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  1. Think it in this way : Its about being Santa and making the other person feel good and special. whatever you get from your Santa is added bonus for you it is not going to be barter system
  2. Guys knowingly unknowingly alot of spoilers are being posted. A lot of us lagging behind in the story And would like to visit thread often. It will be great if we can avoid spoilers, We have a separate thread for it.
  3. Though combat is not that great. But i loved this game.
  4. His chattering is one of the best thing about god of war reboot.
  5. Side quests do give you more details about the characters. I have not completed the game yet but from initial quests they do a very good job of story/character development. Plus puzzles never get boring, for the first time i am not feeling rushed to complete a game in its first play through. This game is simply Epic. ps: boss fights take some time getting used to, and some enemies are just pain in the a*s.
  6. Yes for CE also in general for PS games.
  7. For delhi reach out to zupitex directly. If you live nearby you can collect from his office at east of kailash or he can courier it to your place. Should be very quick. Plus gives 10% discount.
  8. I am in. Ready to pay more if needed. bas isko bahar nikalo.
  9. World cup is about to end and KL Rahul is playing as if try over chal raha hai in gully cricket
  10. Mjolnir’s thunderous impact can already be seen on the table top 🙂
  11. I had the same thoughts, but once you progress to diff areas you will notice they are top notch.
  12. Is anybody experiencing any bugs? For me the Game skipped during some fight sequences, plus unsynchronised lip movement during the fight sequences and a few pop ins.
  13. Dtzone saying 99% CE is going to have a midnight launch. Will confirm by tomorrow.
  14. Location and with whom?
  15. Called zupitex, he is saying its sold out. But confirmed the prices though. pestering him to get me and @abhi90 Collector's edition. 🤞🏻
  16. God of war Ragnorak CE - ₹13,499 JE - ₹16,999 limited qty, check with your local retailers - info as per tweet by Alwani ji.
  17. Should be around ₹1,000
  18. Navneet (retailer from Nagpur) is selling for 4249 if not taking the mug otherwise 4499 as shipping will be costly along with the mug. mx2 purchases most of his games from Tanveer and Navneet (goes by the name of games.stores on amazon) they both give best prices on the games.
  19. They are mentioning pre order discount. Not sure how mch will they give though. Maybe max 10% also giving that Indian railways walla bathroom magga and game poster.
  20. Dt zone lajpat nagar doing midnight launch.
  21. Irfan Pathan : Ye sardar sabse asardar 👏🏻
  22. KL Rahul has passed with distinction in Sanskrit exam.
  23. Don’t remember when was the last time jab hamare captain ki fatti rehti thi. Nothing against Rohit, but it feels he doesn’t have the nerves to lead india in international tournaments. its like he needs a therapist when we are getting a thrashing.
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