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  1. Open the news thread. Let the fights begin.
  2. Yes. Let us forget the fact that you are literally talking from an alt account because your original account has been perma banned.
  3. I don't even need to make a point against you. Your history of non-stop trolling ('fun and banter') is well known.
  4. You should be the last person to get into any of this discussion. Will move on, I don't want to get into pointless back and forth. It is not like you have ever realized after countless bans.
  5. I can see a PS5 Pro already existing by the time this releases. Having said that, Rockstar most likely want people to double dip and pay twice for the same thing on multiple systems. Never change.
  6. It is a shame it won't be available on PC at launch. Pretty sure this will be 30 FPS on PS5/Series X.
  7. Literally everyone complains about your 'joke' or 'banter' which you do in each and every thread. There is a time and place for everything. 'Joke' and 'banter' which literally hinders discussions around games and impacts anyone's enjoyment of engaging in such discussions should be banned/stopped.
  8. Sony has been profitable in literally all of their divisions for years now. Their stock is at a near 5 year high. All the big companies have debt and Sony's Debt to Equity ratio isn't even bad. Not even sure what he keeps blabbering about. First he laughs at people spending 70 Dollars on Sony exclusives and calls Sony greedy. Then he laughs at them for giving away their games for 'free' in a bundle. Now this. It is hillarious how desperate he if for a 'win'.
  9. Spoken like someone who literally has no knowledge about Sony's financials and how they are actually doing.
  10. Looks like this one is also not releasing on PC at launch https://www.take2games.com/ir/news/rockstar-games-announces-grand-theft-auto-vi-coming-2025
  11. Don't take him seriously. He just wants to troll endlessly and post same console war BS everywhere. That is his idea of an ideal forum.
  12. That inning (though short) is a gem. I can't see anyone in today's time play like that on a pitch like that.
  13. One Plus Open looks awesome. I am currently using S23 Ultra and loving it. Once I decide to upgrade from it (in 1.5-2 years), it will definitely be a foldable.
  14. Pretty much this. Sony has been obviously censoring 'sexual' content specifically in Japenese games in some cases. Regardless of whether you think it is right or not, fact is that they have censored stuff. That is the point. Why, where, etc. is irrelevant.
  15. The same censorship for those games is there worldwide. Its not like those games suddenly get back that content when released outside Japan. Also, what Sony is doing in this case is just applying there own moral policing rules, which has nothing to do with any regions 'tastes, preferences or laws'. It is not for them to decide any of that. This is literal definion of censorship.
  16. They do https://www.psu.com/news/sony-reportedly-had-developers-edit-and-censor-graphic-content-from-japanese-games/
  17. That is not a novelty. What Last of Us did is still unparalleled and overall treatment still reigns supreme, imo over part 2 as well. Something which is still the best is not a 'novelty'.
  18. Shock moments are not the only thing that makes a story special. The way story was told in 1, alongwith with the way interaction and relationship was handled between the two characters was special and better. It is a special game and "novelty" factor isn't the reason for that.
  19. Sales downturn that Xbox division has seen since 360 is embarrassing.
  20. Have you even read what that lawsuit is about? It basically accuses Sony of doing what every digital store is doing, be it Apple Store or Xbox Marketplace on Xbox. Both charge 30% cut and if I am not wrong, there is no other place to buy digital games for both of those stores either. This lawsuit is accusing Sony for following a model which has been the standard and has been there for decades.
  21. Even if you add Activision's revenue with Xbox, it is less than PS revenue.
  22. Only positive thing to come out of the final
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