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  1. Snyder/DC movie always have good trailers. It's always the end product that's not good. That being said, weren't fanboys defending the 2017 version when it released. Now all of a sudden it sucks and this new cut will be the best thing ever?
  2. Liz Olsen in that outfit. Another great episode. Waiting for next Friday is going to be tough!
  3. Looks great fun. Kind of like Lethal Weapon but with The Winter Soldier vibe.
  4. Disney bought Fox in 2017. They have announced Marvel's own Fantastic Four movie too.
  5. Another bonkers episode of WandaVision. Elizabeth Olsen is killing it. Without spoiling, some of the rumors for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness makes sense now.
  6. Any long distance runners with peroneal tendonitis? Man that thing is irritating. Reduced distance and switched to cycling for a while. Somewhat better now.....
  7. Most games from that era are better than whatever's releasing now lol.
  8. S20 would have been in that range if it was any other year. Pixel 4a is good in that range but screen is a downgrade coming from AMOLED.
  9. I wish they sold the single player campaign separately. Waiting for a price drop, maybe in upcoming sales.
  10. The opening of latest WandaVision episode showing after effects of The Blip was intense and heavy. Liked how we got to see the entire mystery from real world/SWORD's view. Some pictures of later episodes have leaked(don't check if you want to stay spoiler free), it's going to be crazy.
  11. Knowing this is a WB movie, they will become best friends before the third act and there will be a cop out.
  12. My PC can run it fine but I wanted to play this on TV so....
  13. Fast and Furious franchise sucked after Fast Five. Everything since has been forgettable and boring.
  14. Has the base PS4 version improved since release?
  15. If anything, I love it for the mystery vibe and how weird it gets sometimes. Different from most superhero stuff. Binge watching a series like this would spoil the fun imo.
  16. Maybe. But a lot of customers with legit issues are facing problems due to this sudden change in policies. Amazon themselves try to exploit it like in my neighbor's case. For high priced electronics, brick and mortar stores are the only way now.
  17. Saw some posts on reddit of people getting fake GoT PS4 disc from Cloudtail seller on Amazon. And their return/refund policy has changed. My neighbor got a faulty laptop and they kept on cancelling his return requests. How is Amazon so bad here compared to other countries?
  18. The hype has died down considerably so not even surprised.
  19. No price drops on last year's Samsung/Apple flagships like it used to happen earlier.
  20. Ben Affleck Praises Marvel's Kevin Feige as the Greatest Producer Ever "F***ing Kevin Feige is absolutely; you have to say, the greatest producer, most successful producer who ever lived," Affleck declared. "He's the only guy in the world who, if he told me, 'I know what the audience wants! This is what we're doing!' I would believe him 100%." Even Affleck is a Feige fan.
  21. Samsung should have ditched the hole punch display this time. Waiting for a complete overhaul like they did with S8 in 2017.
  22. I love it so far! It’s quirky and a lot of fun but it’s got its suspenseful moments and of course a mystery. They went all out with the 50s homage and even have ads like that era with MCU easter eggs. Elizabeth Olsen is an absolute stunner.
  23. You mean how Nathan Drake is poor man's Indiana Jones.
  24. F**k yes finally! This franchise is iconic. Disney has Indy V set to release next year, nice time to announce a game.
  25. I watched the Karate Kid trilogy before starting Cobra Kai and it paid off really well. I don't care much for the teenage drama in the series, but Daniel and Johnny's rivalry is the best part. Mr. Miyagi is seriously missed. Really good to see Kumiko in S3. Pretty hyped for WandaVision next Friday!
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