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  1. I watched the 2d laser show at Inox. Didn't miss 3d at all. Second viewing will be on imax 3d with hfr or 4dx.
  2. the verge said that the battery life is worse. this is a waste anyways unless you use the paddles a lot.
  3. ps5 pro is not coming anytime soon. we're barely just starting to get native ps5 only games. next year however you'll get a new ps5 hardware which should be a slim model with an external disc drive for those who want it.
  4. dont post story boss fights here.
  5. awesome work. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป hoping someone does something like this for Cri WC23
  6. i sort of liked the demo but visually its very busy with sparks, effects and all sort of stuff flying around even at basic combos. i prefer a clean look so its def not to my liking. when not in combat it looks quiet decent. combat is also a bit of mixed bag, the basic spells and stuff feel ok and quiet similar to inFamous games but lacks the punch & feedback of those titles. but my biggest problem is that to use melee combat you have switch from magic mode to melee mode. had they just mapped the melee combat to a button and made it more streamlined it would be better but even the melee combat has a lot of options and takes up most input buttons so not sure how it would've worked. the combat also seems yo to be quiet deep and the demo throw you right in the middle with almost everything unlocked and can be overwhelming.
  7. PlayStation wrap up 2022. https://wrapup.playstation.com/en-in/ my stats.
  8. looks better with each showing.
  9. thread title changed but the way theyre refering to it, i think we'll have to change it once again.
  10. bots are like pakistani cricket fans. theyre more happy about india losing than their team winning.
  11. watched the way of the water in 2d and liked it for the most part. the 3rd act is edge of the seat stuff & like the previous film its a simple story that is executed well. i also found it somewhat thematically similar to the latest god of war games where the lead character is trying to avoid war for his family but still gets drawn into it. there is however the arc of a certain character that makes no sense. i know they're setting him up for the sequels but the way he gets sidelined is just jarring esp when the theme is all about families sticking together. will go for 3d again once ticket prices goes down in 2nd week.
  12. lol at "as dusk falls" with 77 on meta making the list. might as well add high on life which is at a whopping 62%.
  13. South Korea 0-2 Portugal Ghana 1-2 Uruguay Cameroon 1-1 Brazil Serbia 2-2 Switzerland
  14. pakistan ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ 500 in 70+ overs inside a day with 4 centuries. english cricket is on another level currently
  15. Croatia 0-2 Belgium Canada 1-0 Morocco Japan 1-3 Spain Costa Rica 0-2 Germany
  16. funny and sad at the same time.
  17. Tunisia 0-2 France Australia 0-1 Denmark Poland 1-0 Argentina Saudi Arabia 1-2 Mexico
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