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  1. Just got a hold of Xbox One X via the flipkart sale. Playing Gears 4 campaign, which is surprisingly good and entertaining! And looks incredible on a 4K monitor.
  2. rdsarna

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    I can't believe we have another From Soft game 😭 Ps. Just wanted to jump in and express my giddinessss
  3. rdsarna

    Dark Souls 3

    You can ignore him for now. Take down the next boss and then come back for winged knight if you want. He doesn't have any guaranteed good drops. He's just there to let you know that winged knights are badass and took down the lothric knights in a civil war.
  4. rdsarna


    Anyone with PS4 VIP demo codes available?
  5. rdsarna

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    There is no penalty for losing the skin. Only thing you lost is money. You can still craft stuff requiring legendary bear pelt at any trapper. And you can craft perks and such at any fence too.
  6. rdsarna


    "Ascend the oedon chapel". Get the radiant church hunter badge. Buy it from bath messengers.
  7. rdsarna

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Rockstar India in Bangalore has been working on this game for over 5 years. A friend of mine was an animator on RDR2. That team's size is pretty decent and it's a very talented bunch.
  8. rdsarna

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I can't believe how good this game is. It's like savoring an epic novel. I have stopped sprinting where it doesn't make sense like in towns/cities. I want to explore every bit of it but not harm innocents. Calling it a cowboy simulator is not fair, it's much more than that. It's like living a cowboy life, a vibrant, energetic, deliberate, emotional life. Simulator is too mechanical a term. To those who are finding the controls clunky and the whole experience slow/boring. Stop and let go of your concepts of a modern console game. This isn't one of them. Don't go after checklists. Don't go after completion. Don't go after doing sh*t and moving on. Stick with the game, move at it's pace, don't jump between this and a game like Odyssey(Not a dig at AC, I've played them all and love them). You'll have the best time ever with a game.
  9. rdsarna

    Dark Souls 3

    Did you kill pontiff sulivahn? If so, explore the area that is behind and to the left of his arena. You'll find some familiar archways.
  10. rdsarna

    Dark Souls 3

    Huge is a relative term. The levels loop back on themselves which is why they seem huge. I won't spoil what awaits you in Irithyll but the first part of that level is too linear compared to the rest of the levels. Also the levels you missed are some of the most fun to explore because they feel like old school souls with multiple shortcuts and limited bonfires.
  11. rdsarna


    Replayed the game after a couple of years. Still the best game I've ever played. Watched ENB's playthrough along with mine to seep into the mesmerising lore/story. Didn't bother with chalice dungeons because they feel drab compared to the main game. I wish there was a way to just play dungeon bosses. Here's my favorite boss fight. (Maybe I was a little over leveled). You need to beat 20 additional dungeon bosses to reach the trophy boss. I won't reveal the name but you have seen her in the main game. Also, there is a weapon that you need to collect from the dungeons for the "Hunter's Essence" trophy. Here's the detailed location if you're okay with that kind of spoilers.
  12. rdsarna

    Marvel's Spider-man

    Coming back to Spider-man. Is the pre-load up yet?
  13. rdsarna


    For anyone buying the disc....don't play the episodes one after the other. Savor each one as much as you can until you feel like you know it like the back of your hand. Start by trying to reach max mastery level. Then try to achieve as many challenges as you find entertaining. Trust me they are all fun to figure out and execute. The only maps that might get tedious are Marrakesh and Colorado. Another reason to do so is that you can then attack the elusive targets in the most optimal way possible. That's the end goal of this Hitman. One shot at the target. No saves no reloads no retries. But you can only do that if you know the machinations of the levels at least somewhat thoroughly. And playing in this way is the fantasy of any true Hitman fan anyway so don't rush at all. Also try the escalations or featured contracts mode. They are fun challenges once you've mastered the maps. The amount of replayability this game offers is mind boggling plus the seasonal content will keep dropping in.
  14. No Doom and no Hitman Giantbomb's top 2 aren't even in top 10 of IGN. The quality of actual critics and reviewers at IGN has been going down since years but it has finally culminated in this year's list. The only good critics left at IGN are Vince Ingenito and Chloi Rad.
  15. Oh boy! That's a bit harsh. It's totally fine to play games at easier difficulties to just have good time and not stress over it. If someone is finding easy frustrating then that developer has failed to make it easy enough. I feel this is why an Explorer mode was added to the games to just go through the story and set pieces and have a jolly good time.