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  1. Next one would be the last i guess.
  2. Not sure if this is the correct place. Asking for a friend. He just bought s22 ultra and is looking for bluetooth ear buds. which ones should he go for? 1. Sony - 1000XM4 2. Bose - quietcomfort/soundsport 3. Samsung - Galaxy Buds 2 from price perspective there is a huge diff, but he willing to spend more if sony/bose will give better experience with seamless connectivity.
  3. You will have to pay ₹500 to upgrade to ps5 edition (Directors Cut Digital deluxe edition).
  4. Started watching community, It is so so so good.
  5. Nathan.Drake


    Yup have purchased quite a few games from them, MX2Games.com also has it for ₹3,899 https://prepaidgamercard.com/product/sifu-vengeance-edition-ps5/ https://mx2games.com/product/sifu-vengeance-edition-ps5/
  6. Nathan.Drake


    Btw physical edition with steelbook and artbook is ₹3,999 on ppgc in case anyone is interested. seems decently priced.
  7. There are multiple openings for “Research Analyst” in my organisation. please share your Resumes via DM. You guys are doing gods work.
  8. Congratulations, where to order? Does it come in black
  9. You guys play with a steering wheel or dualsense/dualshock?
  10. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/playstation-plus-was-devastating-for-oddworld-soulstorm-sales-claims-creator/
  11. But while driving keep your eyes on the road at all times.
  12. ya i guess so ps plus essential is same as ps plus which is 3000 a year ps plus extra is 67% more than ps plus essential so should be around 5k and ps plus premium is double of ps plus essentials so 2 x 3k - 6k considering we dont have streaming available so we will get discounted ps plus premium deluxe so deducting at max ₹500 for it. ps: all geographies mentioned in the blog are following the same trend so thought this will/should be followed here as well
  13. Deluxe should be 5.5-6k Ps plus extra - 5k ps plus essentials - 3k
  14. Not as safe as your bank. But should be good. PS : Won't get interest on it.
  15. even your bed sheet is hoping for that and wishing you luck
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