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  1. Looks very early in development. Will probably be out in 3years.
  2. Unsure. For now it seems like a spin-off. Let’s see how big it is and how the reviews go.
  3. Nobody would buy the digital version in India considering the 100GB AAA games and slow internet speeds.
  4. Yes. It’s all one to one upscaling . If you compare that with the difference between original DS and DS remake, you will understand what I am talking about.
  5. Mysteryman

    Ghostwire Tokyo

    Biggest disappointment of the big games from the reveal.
  6. Mysteryman


    Likewise. Some similarities with his art style in Death Stranding and Kojima Productions logo. Like DS, we don’t know what kind of game is it
  7. Of all the games revealed, it has the strongest hype. Would have put the Ps5 launch sales to new records if it is released with it.
  8. Amazing graphics and the scale appears bigger and more different just like from RE3 to RE4. And the updated graphic engine has given more hype for RE4 Remake.
  9. Yeah it appears to be spinoff targeted to launch with the PS5. As of now, it is the only first party launch title so Sony will need more reasons for people to buy the console at launch. Will third parties save Sony’s day?
  10. Though SOTC is a remake, it appears like a remastered. The Disc PS5 version would have looked better if the drive is located in the middle.
  11. I was getting disappointed in the initial part of the show when Sony showed off a remaster of GTAV and many many child and indie like games amid a couple of big guns like Spiderman and GT7. Ghostwire Tokyo is not something I want to play despite coming from a great like Mikami. Then the big graphic rich games Resident Evil VIII, Demon Souls Remake and Horizon 2 came and ended off on a high note with the PS5 design. 8/10. Only Spiderman is coming this 2020. Many games seem to come next year may be largely in part to COVID. Could have shown off more big guns especially for the hardcore category, or maybe Sony is keeping them for another event.
  12. Many big names from the third parties are missing. Batman, Harry Potter, COD, Silent Hill, Wolfenstein, Starfield, Etc Any other big event coming up other the EA Play, Ubisoft and the July Xbox events? Is there another event planned by Sony? They are yet to give the price, release date of the console and many of those games.
  13. Getting early positive reviews with 8s and 9s.
  14. Available at Steam for Rs.999. Great Pricing for 2 of the greatest strategy games.
  15. Not going to happened. The Tiberium saga ended with the monstrosity that is 4. EA would either need to reboot the saga (same for Red Alert) or go with Generals 2. We may not get the FMVs like in 1 and 2 but at least the gameplay and graphics would be better.
  16. After all these years, Kane still looks the same. Maybe he is actually a messiah. Truly impressive. It is truly special to my heart as it is my first game.
  17. Depends. If you can afford the games you want at launch or year 1, then PS Plus is not required. For the AAA games, some of them come after 2-3 years. As obvious Sony first party games have the best chance. The other advantage is the discounts on some games and the current double discounts offer. In simple words, if you have no money problems and no interest in MP, then PS Plus is not required. PS Now could be a better value but still yet to be launched in India.
  18. You don’t know what it means to be black in the US. It has become a worldwide movement now. Racism, inequality and human rights violations are much bigger in the Middle East and most of Asia so we look to the West to change our systems. The US is supposed to be a symbol of justice, equality and freedom which is opposite now.
  19. For us it’s easy to criticize Sony because we face no consequences, lawsuits and loss of trust if things go sideways. Yes it is both a marketing and moral choice. Sony was smart to pull out of PAX when COVID spread was at its beginning.
  20. Inappropriate. Though we are deeply disappointed. It is done in solidarity for the black community in the US. I was there. Racism is still a huge problem there. In any case, we are not touching PS5 and its games till holiday 2020.
  21. 50k seems to be the safe bet. In any case, I won’t be buying the PS5 until next Diwali when prices (including games) will simmer down a bit. As for Xbox Series X, the first party games will be available in Xbox one X via the affordable Gamepass. So there is no hurry for that. May buy that in 3 years. Yet to see any significant comparisons in graphics between X and series X.
  22. According to Ryan, there will be a series of digital events. The first event will focus only on games for roughly an hour.
  23. In my opinion, Kengan is more interesting than Baki. Baki isn’t bad but has its own charm.
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