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  1. I have preferred banking so (2) is automatically fulfilled. I don't have any loans or autopay. Probably not gonna keep enough money for Imperia yet, maybe in future. Will make an autopay mandate for minimum amount. Gonna push CC, DCB acceptance might be low but Regalia se toh better hai, yha 1 RP = 0.5 mile dukh de deta hai Regalia par. Will take a backup Amz ICICI card for where DCB doesn't work.
  2. Bro, if you meet the criteria of 8L limit on a current HDFC card and have 7.5L spends in last 2 months on it then send CC a mail. It should go through, people are easily getting it via this route. Push CC on mail.
  3. Axis CC is absolute garbage. On their Magnus card, they took like 4 months to post even normal reward points and tons of hidden T&C. I will just get this sorted hopefully and stop using Regalia, won't close it right now because that will send credit score low. I am afraid they will charge me fee too for Regalia despite of the LTF offer they were running. Fortunately, I have someone who works in HDFC CC division, so that's my last resort. Can't wait for Amex to come back but for sure they will bring devaluation. Anything below DCB or Infinia at HDFC and you are treated like sh*t.
  4. I just hope Amex comes back soon, Regalia is not worth it. Might as well spend on some mid-tier Amex.
  5. Grievance redressal is fed up of me by now because I keep harping on them regarding the promised DCB. RM promised me credit limit upgrade and then card upgrade in 6 months, that's why I have been asking. Also recently they failed to credit bonus points to my account, no sign of them in any statement. Upon inquiry they said X points were due to be posted on your account soon but even after they were posted, the smartbuy transaction didn't receive any bonus points. So I reached back and they told me that they mistakenly posted the X points earlier and they will revert it soon. I mean lol, if they revert it then it basically means I have not received bonus points for any of my smartbuy purchases in last 6 months. Idk what to do.
  6. So I updated my credit score on cred and surprisingly it dropped by 7 points. Turns out my "New credit accounts" went from 1 to 0 and hence the drop. So basically if I don't open new cards or any new type of credit, the score drops, lol. What a scam. Also, opening a new account lowers your avg. credit age which lowers your score anyway.
  7. It’s not about need. Generally your card upgrades are tied with your current card limit. Like for Infinia, 8L limit and 7.5L spend in last 6 months should be enough. Spend is high but you can plan for it but limit takes time to upgrade.
  8. How long have you been holding the card and any relationship with HDFC?
  9. It’s my only bank account. No FDs or anything but salary credits in this one only and all the spends are made via this only. Quite a long standing account. Current limit is 3L, which is standard, I guess. I was supposed to get LTF DCB because of being from an eligible college but after the ban ended, my old application was automatically processed and was given Regalia instead, RM got changed and I couldn’t do anything. Have been using for 6 months+ now. Rewards are horrendous on Regalia.
  10. How long before you get credit limit upgrade on your Regalia? I have been using it for 6 months+ and have gone through the first spending milestone. Haven't received any upgrade yet, people on twitter keep getting it by loads. Regalia's return rate is embarrassing, need to work towards Infinia or anything new they launch especially when Amex is also closed. @hannibal09
  11. It’s fine if he is busy, I’ll pick something else up till then. Gamepass ko bhi milk karna hai.
  12. I am fine with Mirae till the time they don’t invest 1-2% in such companies, in longer term these will get averaged out. But seriously, how are normal people supposed to keep up? PPFAS is the only one which is solid, Quant is close too. Mirae is decent, other than that, stick to Index.
  13. https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/markets/invesco-india-amc-diverted-poor-quality-bonds-to-retail-investor-kitty-reveals-sebi-probe/article65473121.ece/amp/ Can't really trust anything except PPFAS or Mirae. Maybe Quant too.
  14. So basically Nifty or Bank Nifty, lol. Might as well just add the index directly.
  15. Samsung phones under 30k will come with intrusive Galaxy Store app which will install random apps until you absolutely nuke the permissions after the first set of installs but even then Galaxy Store notifications can't be switched off. I would prefer buying Chinese in 1+ at that point. You can have my data but atleast don't bother me lol.
  16. I don't hold it because valuations ran up way before I studied it. At 150, I will definitely at 2-3% weightage.
  17. Well, there we go. I don't have any bearish stances now.
  18. Nifty might be showing signs of reversal, might turn mildly bullish now.
  19. If IEX ever comes to 150, it might be a great dividend play for future.
  20. Fed's comments are nothing new. Everyone was expecting faster and further raising. I would say this news is already priced in or being priced in. That is for Indian Markets. As a strategy I keep 30% as cash and deploy 2% at every 5% dip in Index (spread out), that gives me 15 buy the dip opportunities and for me to use all of those, the index will have to drop by almost 53%. Depending on the time period over which 5% dip happens, I might deploy more than 2% in some cases. Otherwise I nibble, 1-2 shares of the stock I like.
  21. It is not about buying the dip, it is about the spreading your buys through the dips. I always keep 30% of my PF as cash in case index drops 5% or more.
  22. Game received by @jak3072 in good condition.
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