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  1. I really envy you bro, you have so much free time to look for negatives about Xbox, keep it up :-)
  2. I got extra, is Crysis Remastered available for indian psn id too? didn't see it in the extra game catalogue. Thanks.
  3. Hope they reveal the Dual Sense edge pricing & availability..
  4. Where is this available for 4k? i m sure that is for digital version & disc version is 5k? Is this guy talking sh*t or it's the indian price? I need to buy a black one.
  5. Sold some stuff on Gameloot few months back, zero issues & got the cash to my account pretty fast too..
  6. Thought a Call of duty game would come this July, guess i was too optimistic, the last COD game that came in july last year was i think Black Ops4, if i m not mistaken?
  7. People who can't afford both platforms turn to Fanboys, especially the younger boys who are still in school/college :-)
  8. Thats great, when did you buy it & any idea what was the import date mentioned on the box? Thanks.
  9. @quixote_1989 did you get the black Dual Sense? if it's the new version, could you tell me where did you get it from? Thanks.
  10. Anyone here bought the black color Dual Sense controller? is it the latest version of the controller? My Dual Sense that came with my PS5 is the latest version, dunno if the black color Dual Sense is the latest version too..
  11. Thats great, hope we have the more reliable version of the PS5
  12. I bought my PS5 from the April drop, got the New version PS5 unit & also the updated Dual Sense controller came with it. Hope this info helps..
  13. No, u can only pick it up from the Sony Center closest to your location via pin code you ordered at.
  14. workplace? i thought he is studying or in college or something. His love for Playstation & hatred for Xbox is next level, very entertaining boy
  15. Well i decided to buy a PS5 in March & luckily there was a drop just a week after that, i got mine from shopatsc website. Since they are selling only one console to a member there, i signed up 1-2 days before the drop & got lucky when the drop happened. I would suggest to get it from there as i feel that site is immune to bots. All the Best.
  16. This video is informative & just saw it online today
  17. Has the last PS5 preorders stock arrived? i see PS5 for sale in prepaid gamer. Anyone who ordered from the last preorder in March, got any update in their order status?
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