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  1. Wow, that technical issue must have lost all actual gameplay discussion here. I wanted to know, is this game really that much harder than soulsborne? I have anxiety disorder and some bosses in soulsborne got me to the verge of a panic attack on my first playthrough (like nameless king and orphan of kos). But I'm like a Crack addict, and love these games too much and had multiple playthroughs. Knowing all that, would you guys recommend this game?
  2. rdsarna


    For anyone buying the disc....don't play the episodes one after the other. Savor each one as much as you can until you feel like you know it like the back of your hand. Start by trying to reach max mastery level. Then try to achieve as many challenges as you find entertaining. Trust me they are all fun to figure out and execute. The only maps that might get tedious are Marrakesh and Colorado. Another reason to do so is that you can then attack the elusive targets in the most optimal way possible. That's the end goal of this Hitman. One shot at the target. No saves no reloads no retries. But you can only do that if you know the machinations of the levels at least somewhat thoroughly. And playing in this way is the fantasy of any true Hitman fan anyway so don't rush at all. Also try the escalations or featured contracts mode. They are fun challenges once you've mastered the maps. The amount of replayability this game offers is mind boggling plus the seasonal content will keep dropping in.
  3. No Doom and no Hitman Giantbomb's top 2 aren't even in top 10 of IGN. The quality of actual critics and reviewers at IGN has been going down since years but it has finally culminated in this year's list. The only good critics left at IGN are Vince Ingenito and Chloi Rad.
  4. Oh boy! That's a bit harsh. It's totally fine to play games at easier difficulties to just have good time and not stress over it. If someone is finding easy frustrating then that developer has failed to make it easy enough. I feel this is why an Explorer mode was added to the games to just go through the story and set pieces and have a jolly good time.
  5. Welcome to IVG forums....how are you juggling so many games? I can play at most 3 games interchangeably. An RPG, A linear story based game and an open world mindless game like WD2 or Infamous.
  6. OP updated with the top 10 list
  7. rdsarna


    I'm not sure if this has been shared here before but as I'm diving into Hitman now, this video essay is spot on and really insightful
  8. rdsarna

    Diablo 3

    Is this game fun as a single player experience? Or does it turn into a repetitive grind towards the next better gear? I like Borderlands because each the shooting is fun and each gun feels a little different so there is always enough variety. But I tried D3 on PS3 for a while and couldn't get into it for some reason.
  9. This year belonged to shooters. But I feel it has been a so-so year for RPGs / Open world games. I've spent hundreds of hours in Witcher 3, Fallout 4 and MGSV which all came out last year. No such game to really sink myself in. The past month I've spent 80 hours playing Fallout 4 instead of a game of this year. Hopefully all this will end with Horizon and Persona 5 early next year.
  10. I had never played RDR because I never owned a prev gen console at the time. And then I played soo many recent open world games like Far Cry 4 and GTA V on PC before getting a PS3 that I couldn't get into RDR at all. Played for like 6 hours but it just felt empty and the character controlled a little weird. The walk, run animations were a little off, although riding the horse was fun for a while. The shooting was blaah which is why they had that slow-mo mode to compensate for it. Seeing RDR2 winning this poll makes me sad that I missed the boat on why the first one is considered one of the best games of the generation.
  11. Wow no love for FFXV, Darkest Dungeon, Witness and Dishonored 2. I'm the only one who voted for darkest dungeon. I was hooked for days at end into that game. Endless runs to get a little further. Such a unique and fresh take on roguelikes. I hope more people give it a shot. But try to play it on PC, the PS4 version controls are a little clunky from what I've heard.
  12. After playing Doom it felt like this is the best single player FPS campaign we've had in ages and nothing can beat it this year, especially not the generic futuristic shooters like Titanfall 2 and COD:IW. But Titanfall 2 is my pick over Doom. Doom has a more cohesive throughline in the campaign and is much more meaty than Titanfall 2. But maaan, the movement and FEEL of controlling the pilot in Titanfall 2 is unmatchable in any FPS game I've ever played. The effortless way in which the character controls beats even Mirror's Edge in FPS parkour. Granted, the moveset isn't as versatile as ME but the feel and rhythm and speed is way more intoxicating and thrilling. I have played through the campaign thrice and I'm itching to get back to it on the hardest difficulty now.
  13. rdsarna

    Fallout 4

    Cool, I'll give it a shot !
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