still give it a try, send cc support and grievance cc a mail and tell them you want the Infinia Metal or else you are switching.
  17. Accrued means the total points you have earned till date and balance means the total points you have earned till last billing date. You can only redeem your balance points. And they expire, 3 years generally.
  18. Abhi resistance retest hai bhai, abhi false breakout hoga.
  19. Can you actually game or watch a movie with this effect on? Would it not be distracting?
  20. Just wrote a scathing email to HDFC CC. Enough is enough, either they upgrade or I switch.
  21. Yeah 6L+ annual. I was also looking into HSBC Visa Plat and also SC, they also have 3.3% returns and good options for mainly hotels. Let me try and push for DCB first otherwise I am getting a new card.
  22. Yes. It has lower bonus multiplier in some cases like 3X vs 5X but the daily/monthly max point cap is higher so you anyway get more points. Also, 1RP of Regalia = 0.5 Mile on Krisflyer while 1 RP = 1 Mile on DCB/Infinia. So for same spend, more points and better redemption on miles. DCB acceptance is low though as they charge high merchant fees so a backup card is needed.
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