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  1. 5 actually & 2 mobile games. One is that shooter (first soldier) and other is a remake ( ever crisis) for mobile like ff15 pocket edition. Ever crisis will 100% come to consoles
  2. I posted it that way cause it's easier to search in future.
  3. Aerith is not dying in this 100%
  4. The journey continues in.. Coming 2023 on PS5. Part 2 of the 3 game series. Trailer.
  5. I'm around 30 hrs in in FW and just reached the 2nd tall neck. Lol. In 30hrs I must've platinumed zero dawn..
  6. Yeah the VFX while decent looks strange in that trailer. The fire has some sort of pinkish tint throughout. It looks like green lantern meets Dr strange.
  7. If it was remake 2 he would've shown cloud not zack. Given the way remake 1 ends, I'm not sure how crisis core could work. let's see.
  8. This happened earlier too in the late 90's when they sent 2 odi teams. One to the sahara cup in Canada vs Pakistan and another to the Asian or commonwealth games. Both teams lost miserably.
  9. A few games did have the tag running on PC with ps5 comparable specs like FF 16 and Hogwarts (not sure)
  10. Yeah they couldn't add female clickers or fm human enemies in the original coz of the lack of memory.
  11. Waits for *this is how exactly BGS games are supposed to be* post.
  12. He deleted the poll after HFW was sweeping it. Edit: he re-uploaded it again and FW is winning by a bigger margin.
  13. Yeah and the fact that it was pre-rendered so they weren't even held back by hw in them. But if I'm not wrong ND used to hand animate facial animations back then, the switched to full performance capture only from uc4.
  14. Tess' new model looks amazing. And massive improvement to facial animations.
  15. Directed by Neil blomkamp. The plot overview for Gran Turismo should sound pretty familiar to any long-term fans of the game. As reported by the various outlets, the story will center on “a teenage Gran Turismo player whose gaming skills won a series of Nissan competitions to become an actual professional race car driver”. That sounds almost word-for-word like the story of Jann Mardenborough. Mardenborough won GT Academy in 2011, aged 19, and went on to an impressive career in motorsport which included driving the ill-fated Nissan GT-R LM Nismo in the top class at Le Mans in 2015.
  16. Crazy good for gt series in NA. 10+ million is a lock again.
  17. ipl on voot from next year?
  18. Just back from top gun Maverick. What a thrill...loved it. Might go again for a 4dx show.
  19. KnackChap


    The original dev's must be wondering just how many more studios are going to piggyback on the "makers of inside and limbo" tag.
  20. Yup. And take 2 is quiet anal about it too. This is their boss from today.
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