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  1. Pre-ordered this . Lets see.
  2. When this things happen if you to take some extra mehnat and get the order number from backend (he runs a software which handles it so its easy). and its not hard to trace if they are assigning employees for every job order
  3. Whoever is doing it does not matter. The name is getting tarnished and one day will be the cause of close down of business. they need to take both the miss-haps seriously. The gameloot guy on the ram thread was asking for an order number (Dont know if hes the owner?) , if he wanted if could have checked his backend himself. This looks bad
  4. You can stack at discounted price. i have already done it. i think sale was there on essential too last time not sure as i dont remember. i have stacked ps+ extra till 2025
  5. still a good card though. DUDE WTF????? Dumb a*s mofo's pehle batate toh direct amazon se hi lete na.
  6. Not true. Look at sbi small cap for exapmle.
  7. Yeah quant has been preety good . and i may have missed about monthly disclosures thanks for correcting me. Mirae invested in some new age companies so i significantly reduced my exposure.
  8. All my family funds (including mine) goes to PPFAS. I do have some others too but i gotta say I love PPFAS. Never seen its name in new age startup’s, sticks to core principles and outright transparency with monthly disclosures. Also heard good things about quant recently, though none of my money is invested. every other fund went out to buy paytm, but not Parkih πŸ˜†
  9. I mean 5% is legit good lol πŸ˜†
  10. Guys you need sbi cashback card for this too work πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„
  11. PS5 is increasing because ofcourse they can , that sh*t's selling . About the box only bhagwan can guess.
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