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  1. Yup, and if Atreus walked into the rift, he’d simply have given Odin what he always wanted. He probably realised that anyone in possession of such universal knowledge will be too dangerous and also the obsession to know it all would come at a cost.
  2. 70 hours Congrats.
  3. Finished the story Epic and emotional ending. However, the true ending comes when you complete Brok’s funeral mission. That was a real surprise to me and it was beautifully crafted. Take a bow, SSM.
  4. Exactly. I had expected to play as Thor in the Loki-Thor mission to find the last piece of the mask.
  5. Looks the same. Can’t expect much from a free update, except better frame rates
  6. Yeah, Spain probably will. But I’m not too convinced yet. Every tournament they have one group game where they look like peak 2010 Spain. And then go out in R16. Happened in Euro 2016, 2021 and WC 2018. And this Costa Rica team, I can't recognize a single player bar Navas, Duarte and Joel Campbell. They are really terrible.
  7. Germany I want both Germany and Spain to go out in the group stage.
  8. I’m really taking it slow and trying to 100% it before selling. There’s going to be a max difference of 300-400 in the sell price. Can still be sold for around 3500 even after a month.
  9. And they are selling it for 4800. Whoever’s buying from them are really gods
  10. I can’t even beat it in Give me Story mode
  11. Nothing is ‘meh’ if your gift is well researched. It has nothing to do with value, if that’s what you’re worried about.
  12. Match Day 3 Argentina vs Saudi Arabia = 1-0 Denmark vs Tunisia = 1-0 Mexico vs Poland = 0-3 France vs Australia = 5-0
  13. I’m using the same one. Which thermal pads did you use? The thicker ones or thin ones?
  14. Turn off HFR mode, as it forces HDR in YUV420 format. Looks a bit washed out. I play in performance mode with HFR turned off. Looks and runs perfectly.
  15. Zelda BOTW (digital) @ $30 on Target. https://www.target.com/p/the-legend-of-zelda-breath-of-the-wild/-/A-54191431
  16. Looks stunning. Ordered one for myself too.
  17. @El Tigre Chino - Did you fly the A310 yet? The checklist feels like a proper simulation. Apparently now we can import flight plan from SimBrief account directly to the aircraft.
  18. Are you playing in Give me God of War difficulty? But yeah, game is very lengthy even on normal difficultly. Almost 25 hours in, feels like there's still a lot more main quests to go. Took a day off from work today to complete the game.
  19. Available on ShopAtSc right now. They are selling out fast.
  20. I agree. I was so confused and downloaded GoW 2018 yesterday to compare them visually. The opening 30 mins of 2018 feels more impressive, visually. Everything is denser and much more detailed. GoWR is not so consistent. They seemed to have spent their resources on certain sections of the worlds. Once you reach the halfway point, it gets much better.
  21. Not justified at all. Having played that section you mentioned yesterday, it’s the most crucial part of the story so far.
  22. And yet you come here and post gameplay moments without a spoiler tag, when Mods clearly pinned the featured post requesting ppl to not post detailed gameplay moments until December 14th. FYI -
  23. Go play Halo.
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