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  1. This song is just amazing...the first one with lyrics too. The horizon franchise has an amazing soundtrack, just love it.
  2. Hello fellow members. I finished the last of us part 2 so if anybody wants it then send a DM. Really an amazing game. Quite the ride back to back. Really enjoyed. What a game. Absolutely worth picking up. Thanks for the copy piper. The library is a really nice program. @piper Lemme know if u want me to ship it back to u. Otherwise I'm guessing I should hold onto it for a bit to save shipping charges. Thanks.
  3. TLOU2 received on October 1st. Mods pls update the thread as required. @b!T
  4. Heya Do u still have the copy? Or rather is either of the copy available? Need quick delivery Ik this I can keep this for a month at least but I don't have that long. So let me know. @Krazyniks @piper @fatpigeon
  5. Yep And this one shows tyr opening a giant wooden door while kratos and Atreus were right behind. Which means tyr works with them. Tyr also knows kratos' past. Again a spolier. I honestly wish I didn't watch it. My most hated trailer of all time no doubt. Kratos holding tyrs hand is also a damn spoiler. Ye I saw it then and now there were even more spoilers. It was full of spoilers? How is it the best? Its the kind u see after 100%ing the game cause we may have seen the field of the final battle kratos vs thor. I still have hope tho that be final battle will be Kratos + Atreus vs Odin + Thor It would be absolutely epic. Two father son duos. Killer boss fight it would be. And tyr being all peaceful will watch or something. Just saying. I didn't read this anywhere. Its probably not even happening. Just something that clicked in my head. Odin entering halfway thro Thor fight and starting the father son duo. Same as Kratos and Atreus.
  6. I don't understand the logic of putting a spoiler in the trailer and all gameplay reveals. The entire 2018 game tells u that tier is missing and presumed dead Then trailer and suddenly he is alive and they even show the meeting between kratos and tier. I did not want to know that until I met him in the game.
  7. I'm in the last story mission right now. Haven't started that yet. And currently at 85%+ completion. I took it easy with main story So I got to the main story mission only after completely exploring everything up until the quen regions. So after I reached the last story mission. I explored the quen region. Got all the collectibles. Now I have one hunting ground left and stuff to do in the arena. + I have to hand in the collectible items for those gold tier weapons and armour. Don't with all question marks tallnecks and cauldrons. And I have nearly a 100 hours. Also I really can't borrow right now. I have several exams coming up. So barely playing horizon as it is. I think sometime next month I'll borrow TLOU2. I should have a bit more time at that time and since there are two copies I'm hoping I can keep it a little longer than the usual 1 month. A week or so should be enough.
  8. This was active for nearly 4 hours. All those who bought it in that window got it for 5 bucks.
  9. Well refined would be putting in short. TLOU2 combat is far superior to TLOU combat from what I have seen. They expanded it a fair bit I think. Not very sure. Either ways TLOU remake I'll definitely get it when the price drops. I would have been honestly happy with 3k. Its a very reasonable and sensible price because this is a proper remake and not just a day of the par remaster. 5k is absolutely ridiculous. Its not an FF7R level remake to charge 5k for it. I'm definitely going to get this after a major price drop. Close to 2k ish makes sense I think.
  10. It definitely should not be 70$/5k. I honestly thought it would be 3k like legacy of thieves. I know that was a remaster only but cm on. 5k is ridiculous. TLOU2 was 4k at launch and that was a game built from the ground up. There were rumors that this will have TLOU2 combat...true?
  11. OK so I'm confused...what exactly is FF7 rebirth and crisis core. And please tell me one of them means Part 2 cause I loved the first game so much. Never played the OG tho.
  12. If it doesn't mark parts on the map it means u haven't encountered that machine type yet or haven't found a machine site for it. So just continue playing or explore new regions depending on how much u want the bow upgraded. Also the marshal hunter bow is great for where u at. And it gets tough to upgrade only past L3 iirc.
  13. If it doesn't mark parts on the map it means u haven't encountered that machine type yet or haven't found a machine site for it. So just continue playing or explore new regions depending on how much u want the bow upgraded. Also the marshal hunter bow is great for where u at. And it get tough to upgrade only past L3 iirc.
  14. I'll let uk. Not anytime soon tho. I bought horizon forbidden west. Frickin awesome. 50 hours and only 45% through. What a game.
  15. I'd argue its worth much more Either ways. Much cheaper than that. 3k new copy on mx2 games and used copy u can get for 2.8k on this forum. And more importantly. Runs peacefully on PS4. But understandable why u might not want to given it runs better on PS5.
  16. AC Valhalla - actually playing it is debatable. All the other current games u should no doubt...definitely play.......... AMAZING
  17. Spiderman, bloodborne... Basically everywhere it doest mention GOTY or whatever............
  18. Damn Very nice lineup so far. Damn it no legacy of thieves. Will they include DLC's?
  19. How long does ekart usually take to deliver. Delhi to Bangalore type distances...?
  20. @b!T Hey. I sent a pm to the donor. Also pinged him above. He hasn't replied yet. Its been a few days...And he hasn't posted anything on the forum since September 2021. He probably isn't online on the forum anymore. Just wanted to let UK. If by chance the thread is supposed to be locked or anything of the sort. Thanks.
  21. Will let UK if I want it then. Exams ending right then. So I'll immediately buy HFW and probably won't be looking for this for a while after that. Tried so hard to get it at launch. Exams are unforgiving. Finally. Exactly 7 days to go.
  22. Hello. I'm a member. I want to borrow this. Sending pm. I has requested TLOU2. But its currently not available. Will borrow after this. @Mizanurification
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