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  1. Hmm I see. But you got success olx I guess, so I shall also try that. I've seen the camera itself being sold for 20-22K, so I thought 25K might be ok for camera plus the kit lens. I'll list it on olx for that price, and move down a little if someone's willing to buy it. Are you planning to get a newer and more expensive setup? I have my eyes on one of the newer Sony full frames, but its not a priority purchase at the moment.
  2. Anyone? I'm thinking a fair price would be about 25K for the camera+lens but can't say for sure.
  3. That looks like the skyline shot from The Batman, or one of the Maze Runner movies or something. Great click.
  4. Hey guys. I own a Sony A6000 camera, with the 15-50 lens on it. I've gotten some good pictures with it, but I am looking to sell it off. What would be the best method to do so? I'm based in Delhi NCR. Also any idea an how much I can get? Reason for sale - 1. iPhone photos are really great right now. I can't justify the camera weight unless its significantly better. I wanna save up for a fancy setup later down the line. 2. Looking to use that money for a trip. Rather go and click pictures with my iPhone than sit around with the camera at home. Please advise, thank you. Cannot think of anything except listing it here on this forum.
  5. Indeed, I would too. Its def a motorbike experience, and while me and my friends rode around scooters in the city we're def not experienced enough for that one - but hopefully one day. Looking forward to the next adventure.
  6. Its been two weeks since I got back from Vietnam - so a little late for this post. I did have an amazing time with my friends, beautiful place, affordable and its so doable. We went to Da Nang/Hoi An, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. Day excursions to Ba Na Hills, Ha Long Bay, Ninh Binh, Cu Chi Tunnels - and of course exploring the cities themselves. We had no problems with regard to travel on Vietjet airlines, all in one backpack. I had planned the trip meticulously so didn't have any hiccups whatsoever. Including a picture of Ha Long Bay - a scene straight out of Uncharted 4. Magical experience.
  7. Yeah I wasn't eyeing the card as my new choice for FDs by any means so that isn't too relevant. Just as an alternate option to keep handy. Yeah just needed a good alternate, I'll check it out! Fi does seem good, looks similar enough to the Niyo global card. don't have international travel on the horizon but will get it when needed.
  8. That card was great all through my travels in Singapore and Vietnam. Also I think only international transactions are stopped, the card can still be used domestically? I may be wrong though. I however have now gotten a mail regarding the Niyo Global Secured Credit Card. Need to make an FD of 5000 or more within the app, and the credit limit will be the FD amount. Perks seem to be similar to the regular old Niyo Global debit card. This is also with SBM so why is this not hit? If someone can assess this better, worth getting the card? there isn't a charge.
  9. I'm using a 10thgen Oasis, don't own the 11th gen kindle. Should feel comfortable to hold though - never heard of such an issue before. If you are looking to switch, get the newest paperwhite, not the basic model. The warm light settings make one hell of a difference personally.
  10. Hey guys. I've run out of space on my bookshelf and I can't get another one. That means I have to part with some of my books. That being said - everything I own is in impeccable condition. I'm trying to part ways with my Wheel of Time set, and some children's books. Before I sully my soul by going to used bookstores here - if anybody wishes to partake please let me know on here or discord. Thank you everyone. Gonna be reading a lot more on kindle until I can figure out a way to introduce another bookshelf in my home.
  11. City vs Spurs turned out to be another banger, glad I stayed up for it. Arsenal's lead cut down to 5 points, but they have an additional game to play
  12. Very nice friendly - good vibes all around. Neymar looking like Darwin Nunez today
  13. Thank you my friend @bharat_SSsome neat little statistics to look at the end of the fpl season
  14. Yeah thanks for clarifying. The airpods are def registered, the case is sussy. Thank you for all the help.
  15. Right thanks guys. It def seemed a little sus, but also somewhat legit. Being used is a solid explanation, though they look new as hell. Not the smallest speck of dust or lint on them. Friend mentioned they were imported from the states, hence I wasn't sure. Our Indian units are of course assembled in China.
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