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  1. Iron galaxy's current CEO is a ex Sony guy who worked closely with their internal studios. Not surprising that they lasnded the contact to port this.
  2. Sky is the new Ajit agarkar against aussies
  3. Need to wait for the Sony showcase to begin for that.
  4. I think they'll make big changes to the story in season 2 esp Abby & Joels arc. The original pitch by ND is that Abby infiltrates into their town, tracks him down & possibly even has a romantic encounter with Joel before they play golf. Final game has them randomly meeting one fateful day.
  5. What a finish in the NZ-SL game. Kane
  6. Abby in season 2. Perfect casting if true.
  7. Xbox Fanbase stopped watching YouTube too & moved Phil's onlyfans acount.
  8. It's unbelievable that the insurance & financing company is even letting him do this given the risks. In bollywood only Akshay used to do this & that too back before he was a big star. One of his khiladi film has him on the plane several feet above the ground. Was a big story back then. Today the actors driving cars are also green screened.
  9. Modi ji kaha peeche rehne Wale hai
  10. KnackChap

    Elden Ring

    Horizon burning shores crying in a corner.
  11. The movement & combat looks 10x more smoother than Gotham turds. A lot will simply depend on how fun it is to actually play it & Rocksteady will do well if they start public testing months before the release and take player feedback & implement it. bungie did something similar with destiny and the gameplay loop was perfect by release. Fingers crossed.
  12. Lol. In just over 2 years, these guys have moved from series S is almost as fast as ps5 to series S is holding back games on series X.
  13. Powerpyx gave up on making a trophy guide for atomic heart. Says it's a miserable experience.
  14. They're 100% working with Sony on a first party single player project. Said this 6 months ago. Not sure if they're acquired by now.
  15. Wont read much into it. One thing to learn from bcci and team India is that always do the opposite of what they say.
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