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  1. So corona has entered my apartment in full flow now. Unfortunately our store manager is found To be positive. Result for delivery guys Is still awaited. The entire apartment used to buy stuff from inhouse general store. Manager used to touch every product to check the prices and make the bill. Another resident has also tested positive. On saturday we might be having a free corona test camp. Where the residents of the society can get tested. They will be using rapid antigen test kits. Keeping fingers crossed 🤞🏻
  2. Apple iPad (7th Gen) 32 GB 10.2 inch with Wi-Fi Only (Space Grey) - ₹25,400 with HDFC Debit card (₹1500 + ₹3000 Discount on using HDFC Debit) ₹26,990 using HDFC Credit Card
  3. Easiest are telltale games. Trust me. Just complete the game and you have one. Though it takes around 8-10 hours to finish a game. But most of them are really good too.
  4. My list PS4 1. Rocket League - Very easy if you are playing with a friend/Online. 2. Lara Croft Go - Amazing puzzle game - Not that difficult but if you enjoy puzzle games do try it 3. Hitman Go - Same as lara croft go. 4. Guardians of the Galaxy 5. Spyro the Dragon 6. Marvel Spiderman 7. Batman Telltale 8. Watch Dogs 2 9. Infamous First Light 10. Infamous Second Son 11. Order 1886 12. Until Dawn 13. Life is Strange PS3 1. Sports Champion 2 on Move - Rarest platinum in my list. 2. Far Cry 4 PS Vita 1. Sly 1 2. Sly 2 3. Days of the Tenticle Remastered 4. Virtua Tennis - Left with only on trophy, but can never achieve it now as its online trophy Playing Tearaway Unfolded and Wolf Among us on vita for platinum, Might also try to platinum Last of us 2 if i am not exhausted with the collectibles by the end of first play through
  5. This is what happened with a “Friend’s Friend”. It is hard to believe and Seems to have some loopholes but i feel such incidents could have happened. his father had got covid and was admitted to a hospital. One day they got intimation from the hospital that he has passed away please come tomorrow for crimination. They went and attended the crimination and came back. In a day or two they got a call from his dad Asking why are you Guys not inquiring about my health or trying to come and meet me. Imagine the shock the family had to go through. if its totally true. Then mismanagement from the hospital is appalling.
  6. Look for fitbit(versa/versa2) besides apple watch. Their app is pretty good and watches/fitness bands are quite reliable too. Iirc Series 5 only has ecg, fall detection and always on display as new features compared to series 3. Plus the screen size a bit bigger. If these features dont matter to u. Go ahead with series 3. Also its like 19k whereas series 5 is around 42k. Its not worth spending additional 23k. only downside being. New features and watch os might not be compatible with series 3 in future.
  7. Last of us 2 - ₹3,499 - Even Cheaper thn local store sellers https://mcubegames.in/product/the-last-of-us-part-ii-ps4
  8. when lockdown started the whole point was that States have things in place to handle the spread when lockdown opens some states could do that some could not. I am not sure if you are from Delhi or not? Or are aware of the situation here. Trust me no one is discouraged by this.This is what people had been hoping for. Our CM announced we have provision for 35k beds more than 2 months ago. But they had 0 provision. Its the same thing now diff being they are finally adding provision for beds. In the earlier plan too 35k beds were not to be given in hospitals, they were to be provided in stadiums, banquets, hotels, etc. same thing is being done now.just that center is interfering and implement that now and our CM is having issues. Also to tell u the truth my friends uncle is waiting for his test to be done since last 5 days and he is still in waitlist. there are plenty who still are not getting tested and want to get tested l. why are we bothered for the ones who dont even want to get tested due to “Discouragement”. First test those Atleast who want to get tested and are fine with this move they are in plenty. Also I dont know which guy will be discouraged to get fine. Sorry to say but this is ridiculous to hear that people dont want to get tested and get fine just because they might have to go to quarantine center or a 5 star hospital bed with all the facilities and home is important than protecting their families and themselves. what ur talking about, if such people do exist they won’t be in majority And would be insignificant compared to the once who want to get tested. Majority want to get fine by hook or crook. Simple. PS: If possible please do watch Whatsapp videos going around they are informative for once. Else watch stings done by newschannels on youtube. For the condition of people in hospitals in delhi. And then tell me Do you see anyone who would not give anything to even go to a quarantine center?
  9. How is one discouraging by asking to get them tested? if you are saying that they are getting discouraged by the thing that they have to stay in quarantine Center if they are found positive is getting them discouraged? Then how is it different from admitting patients to hospital on being found positive when lockdown started? Everyone was fine with that? 1000s of people were going to hospitals to get admitted and tested and getting rejected. They were dying coz of lack of beds think about them too. Just for the convineance of few who want to get treated and also want the luxury to be staying at home should we stop the needy from getting the facilities?
  10. He has too. Otherwise he won't be home minister for long.
  11. Delhi's yesterday number were highest daily count by any state/city in india since covid started. Even though delhi is size of a city Testing has increased alot in delhi though majority of them are rapid tests. But something is better than nothing. Also Delhi is testing more than Maharashtra since last few days which is a good thing. Thus cases count are bound to rise here. Hopefully action being taken by the state and center works out well. Delhi - 3,788 cases today.
  12. https://www.croma.com/apple-ipad-mw742hn-a-wi-fi-25-90-cm-10-2-inch-space-grey-32gb-3gb/p/221408 Croma has it with that hdfc scheme but its showing store pick up only for me. See if it is showing home delivery for you. Or try sargam electronics they have been delivering stuff in and around delhi for sure.
  13. On apple stores you should get ₹3,000 cashback on hdfc cards. So effective costing of ₹26,900. Offer valid on both CC and DC. https://www.indiaistore.com/new-offer/ipad/
  14. PS5 Digital Edition 1TB - $499 PS5 Digital Edition 2TB - $599 PS5 Standard Edition 1TB - $599 PS5 Standard Edition 2TB - $699 Also i have a feeling irrespective of hiding or awaiting other to announce the price. Microsoft will still be $50-$100 costlier thn PS5.
  15. https://themakoreactor.com/news/ps5-india-price-release-date-launch-event-time-sony/13776/ "If its actions with The Last of Us Part II are any indication, the company appears to be better organised than in the past. Stocks have already arrived in the country and are shipping to local warehouses in each city with retailers expecting the game to be available to ship out a day or two prior to release at the very least. Furthermore, stores have been asked to take stock over and above day one quantity due to increased shipping times and customs clearance. Previously, games would take a week to clear customs. Now with the focus on ensuring a steady flow of essential goods, non-essentials like games and consoles are far from priorities. "
  16. "Delhi Situation Horrendous": Supreme Court Blasts State Over Hospitals The Supreme Court slammed the Delhi government over its handling of the outbreak and not following the Union Health Ministry's guidelines. https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/covid-19-patients-treated-worse-than-animals-supreme-court-pulls-up-delhi-government-asks-it-to-explain-fall-in-coronavirus-testing-2245111?pfrom=home-topscroll
  17. It doesnt look much diff from the ps4 version. Also looks like an extended dlc (something like lost legacy or far cry new dawn) Based around christmas time. Plus they delivered it within 2 years from the release of the original. That seems too short of a time to develop a new game exclusively for ps5. Should have the same exact map with couple of new areas thrown in and special appearance by the original spiderman. My guess its coming on both ps4 and ps5 along with the original getting an update for ps5.
  18. Sony will mostly cash in on Last of us 2, ghost of tsushima, spiderman and spiderman miles morales. Thats like 3 AAA games at launch. Plus all the 3rd party AAA games which are multiplats. The line up looks decent. Infact better than ps4.
  19. Maharashtra - 3,607 Delhi - 1877 We are reaching new heights everyday. C'mon India Dikhado.
  20. 64gb should be just fine most of your usage will be from Photos. Songs/movies we anyways stream and apps are not that huge.
  21. purple color is really nice infact green too is really good. Also i guess this deal is here to stay so you should be fine. Also in case you dont want the hassle of emi. You can take the emi offer but make the payment upfront so you dont have to worry about due dates etc.
  22. Order it again if possible. As it shows in stock on June 12.
  23. Yea. 1366 cases from 5400 odd tests, 25% positive rate. And this after they are not even testing the families of the covid patients. Infact they have now stopped follow up on covid positive patients. One of my friends relative is covid positive and doctors are not even keeping a check on him. Also the told them that no family member will be tested. And if you notice any severe symptoms please let us know. And no one has visited them even for check up since then, No contact tracing nothing.
  24. Won't be surprised if it is $449 or even $399. Though it is highly unlikely. Expecting atleast $50-$100 diff between series x and ps5. As both of them are waiting for the other to make the announcement. It might be one of their tactics to make Microsoft believe that they are increasing the prices by a lot.
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