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  1. One S never hit $99 but sure, Series S will.
  2. That is actually the reason for low numbers for PS5. However, Xbox selling as much as it has is surprising and encouraging.
  3. That shrug after saying it, that laugh..millions have lost their life..
  4. I doubt that was the case. They retired well before the world cup. Thing is, at that time, t20 wasn't seen very seriously. It was also looked at a young man's game at that time. That must have prompted them to not take part in international T20s
  5. In 2007, all the seniors retired themselves from international t20s much before world cup. Don't see seniors today doing that
  6. Nothing to do with what the tweet says. She has been facing substance abuse problems for a long time
  7. Companies remaking these games aren't the ones who would make new entries. It is not like decisions are made between remaking something and making a new entry. Hence, saying that give me something new instead of a remake makes no sense. If anything, sucessful remakes convenience makers to make new entries, which otherwise wouldn't have been made
  8. While chain specific price variations are obviously there, but these insanely hogh prices are driven by distributors. Footfalls are relatively low compared to pre pandemic times, hence many movies, which are for sure going to work at big cities, at being priced higher. Again, all at the discretion of distributors of these movies
  9. Problem is both the sides, on a case by case basis.
  10. Paying 30K+ in 2022 for a 60 HZ is lolworthy, no two ways about it
  11. GT7 literally had the best first month on NPD for any GT title ever. But still a racing sim got destroyed by a RPG. Only on IVG you get such gems..
  12. Seriously. There are plenty of holocaust deniers and other conspiracy theoriests as well out there. Might as well start respecting their "opinions" as well.
  13. That is not at all what i said. Not even close..
  14. Both women and men create problems. It is a case by case thing. If modern feminism is a problem acc to you, traditional and backward thinking still prevalent in majority of families regarding how women should behave and what is their social standing is also a problem.
  15. Pretty much. One look at this thread would make you believe everything wrong in this world in only because of women
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