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  1. It’s the same map because the game is still set in Hyrule. However, the map is bigger than botw and expanded with more islands and new vertical traversal techniques.
  2. Last of Us Part 1 on steam getting negative reviews because of performance issues. Currently at 36%.
  3. Fuse ability looks like another innovative open world mechanic. Looks amazing. Climb anything in BotW, fuse and combine anything into a weapon in TotK
  4. IGN employees about to publish a review on the last of us for the 4th time..
  5. Matcha keycaps from stickeys Palm rest from here (found both these sellers on r/mkindia) Got Yellow Switches from here. The yellows require a bit more force to operate, other than that they are very similar to reds. I found the reds to be a bit too light on the finger.
  6. Finally upgraded to a decent mechanical keyboard. Got this a month ago. Keychron K8 Pro (White Backlight), Gateron Red switches. Replaced the original keycaps with Matcha Greens and swapped the original Gateron Red switches with Gateron G Pro Yellows (hand lubed). After a lot of experimenting, settled for a “creamy” sounding keyboard 😁
  7. Vamos

    Resident Evil 4

    Is there a super easy baby mode or something like unlimited ammo cheat? Asking for a friend.
  8. Like trying to find a car battery for the entire episode?
  9. Vamos

    Resident Evil 4

    Pre-ordered. I never played the original. So excited for this.
  10. Same. Everything about Maverick was top notch. It’s very rare to experience “real” movies and blockbuster filmmaking these days.
  11. I guess the oscars should be renamed to Indie film awards As much as I loved Everything Everywhere, it’s disappointing to see movies like Top Gun Maverick (that quite literally saved Hollywood after covid) not getting the due recognition.
  12. This and crossfade between songs are the only reasons I use Spotify over apple music.
  13. Vamos


    Starfield launching on September 6th 2023
  14. This is what happens when they drop it randomly without that "pre-book from XYZ date" nonsense. Pretty sure they've been doing it for the last two years only to create hype.
  15. Nope, was just joking If it really supports simultaneous streaming, then it's a good deal. My F1 friends wanted to share the subscription plan but everyone backed out after reading the TnC about simultaneous streaming.
  16. It’s just bait. Once your trial ends, they will block simultaneous streaming
  17. Waited almost 5 months for this to arrive. What a beauty. First4Figures - Link PVC figurine. And it lights up!
  18. Vamos


    This is an amazing track. If you notice closely, it’s a slowed down version of the song Don’t fear the reaper
  19. Vamos


    Reviews on Steam claim that M/KB makes this game so much easier compared to Dualsense
  20. Vamos


    “Tell me you haven’t played the game without telling me…”
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