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  1. This discussion should be done with a professional, I would recommend to let such queries go stale.
  2. For Aarti, it made perfect sense because the segments were quite different in terms of industry, margins etc. For DN, it's not as differentiated but have to wait and watch what kind of products come out of this subsidiary and if DN keeps manufacturing spec chem in the main co or not.
  3. Bahut time liye hogya iss stock ko. Probably will look for 1 more quarter result at best, they anyway listed another company for speciality division, not fond of that.
  4. As always, should have bought more Neuland.
  5. QR code/Serial Number means nothing. One can copy a QR/SN from an original and then paste it on 1000 copies.
  6. 1.2rs dividend. Double taxation. No one is gonna get rich. I will receive higher dividends from my investments in GNFC.
  7. They do. Adidas has sale right now on few UB22s and recently was offering 20% off sitewide, even on UB23. That's when FK raised discounts to 61%.
  8. That is a completely different topic. Does a person get her/his money worth if they buy a Rolex or if they buy a fake? Does a person get her/his money worth if they buy an M&S apparel or Max apparel? Top end Samsung/iPhone vs 25k phone? Why even buy the brand if some other brand can fulfill the need at a lower price?
  9. You won't get 20-30% discount from physical retailers on let's say Ultraboost 22 if Adidas is not running it directly. Last month, the latest UB 23 had 0 discount on every e-commerce website but FK was running 40%. Then Adidas added 20% discount and suddenly all sellers on FK increased discounts to 61%. Absolutely no way they were legit.
  10. Highly unlikely that I can spot the fakes via pics. Even I am hard pressed to spot the fakes, can only spot them with careful observation in person.
  11. Anyone thinking that they got genuine shoes because they look and feel genuine and have sustained for a long period, you have no idea how close these fakes are. I have spent my entire life being a sneakerhead and I have seen my friends receiving fakes or genuine but rejects from online market places. One has to have a very sharp eye to spot these. Employee at brand stores have absolute no idea whether the shoe is legit or not. These guys have no knowledge. I have been working very closely with brands in my current professional capacity and let me tell you, I have dealt with premium brands like M&S, H&M, Asics and they have made it clear that they don't directly deal with any distributor which sells for such discounts. The same case would be for Nike/Adidas. I am not saying that FK can't provide genuine shoes, Myntra is a lot better but still risk remains.
  12. T-bills have a nomenclature with which you can search and you will have to compute the yield based upon the original yield, time left and the current price of the bill. Check this out: https://zerodha.com/varsity/chapter/government-securities/
  13. No? UTI Nifty 50 is 0.2 and MO is 0.14. Indicative and effective yields are different but check if you can find these T-bills on the exchange, sometimes you can score for a lesser price get better yields.
  14. Why UTI? Choose the fund with the lowest TER and decent AUM, history. Motilal has one of the lowest with good history. I don't invest in ELSS so I can't suggest much there. T-bills are a good option if you can get a good yield, afaik they were going for 7-8% recently.
  15. Need suggestions for an everyday bag. Basic requirements are one dedicated section for laptop and one for major bulk like charger, books etc. More pockets and sub-sections (chained) are a plus. Not looking for something which looks like Ghost bags.
  16. It comes down to your risk and volatility appetite. Historically, Midcap 150 has performed better than Nifty 50 (it's a largecap itself) but volatility has been much higher and sticking to SIP will be crucial. Midcap is based on free-float mkt cap (same as Nifty 50) weightage so it had high weightage of stocks like Adani Gas etc. Such high weightage are kinda smoothened in 50 because of the composition of the top sectors. So ups and downs are a lot frequent relative to 50. I think Mid-cap would have performed on avg. equal to the flex-cap returns. But I prefer picking a more conservative-value based flexi-cap like PPFAS over this as my drawdowns will be much better protected even if the returns go through a stagnation period.
  17. Long term investment is a minimum 7yrs, historically, 10yrs is even better. 3-5yrs is not enough for Index to provide you consistent CAGR. Anyway, Nifty 50 is the market leading index which any novice can get started with. In addition to an index fund, an active flexi cap fund will give you good diversification.
  18. In my case the delivery agent failed to deliver the order and called me to ask if he can deliver it the next day, I agreed. He then calls me again and says something jibberish and hangs up. Few moments later, order is cancelled and reason is that customer refused. Raised a complaint against him but now just have to wait for the refund.
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