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  1. Saw an Andrew Tate once video where he mentioned that the harder the society is, the longer it will take feminism to spread. It only exists in a vacuum of easy life. Which i felt was bang on. When life gets tough everyone will forget he/him/she/them/they/ falana dhimkana. Apparently indians are doing really well for themselves since last decade or so. And we are pros at gulping down whatever comes from the west. So it might be here even before 5 years.
  2. Started Shrinking on apple tv+ and its super good.
  3. This first half of episode 9 is super awesome. TV adaption will never be able to match up to the detail shown in the game. But the final episode somehow helps build up the relationship to the level we experienced in the game. Also while playing the game i never felt joel being evil as we are so immersed in his perspective but i could feel that in the 2nd half of the episode. Really sets up the 2nd season well. People will be far more supportive of abby hopefully. They could have easily made the episode more than an hour long like first 2 episodes and deliver better emotional punch. ps: bella ramsey really did very well as Ellie.
  4. Sony sent out mails for ps4 pre order after ps5 launched back in 2021. To ye kuch bhi nahi.
  5. Last of us episode 5 end credits song
  6. Reached out to almost all local authorized dealers, Nobody was giving deals similar to this, max was ₹900 at imagine store.
  7. Apple Airpods Pro 2nd gen - ₹21,990 (Lowest Yet) https://itechstore.co.in/product/airpods-pro-2nd-generation/ Ordered from here, hopefully its a legit piece.
  8. Is it worth to get airpods pro 2nd gen (₹22,490) ? Or go with airpods 2nd gen (₹9,999) will be mainly used for office meetings and some light music. PS : if someone knows of a better deal please share.
  9. Amazing research, What news paper is this?
  10. Santa, please reveal yourself. kya dushmani hai mujhse 🥹
  11. My updated cap collection, thanks to my santa. feels like he hired a private investigator to get me gifts.
  12. Santa you have spoiled me for good. you have to adopt me now 🤗❤️ Please reveal yourself so we can start the paperwork asap. I think thats the only way ill figure out who you are. hopefully this brings luck and some sensibility to team india and we see them do good. Santa a geeli waali to you 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 and Happy New Year everyone
  13. Mere Santa ne retirement leli hai lagta hai please reveal yourself ab to new year bhi aagya
  14. Damn, mannn who are you. You have gone nuts 😘😘😘😘😘 at this stage i am at loss of words. This is me right now
  15. thank you secret santa 😘🤗 this is so so good. please reveal yourself.
  16. Post again after couple more of your obsessions get delivered
  17. Thank you so much Santa. Please reveal yourself 🙂
  18. There is just a steekbook along with the standard edition which seems to be available you can try at mx2games, ping him on whatsapp he will give some extra discount.
  19. Na na, people posting that gifts have been shipped and will start getting delivered from tomorrow. So was suggesting for that.
  20. Think it in this way : Its about being Santa and making the other person feel good and special. whatever you get from your Santa is added bonus for you it is not going to be barter system
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