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  1. Sequel to Inu Yasha coming soon. https://www.awn.com/news/viz-media-acquires-yashahime-princess-half-demon
  2. AOT Final season Unsure if it will cover all the remaining chapters from the manga. We are yet to see the end of the manga. Read the last chapter of Kimetsu no Yaiba. Took the Harry Potter route. Cancelled all possibility of a sequel.
  3. Finally after so long. The console design and price can wait. The games are the most important.
  4. No. It failed due to the disruptive innovation caused by the smartphone. Game Developers make more money by developing for the smartphone due to its high user base.
  5. Oh. Unreal 5 Tech demo followed up by an interview. Just it. Boring. Nothing is announced.
  6. Is it a game or just a promotion of the game engine?
  7. Well I am talking about the AAA games. The rest will definitely not have high production values as them. Also none of the games shows next-gen. All can be achieved current gen. That Hellblade 2 trailer definitely screams “Next gen”. That’s a real benchmark.
  8. Now the next great show of Ps5 games will be revealed in..........a magazine on June 2.
  9. I can see only 2 big third party publishers which are Ubisoft (AC) and Sega (Yakuza). Rest are indie like developers. Where are Warner Bros, Platinum, EA, Square Enix etc? EDIT: EA did show Madden but sport games don’t count
  10. They have said gameplay from only third parties. Unfortunately not from the real third parties. Most indie style games as expected. The gameplay from the 13 first parties studios will be shown off this July.
  11. Knew it. Expectations are low. Another indie style shitfest.
  12. The corona has put the supply chain of nonessentials to a standstill. Most retailers including amazon are yet to receive the shipments of the new games.
  13. Well I never experienced such discounts on preorders last gen. Must be few retailers. The grey market near my old place was charging more. I used to rely on digital and imported UK games since they were cheaper. I told you that it was the Indian government cut down their powers after protests last year. Not Amazon/FK fault. Mcubegames and Gametheshop are other reliable options. As of now, most e- retailers are yet to receive shipments of the April games including RE3R and Final Fantasy VIIR and will only deliver to some green and orange zones.
  14. 830pm tonight. Keep your expectations low.
  15. Actually FK/Amazon made gaming more affordable and faster with those discounts this gen (Cloudtail and Retailnet) than in last gen when prices were stuck at MRP for a long time and we had to rely on retailers and publishers to reduce those prices. Due to the uproar from the retailers, the Indian government put more curbs on their suppliers in e-commerce therefore those discounts are reduced. The exchange rate is certainly another factor.
  16. Mysteryman

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Yes and an advisory group of SJWs. Sony has a policy against it. So I speculate that they may either ban it or allow a censored version of it. Never heard of such a console game going this far.
  17. Mysteryman

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Sony will never allow it.
  18. The star wars universe is too big a franchise to ignore and a huge financial opportunity. For me, the continuation is fine but the new series was marred by poor writing, decisions, direction and low production values. I wanted to see that Lucas version but the 3 main actors are too old so Disney made an alternate story to kill them off one by one. Well Disney isn’t all bad in Star Wars stuff. Heard The Mandalorian is good and I am yet to see it. The Fallen order is a great game and glad that EA is proceeding on its sequel. The just concluded animated clone wars final season has a fitting ending. Independent stories are a welcome addition too but they are risky as the hype for them is low.
  19. @Joe Cool thank you for accepting my request. @roun90 Read Cage of Eden. A great manga marred by a rushed ending, a common misfortune in some long running mangas. Bleach and Gantz are good examples with some unanswered plot holes. The mangas are way better than the anime and live actions in most cases. Drawings are better, more content etc. Same holds true for American comics. The first half of Akame ga kill anime stays true to the manga but follows its own version in the second half since the manga was in progress that time. Same goes for Full Metal Alchemist. At least they follow it up with the more excellent Brotherhood. Live actions should have never been made at all.
  20. @Joe Cool if you can be kind to modify this thread topic to The Anime and Manga thread, it would be great. Due to limited members, I believe there is no point creating a new thread on manga alone.
  21. Yeah I thought they would show off the PS5 and games this May before they are covered in this magazine.
  22. Don’t see a manga thread so I post it here. Many mangas have delayed due to COVID-19 including this month chapter of Attack on Titan for the first time in 10 years. Been reading these awesome Akame ga kill series. They are a bit depressing as they are known as the Game of thrones of anime.
  23. Embarrassment is a household name in India. So we got used to it and don’t care about it anymore.
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