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  1. Bhai alag mamla he 😎😂 Thank god mine is hardwired CAT6. So don't have to worry about WiFi drops.
  2. He's an pure chamcha of kohli.
  3. Why would they cancel all orders? PlayStation India Officially stated in the twitter post that reliance digital was on of the retailers getting stock Wo BAAT alag hi ki company namunoki he
  4. https://twitter.com/Abhishekm23/status/1351445714149076992?s=09
  5. Yeah , lot of people get angry and frustrated saying he is just wasting balls. Little did they know how much frustrated bowlers get when they run up so much and this guy just leaves them, or defends them.
  6. That gesture from rahane was good. Goes to show how we are better than this a-hats
  7. OR for that vihari's injury?
  8. Second this. The best batsment but a bad short tempered captain. i like rohit better
  9. Also to the bowlers. Enough of being the good guys. Get ishant or someone and keep throwing those shorts at chest.
  10. So even numbers were good odd numbers were bad. XD Dualsense isnt cheap so hope its not trash.
  11. Why though? DS4 lasted good two years inspite of dropping it good amount of times
  12. https://www.croma.com/sony-playstation-5-825gb-ssd-cfi-1008a01r-white-/p/231643 Its in stock at some pinocode but dont know exactly which. You can give it a try.
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