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  1. Pffttt Exercise is for weak people Pehle tum link theek se daalo
  2. Going by the same logic, even a Xiaomi led tv will suffice.
  3. If you're buying an OLED tv, which is a luxury, then you surely need to at least get a soundbar somewhere down the line. Let's agree to disagree.
  4. Not ever, WAK... OLED forever Seeing a bright logo at the start with pitch black screen
  5. You're still not getting the point. It's not a peripheral, it's an essential. Just like you can use the supplied cable to charge your iPhone 12 but buying a charger is essential. Salty ka aapse hi seekh paunga.
  6. That was my point. Anything is better than TV speakers, yet you said they're not a part of this discussion. People splurging lakh+ on a tv and not getting at least a sound bar sounds counter-intuitive to me. Ab samjhe baba? Salty bahut cheezon se ho sakte, ek cheez se nahi baba But the FPS would still need to be 1:1 mapped with the refresh rate of the TV, right? I'm not sure on the concepts.
  7. Salty much? Or do you like watching all 4k content through TV speakers. You do understand that all HDMI 2.0 and 2.1 are not just to improve audio quality, right? Treating sound as a separate thing is like someone getting an Audi and getting it converted to CNG kyunki bhai gaadi average nahi deti
  8. Do you like to watch great content paired with sh*t sound? Sound comprises 50% of the experience of good content Well lots of people have faced unplayable issues with VRR, depends more on the game and how unstable the framerate is
  9. That's a nonconcern for me, but VRR is inherently faulty. Meanwhile everyone's praising OLED etc, does everyone also have an equally sound system because the inbuilt speakers are sh*t.
  10. It really is good if you have the budget, #NORAGRETS
  11. The FW update introduced the same slider as on the CX but f**k VRR when the PS5 doesn't even have support for it currently.
  12. Once you go black.... For a well lit room that isn't intended for critical viewing, an OLED isn't worth it imo.
  13. The entire LG series has imperfect VRR that cannot be fixed, only minimized
  14. That's a very diverse usecase. For primary home use that budget is great as it can work on consumer batteries. For more trip use you'd have to spend around 50-60$ Shoot me a PM and I'll send all recommendations later. However all of them will be imports from china, not sure how the situation is that for imports currently.
  15. Yeah man, what's your budget and requirements? I have a few of them torches and one of them was the longest throwing consumer torch in its world at the time.
  16. Vaccine ka bhi backup rakh lo 1 covishield 1 covaxin
  17. To be fair he's said that he's not against vaccinations and if you aren't being exposed to virus (like healthcare workers, etc) then it can be avoided. Who the f**k is not in risk of being exposed to the virus?
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