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  1. Yes, Series X is more difficult. Prying the back plate open feels very delicate and removing the fan is a hassle. The screw can get stripped easily, despite using the right driver. Even after removing everything, the most crucial part (the heat sink) is where most of the dust is accumulated, but it’s impossible to get it out.
  2. It’s not really a loophole. It’s discounted pricing. They can get people to commit to the service long-term with the 3:2 conversion, as opposed to recurring payments monthly.
  3. People were literally waiting for Starfield and Indiana Jones, but they will probably get RedFall on Playstation
  4. Like I said, PS5’s first golden period is over. Nothing on the horizon from any of their major studios this year. ND, Suckerpunch, SM, Insomniac, etc. Now we wait for the final phase of PS5, starting from late 2025.
  5. What’s worse for Xbox is the lack of clarity in their apparent business update. They need to make this event/press conference happen asap
  6. Next gen of consoles is going to be so dead. No more console wars
  7. Unreal level of tennis from Sinner in the final set. Highest quality tennis I've seen in a while.
  8. Thank god, now people will finally stop calling it DS2
  9. CeX was offering around 34k. I just gave Olx a shot for a week, and luckily found a few genuine buyers. Most Olx users will be lowballers.
  10. Same experience with my Samsung QLED. Panel got screwed in just 3 years and it’s not even heavily used. They are a crappy company. Never buying any home appliance from Samsung ever again. Wouldn’t take it even if they offered it for free.
  11. True at least for 2024.. Will be a big year for GP.
  12. Don't have a TV as well currently other than a non-gaming backup TV in bedroom as my main TV died recently.
  13. Cool. I’ll try to go for 55” C3 over the C2 if the price difference is less than 15-20k. Also, many reviews point out that C3’s image processing is improved, especially for low res content.
  14. Yup, that too. If the Pro comes out in time for VI, that’d be amazing.
  15. I prefer playing big games on PS5, because of Dualsense and the overall experience.
  16. Sold my launch day PS5 for 38k Insane value even after 3 years. Has been collecting dust for quite some time and nothing much to look forward to in 2024. Will buy again in time for GTA VI. Currently just rocking the Series X for all gaming needs.
  17. No way to get OG power cord. Search for 2 pin power cord on amazon and get a good quality one.
  18. Woah.. Congrats. Post your review after a while.
  19. Vamos

    Indiana Jones

    2024 is looking like a big W for Xbox. Gameplay looks amazing
  20. Those people probably pre-ordered at full price despite being fully aware of the update path, just to give more money to Sony
  21. I looked at Hisense U7K, which has good reviews. Any bigger brands like Sony will cost almost the same as C2, so no point. Yup. Unless you are getting it for under 50k, it’s better to take the plunge and go for OLED with 5 year warranty. I should’ve done this 3 years ago instead of going for Samsung QLED. While the TV and the QLED tech itself is very good, such a short lifespan is just ridiculous, despite using it delicately. And I’m seeing increasing number of cases where most QLED and FALD TVs are developing problems after 2-3 years.
  22. OLED peeps, help me out. Looking for a 55" LG C2. What's a good price I should be looking at online or offline? I don't want to go for another LED or FALD TV after my previous experience. Screw it.
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