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  1. Well refined would be putting in short. TLOU2 combat is far superior to TLOU combat from what I have seen. They expanded it a fair bit I think. Not very sure. Either ways TLOU remake I'll definitely get it when the price drops. I would have been honestly happy with 3k. Its a very reasonable and sensible price because this is a proper remake and not just a day of the par remaster. 5k is absolutely ridiculous. Its not an FF7R level remake to charge 5k for it. I'm definitely going to get this after a major price drop. Close to 2k ish makes sense I think.
  2. It definitely should not be 70$/5k. I honestly thought it would be 3k like legacy of thieves. I know that was a remaster only but cm on. 5k is ridiculous. TLOU2 was 4k at launch and that was a game built from the ground up. There were rumors that this will have TLOU2 combat...true?
  3. OK so I'm confused...what exactly is FF7 rebirth and crisis core. And please tell me one of them means Part 2 cause I loved the first game so much. Never played the OG tho.
  4. If it doesn't mark parts on the map it means u haven't encountered that machine type yet or haven't found a machine site for it. So just continue playing or explore new regions depending on how much u want the bow upgraded. Also the marshal hunter bow is great for where u at. And it gets tough to upgrade only past L3 iirc.
  5. If it doesn't mark parts on the map it means u haven't encountered that machine type yet or haven't found a machine site for it. So just continue playing or explore new regions depending on how much u want the bow upgraded. Also the marshal hunter bow is great for where u at. And it get tough to upgrade only past L3 iirc.
  6. I'll let uk. Not anytime soon tho. I bought horizon forbidden west. Frickin awesome. 50 hours and only 45% through. What a game.
  7. I'd argue its worth much more Either ways. Much cheaper than that. 3k new copy on mx2 games and used copy u can get for 2.8k on this forum. And more importantly. Runs peacefully on PS4. But understandable why u might not want to given it runs better on PS5.
  8. AC Valhalla - actually playing it is debatable. All the other current games u should no doubt...definitely play.......... AMAZING
  9. Spiderman, bloodborne... Basically everywhere it doest mention GOTY or whatever............
  10. Damn Very nice lineup so far. Damn it no legacy of thieves. Will they include DLC's?
  11. How long does ekart usually take to deliver. Delhi to Bangalore type distances...?
  12. @b!T Hey. I sent a pm to the donor. Also pinged him above. He hasn't replied yet. Its been a few days...And he hasn't posted anything on the forum since September 2021. He probably isn't online on the forum anymore. Just wanted to let UK. If by chance the thread is supposed to be locked or anything of the sort. Thanks.
  13. Will let UK if I want it then. Exams ending right then. So I'll immediately buy HFW and probably won't be looking for this for a while after that. Tried so hard to get it at launch. Exams are unforgiving. Finally. Exactly 7 days to go.
  14. Hello. I'm a member. I want to borrow this. Sending pm. I has requested TLOU2. But its currently not available. Will borrow after this. @Mizanurification
  15. Hello. I'm a member. I would like to borrow this game. Whichever copy is available. I think fatp has the copy. Sending pm. Thank you.
  16. What's the longest delivery time they have taken for a delivery for anyone? It says 2 - 6 days. If they deliver between 2 - 3 days I have an order to place.
  17. Game shipped by SuperT back to me. Game received today. Game is back with owner(me). @b!T Do necessary updates or whatever else. Thanks SuperT. Well packed.
  18. Xbox doesn't have much of a chance. With all the studios that they current even have. They have mostly nothing to show for it. Star field looks nice. But its just 1 game. Nothing more. Xbox doesn't have much coming up and PS already has a bunch of games people are dying to play. At the end of every generation. The total sales happens + a billion other people who buy. Play exclusives and sell. Have you ever heard of someone buying an Xbox like that? Buy play sell? No. Cause whatever that person usually plays on has everything Xbox has and nobody wants the bother for 2 games.
  19. 793 pages in 1 year. This thread literally has weekly lockdown. Yes. Well aware.
  20. 8 years these were the comments with nothing to show for it lmao.
  21. Well simply put this console war just keeps getting extended to pointless ends. The point of a console is to play games. That means the only thing that really matters is games and controller. Controller is personal preference because stick config is different. Now I don't care about the AA batteries. But its hilarious there still isnt a rechargeable battery in this gen xbox controller. As for games. If u have a PC and looking for console. Always PS because all Xbox games are on PC And if u don't have PC and want console then PS cause Xbox has like 2 exclusives and on PS u have access to all Xbox games (except 2) and PS exclusives and other games. Now even old gen games with PS+ premium. The subscription is similarly prized and outputs pretty much the same. The new Xbox games starfield for example. Its already confirmed its not gonna look as good as the recently released horizon. Star field won't look as good on Xbox which is fanning the flames of console war with better hardware but evidently not even being used. So why fights keep happening over quality of life features and blah blah is because xbox is nowhere near winning in the ONLY thing that matters - GAMES So the war gets extended to other crap topic stuff where Xbox might win.
  22. Well not yet. GoWR is coming. Spiderman 2 wolverine. HFW released. Last gen sony didn't have that many games at the start of the year either. Look how that turned out. With all the games Sony will have by this generation end. It could very easily happen.
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