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  1. Someone is making dead sure LL doesn't drop. That result wasn't priced in. We need 300.
  2. Everyone who has invested in Pharma over here, do you guys have an exit plan? I mean, just making sure everyone has a hard limit (either price or business levels) and are not married to a stock. Soon Twitter will be going gaga over Pharma but the cyclicity remains. There is no guarantee LL will be spit gold.
  3. Aaj PF 2% uppar that toh chill hai. Some institution bought ferociously after the results came, to sustain the price. I have been saving cash, time to load up.
  4. I added quite a bit of Sona few months ago, maybe should have added more.
  5. Bhai, sarcasm tha.
  6. They are already out. And they are fantastic.
  7. Laurus ne toh din bna dia!
  8. Lena nhi hai, koi puch rha tha. Guy heard 36k me mil rha hai.
  9. @rushab oswal Abhi Ps5 best price kidhar and kaise ?
  10. Wait few months, will get a price cut over whatever is the MRP in India.
  11. Well, risk re-assessment must have been long due.
  12. Many SBI CC holders getting their CL reduced.
  13. That scene is already up on the internet, it was full nudity, was bound to be censored.
  14. Watched Oppenheimer yesterday. I was looking for more science in the movie but it's done really well. The last 30 mins can be frustrating/grueling but that's what Nolan wanted. The very end could have packed a little more punch but overall, I think it's a great movie.
  15. How much did you save by foreclosing the EMI?
  16. But this is only valid if a person got the Instant discount otherwise in case of a cashback, one has to wait and pay EMIs till the cashback is credited. In that case, one might get penalty charges.
  17. Achilles is too and everyone has to pay with Magnus.
  18. Who is available for a Delhi-NCR IVG meet around August 6th? @Bird Bird Bird @achilles @abhi90 Invitation open for other members as well.
  19. Depends by when gift edge points are posted. I think mine renews on 1st Oct. I was thinking that I can do tax payment next month, hit milestone and when it comes after 90Ds, it would give 10k miles (5:2). Beats everything else for tax payments but then again, paying 10k+GST and not getting anything in return is bad.
  20. Let's try this one more time, Magnus is dead. Unless you can keeps tons of moolah in your Axis account to rot. Even then, it will be half dead.
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