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  1. Amazon sites are independent of each other so you cannot convert or transfer
  2. Yes it has a wallet. Amazon us has gift cards too.
  3. Yes. We are mostly aware that OLED is the best TV to play (as of now)but there is no need to push people to buy OLED or the latest technology when people have different pocket sizes or other priorities to meet. I am not trying to offend anyone. Just being respectful of their budgets . Let’s move on.
  4. If you can afford an OLED even now, you are in the top 2% of India’s population. Don’t take it for granted that everyone here is filthy rich.
  5. If they are remaking Resident Evil 5, I would prefer rebooting it. See below link https://residentevil.fandom.com/wiki/Rejected_content_from_Resident_Evil_5 https://www.relyonhorror.com/in-depth/resident-evil-5-beta-4-5-information-lost-scrapped-concepts/ The original version of the game: Had Resident Evil 4-style gameplay (much like the final product). More horror elements than the final product. Chris Redfield is still jacked, but with a slimmer build. Chris is portrayed as a lone survivor instead of having a partner. The town is a bioweapon warzone, with safe areas around the map from where civilians placed barricades to protect themselves. Enemies include sprinting Dawn of the Dead-style zombies (T-virus), crows, a new Tyrant, Lickers, and El Gigantes. Sheva plays a different role in the game, as a local instead of a BSAA operative. She would help Chris at specific points in the game as an NPC. Albert Wesker was using Jill for research, instead of brainwashing her. Tricell also had a different CEO (who Excella worked for) that Wesker kills to take over the company with Excella at his side. Jill would be assumed dead at the start of the game. Chris and Sheva were going to discover Jill Valentine in a capsule at a Tricell facility and free her. Barry Burton is a supporting character that helps Chris throughout the story. An actual payoff to Albert Wesker's obsession with the Tyrant from the first game as "the ultimate lifeform." This Tyrant would be able to crawl under the sand and pop out of the ground. A new Merchant. You can steal ammo and items from the Merchant, which would cause him to stop selling to you similar to shooting him in Resident Evil 4. If you knock on his shop, he would ask you if all the zombies in the area are taken care of. Zombie swarm attacks. The game originally had dodging mechanics that were scrapped. A night stage involving Chris fighting a group of Lickers was removed. Excella was originally killed by the Tyrant. In one sequence, Tricell would release 10-15 El Gigantes onto the village at once, and Chris and his team would be forced to escape (with the help of Barry and Jill). Another sequence involves the player fighting a group of El Gigantes with a team of BSAA agents. The Uroboros was a common enemy type instead of a world-ending threat. The helicopter crash would be a playable event instead of a QTE. One alternate path would have Jill die for real in the game. However, if you avoid this alternate path, she would survive. In one section, Chris would have to jump from pillar to pillar as a horde of zombies from the crowd below shakes the pillars. If you failed, you would fall and die a gruesome death. The flashback where Wesker kills Spencer would have played right before the final boss fight in the Volcano. Wesker doesn't infect himself with Uroboros and the only way to beat him is to find his weaknesses. Click the link above if you want the full specifics, but I would love to see this version of the game made into a reality. It definitely fits, especially given the darker direction Capcom is taking Resident Evil 4. A code Veronica remake would be awesome too.
  6. In the Playstation store or Striking Distance website
  7. Quantity and Quality software has always been a hindrance which is why different or niche gaming hardware/experience like Vita, Kinect, VR has failed to become mainstream.
  8. Yes Evil Within is an excellent example of semi open world. Yes for the original RE4 and it seems that the remake attempt to add horror elements by changing the scenery to night and adding cut content like dolls and ghosts.
  9. But TLOU2 is not open world. It is a mostly a linear game. IMO they are not true survival horror games. They’re more of zombie orgy shoot ‘‘em up. Lack of scares and tension. Similar to Dead Rising.
  10. Yes. Ubisoft is in damage control mode after multiple failed releases especially live service games.
  11. Which successful survival horror game has an open world setting?
  12. All those lines are removed in the oculus quest VR version.
  13. At this pace, we will see this game by 2024-25 and next Mass effect by 2030.
  14. Yeah. Still unfortunately most are remakes. The other strongly rumored games - SH and the last of us are remakes too!
  15. Monster design is pretty good. Most hype for this than Dead Space and RE4 since it is a new IP and story obviously.
  16. Summer 2023. Was totally expecting it to come this year considering the rumors. That’s a long time for polishing. A single party member is a bit of a dampener to me. Looks like a direct sequel to FFXV. Also concerned about the frame rate issues in the combat scenes. Not really fluid. Yeah that release window means a delay for FF7 remake part 2 too.
  17. The only downside of this trailer is the release date. Otherwise f**king epic. 3 AAA Horror games after December. Glad to see it finally announced. Next is Silent Hills and The last of us remake. Hopefully reveal on June 9th in SGF.
  18. People in other forums are saying that the performance mode is so much better.
  19. Why 15m? I wonder why would the jury charge $5M punitive when it is capped at 350k in that US state. She only has to pay 8.3M after deducting 2M from Depp.
  20. Where are the anti-trans activists? Oh yes they are cancelled and unemployed.
  21. This is not a movie. It’s a TV series. That is one hideous fairy at the end. I thought that is a kid show.
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