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  1. The stranger things still continues to amaze me across all seasons. Dark and tension throughout the episodes. Great work by the Duffer brothers.
  2. From what I seen so far, it seems to be nearing that mark. The writing and direction are horrendous. Also too much screen time to Ingram/third sister. Ewan is totally a broken man exactly like Luke skywalker in the Last Jedi. as always, Darth Vader is way more powerful in the comics/videogame than in the tv show.
  3. I remember the pre E3 leaks. isn’t Modern Warfare II trailer dropping on June 8th per the Artwork reveal?
  4. No updates and post support/promotion from Guerrilla till now other than bug patches. Seems like GG abandoned its own game. Lol
  5. Should expect gameplay in the summer Fest with a release date in Sept/Oct.
  6. Agreed. The traditional gaming market has greatly changed since the Xbox 360 / PS3 era in favor of live service and cheap indie games. New AAA IPs carry a lot of risks hence these studios/publishers would rather sell off or merge. In addition, making games now take 4-5 years of development and management of manpower is much harder with multiple reports of resignations in some studios. CoVid has hit the traditional gaming industry much harder than thought.
  7. Most likely one ones included. VR is still niche and that many new games at launch seems suspicious since PSVR2 is yet to be sold to public.
  8. It’s not about the defense. It’s about sending a message that women can be as abusive and physical as men. It is strong evidence in a court of law and give men justice.
  9. Guns especially automatics provide the ease of killing large numbers with little skill required. Katanas and axes are messy and harder to kill unless you are a Samurai.
  10. Strangers things and Kenobi coming tomorrow
  11. Out now. This thread.
  12. Cut from the final version. It is more of a demo showing its graphics and features.
  13. June is coming and rarely any hype. Greatly miss the good old E3 hype days.
  14. Yes. It only confirms the existence/plans of mid gen upgrades. Delays are likely to be expected with the chip shortages.
  15. Not AAAA material but at least we get a new Dead Space experience coming this year. I keep my reservations till I see gameplay.
  16. Yes. See the first trailer. Hope we get the release date soon.
  17. Gameinformer issue releasing on May 24th
  18. Funny but seems intentional. Bush loves making jokes even at the expense of himself.
  19. The CGI seems iffy. At least they went with the sexy bod.
  20. The Boys Season 3 coming this June 3rd.
  21. India’s men’s badminton team wins Thomas Cup title for first time ever with stunning 3-0 win over powerhouse Indonesia in final Brimming with confidence, India took on 14-time winners Indonesia in the final of the Thomas Cup in Bangkok on May 15, 2022 and lifted the title defeating the defending champions by 3-0. Congratulations India!!!
  22. More of a gaffe which will be forgotten in a week or 2. Nowhere at Activision level. It’s all about using the right words, phrasing and timing to connect with his employees grievances without taking sides.
  23. Yes silence is golden most of the time. But not always the best solution.
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