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  1. PS5 Pro is most likely not going to come, forget coming anytime soon. There is no way there won't be any other PS5 drop here in the next 1-2 years.
  2. Thats not how it is. Microsoft's Q2 earnings are for the quarter ending December, which is same as Sony's Q3 earnings. Microsoft's classification of quarters is different. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/investor/earnings/fy-2023-q2/press-release-webcast
  3. Problem is that this disgust is the start of persecution/discrimination. It goes beyond just not watching a certain movie or a scene. In a group of 10, if 8 feel this way about homosexuals (or for that matter any other race/religion), other 2 belonging to that sexual orientation/race/religion will never feel part of the community or normal. This is where discrimination (and then other extreme forms of oppression) starts. Not saying you will do that, or you are like that, just that it is not as simple as a 'personal choice'.
  4. Not to forget his rant on Muslims/depiction of islam in movies along with that.
  5. Yeah. But the thing is, if people keep pushing against it being shown in any media, it won't really become normal.
  6. So true. It might not be a big deal for us when we say we feel disgusted as we can simply forward the scene, but the point is that this feeling of disgust, when reflected as a group, is the reason for persecution. And this is applicable for any group, be it homosexuals or a particular race/religion, etc. This feeling of disgust is what will stop them to feel normal, to show affection as straight people do.
  7. Not so much in gaming, especially recently. For eg, Battlefront did well, battlefront 2 didn't do that well. Same goes for their recent movies.
  8. Fallen Order was a new IP at the time. Not saying RE4 won't sell big, I just don't think it would be as much as Jedi Survivor, at least at launch
  9. Could be anything. But I doubt delay is there due to other games.
  10. I am pretty sure Jedi Survivor would sell more than RE4 Remake. So, I am confident in saying that RE4 remake isn't the reason for delay
  11. Existence of gay people is propaganda /s
  12. I don't see Sony releasing their VR exclusives on PC for now, since PC vr headsets are their direct competitors, unlike traditional gaming where it is Xbox/Switch
  13. Seriously. I thought he would make up stuff to try to defend his actions, but dude went all out
  14. You were right when you said you are not an anti-gay. You are definitely not a bigot either.
  15. The guy thinks suddenly all studios are going to stop making games and start making tv shows is telling
  16. Gimmick is the last word to use for VR. It is a fantastic new way of experiencing games. Just need more AAA titles to take off. I hope this industry takes off in a big way as it provides something which traditional gaming can't.
  17. Do you make similar complaints about any other movie or tv series when there are straight sex scenes? Do you just stop watching them as well?
  18. It is more a reflection of modern batters, not just our team. They fall as soon as there is a hint of spin or swing
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