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  1. okay, i'll look it up? does it work like the Niyo? I add it to the account in INR - and just spend in HKD at close-to-current conversion rate without any charges? also, ATM withdrawl fees?
  2. I have the ICICI Sapphiro - have had it for a little over a month, got it lifetime free with their alumni offering + didn't have any ICICI in the family. Have prob spent over 1L, but can't see any reward points added in the app. Any help? @AtheKthink you have this right?
  3. whats the card recommendation for international travel? I had the niyo global debit for my trips to Singapore and Vietnam last year - was very happy, but I think that no longer works the same way right? I fly to Hong Kong in 20 days - what card should I get? @KunjanPSD@Bird Bird Bird tagging you guys if you can throw some insight
  4. I think you can try ON's Performance Whey. Cheaper than the Gold label - costs around 2000/1kg box. Good pricing, good taste, no digestive issues, and there isn't even a trace left in my shaker after drinking - unlike some which don't mix well. limited in terms of flavours though.
  5. super f**king hyped to watch Napolean this weekend
  6. sort sort. my friends are really intent on going to Disneyland. I haven't been, I've been to Universal in Singapore though. I'm more of a nature and city person, i'm not huge about amusement parks but f**k it this is a friends trip. Got a sweet deal on a hotel suite for our stay as well!
  7. Hong Kong flights booked for Christmas weekend! Def over-paid a little, but its mad difficult to coordinate a holiday with 4 friends in 4 different firms - I'd rather over pay and go than miss out. Please give any and all recs. Also, I've never taken Vistara internationally before. Is liquor/beer on the plane included in the ticket or not? It was when i took Air India to Singapore last.
  8. There was some sort of university alumni thing going on, my friend referred me to someone at ICICI Bank. They were giving an ICICI Sapphiro CC - LTF, so decided to get it. We don't have an ICICI in the family, can use it when its the partner card on sales. I think the 1% fuel surcharge is waived on this, but that usually has limitations, but i can't find em. Anyone has this card?
  9. Is there gonna be another massive sale sometime? Wanna pick up the Apple Watch SE 2, i think it went for 21K or so during the sale earlier this month.
  10. North

    Spider-Man 2

    Tempted to finally get a PS5 on diwali sales just to play this.
  11. HK return flights are 17-18K at the end of November. However one of my friends has already been, so we have no choice to switch to Malaysia now. visa details anyone? planning to fly on 24th nov - friday night, spend the the weekend in KL. Fly to Langkawi on monday, and then fly back home on Wednesday. 2.5 days in KL, 1.5 in Langkawi. Its a bit tight - any recommendations? Also, do we skip our time in Langkawi and do something else instead?
  12. anyone has idea about Hong Kong tourist visa, how long it takes to process, and how long one needs to explore the place?
  13. is the amazon sale over? when are we expecting next one, and similar discounts? looking to pickup a new laptop, an apple watch, some other tech as well.
  14. Watched A Haunting in Venice - good watch. Recommend if you liked Murder on the Orient Express/Death on the Nile. Similar in style, more dark/scary in tone. Also caught Interstellar in IMAX last night! Running in Delhi theatres right now
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