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  1. The only flaw with this game is the open world bullshit. I haven’t tried most weapons but my fav was the Ropecaster. It truly felt unique. Tying down flying machines and other big machines to the ground using the ropes is just amazing.
  2. A tale as old as time Reminded of RG 21 final
  3. Vamos

    Death Stranding

    The first time experience playing this is truly unique The use of music and storytelling and the ability to even make a barren world so interesting.. The art direction is next level.
  4. Hey man, no one here is questioning your store’s authenticity. Everyone knows you deliver on time. But people have raised their concern regarding buyers getting doxed/threatened when asked to cancel orders. Also, you have this very passive aggressive practice of ignoring buyers when they change their mind and decide to cancel their order. I have personally had that experience.. Despite repeated follow ups, you never respond to order cancellation requests. But you respond instantly for any other queries.
  5. It’s legit but if you decide to cancel the order after placing it, he will charge a hefty cancellation fee.
  6. No.2 may be true, but don't think it will be explored particularly. Maybe there'll be a subtle reference.
  7. Wow. I’ll try this one to solve my backlog problems.
  8. Also, it adds to the excitement leading up to the launch
  9. The demand for PS5 is such that, it would be sold out even if they bundle a toaster oven with it.
  10. Even Destruction All Stars bundles sold out like hotcakes. You think people wanted physical copies of Destruction All Stars for their game collection?
  11. ShopAtSc is also one of those “various retailers” btw… in fact they were the ones who started it first.
  12. Yeah, it looks like foreign bank cards don't need any mandates yet. My Stan Char card works fine, but axis, icici cards don't.
  13. Nope. As the amount is less than 5000, you just need to set up a one-time mandate with for card and it'll keep getting auto debited every month.
  14. Awesome! I need to use a mouse.. will be a lot easier to enter configure MCDU and talk to ATC.
  15. Got it. I picked one of the ILS runways instead of the default approach and now it’s much better.
  16. Yup, I follow most of these steps. (Except the flaps). I usually leave them at 2. Locking onto the localiser is a bit tricky when I use the plotted flight plan from the world map. Coz in the default ILS approach, the final turn to line up with the runway happens very late. Due to this, the autopilot acts up. And also, I wish the AI ATC was a bit more accurate. It expects to drop nearly at 10,000 ft per minute during descent. And sometimes they cancel the IFR plan if you don’t respond.
  17. For now, I am able to land using the Approach mode and disconnecting AP right before touchdown.
  18. This one is Asobo A320 - Asia and Middle East pack. It was going for Rs 220 when I bought it. It also has Air asia, Emirates and some other middle eastern airliners. Wow.. A310 will be a great addition. I've learnt how to add a Direct To plan on the FMS but having trouble to get AP to be on course and catch the ILS signal during approach. Now just figuring out how to add waypoints and ILS info without using world map. I looked into Simbrief and onlineflightplanner for waypoints but yet to learn how to configure all that on the MCDU. Also memorized how to start up the A320 from cold and dark, without using any checklists.
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