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  1. cyberpunk

    IGI : Origins

    Low spec requirements could be the reason why it was so popular here. Not everyone had dial up internet at the time and maybe they didn't know about Max Payne and GTA but those games became popular later.
  2. cyberpunk

    IGI : Origins

    Why was IGI so popular in India though?
  3. Overwatch died really fast. PUBG, Fortnite and others have taken over.
  4. Did not like Morning Show. Dickinson though is the only good one. Most of their content is mediocre. Video playback can't resume where I left last time.
  5. Yes excellent trailer for Mandalorian.
  6. It will be like running Ubisoft games on Steam. That means, Origin will run in the background.
  7. Scarlett Johansson is getting a lot of critical acclaim for this and the movie is often being compared to Kramer vs. Kramer, which is some really high praise.
  8. Completely agree. Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy were in a different league altogether.
  9. Edgelords and involuntary celibates may take the wrong message from this movie. Mass shootings in US is a horrible problem.
  10. The Irishman Metascore-92 Rotten Tomatoes- 100%
  11. Welp, that movie was a complete yawner.
  12. Will we get to see characters like Yoda and Darth Vader in this game?
  13. Disney already gets merchandise sales which is in billions as Spider-Man sells the most merchandise and now they will also get 25% from the box office takes. Sony got major backlash last month as #BoycottSony and #BringSpideyback was trending on social media for days. So this deal works well for both companies because Sony already lost Bond franchise to Universal and now Spider-Man is their only big cash cow.
  14. cyberpunk

    Borderlands 3

    This is not on Steam or Retail?
  15. Uncut Gems Average Rating: 8.51/10 Joker Average Rating: 7.6/10
  16. Are we getting the official Disney Plus app here or we'll have to use Hotstar? There's so much of content in that Netherlands trial and the UI is good.
  17. Is upgrading from older OS to Windows 10 still a good idea or clean install is the best way to go?
  18. Are you able to register on their website with VPN?
  19. This is going to be the next Witcher 3.
  20. Marriage Story RT- 100% Average Rating: 9.14/10 Joker RT- 78% Average Rating: 7.87/10
  21. cyberpunk

    Gears 5

    Knocking down Fortnite is crazy. Good that Microsoft wants more people to play their games through this way.
  22. Only iPhone SE and 6 were being manufactured in India. The price drop on iPhone 8 is sweet but could have been better.
  23. Problem with DCEU or DCCU was that they rushed everything horribly to have a Justice League movie. And the movie itself turned out to be a dumpster fire. There was so much potential. But Marvel on the other hand, developed their cinematic universe in a way that no one could. Imagine telling someone a decade ago that an Avengers movie will be the biggest movie of all time. They turned unpopular characters into popular ones. I think from now on WB/DC will focus on more elseworld stories.
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