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  1. I'm so sorry @Nathan.Drake and @eddy4823. May your departed loved ones rest in peace.
  2. Lucky us that they just came up with the new black ones.
  3. https://indianexpress.com/article/cities/delhi/delhi-surgeon-who-got-second-covid-vaccine-in-march-dies-of-virus-7307387/ Vaccinated is still better than not vaccinated.
  4. I'm not leaving my room in this environment. How will I take it to the service center?
  5. No one can have a source for this because no one has been vaccinated for a year yet. I don't have the link but UK health body confirmed immunity for 6 months so far.
  6. Got vaccinated today. BL Kapoor hospital Delhi. Went early around 7:45am. Token number was 18. No waiting. Immediately sent to the vaccination booth. First one to get vaccinated in the booth I was sent to. Really really huge area. Lots of air. 30 minute observation area waiting. Everyone was double masked with 50% wearing shields. Seemed like the most ideal scenario for getting vaccinated at this time.
  7. I would wait another 10-15 days before stepping out if not absolutely necessary. Let the vaccine do its thing and build up some immunity.
  8. Not pre-ordering but day 1 purchase if the reviews say that it isn't broken.
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