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  1. I dont know how f**ked up omicron actually is but I will certainly go crazy somewhere between "it is mild" and "situation is grave with a f**king 1million infections a day". Decide f**king already. i have noticed that in my shop's complex only my dad and I wear a mask. Everyone else is unmasked at other shops. Dafaq do I do man.
  2. Ok so how f**ked are we? Flurona and Delmicron (Deltacron sounds scary) Apparently delmicron is ripping through Europe and US. https://www.instagram.com/p/CYQ3fd_J9mC/?utm_medium=share_sheet
  3. She is from Kolkata.. i follow her on twitter.
  4. My event is in Lucknow and with election rallies going on I dont expect UP government to cancel events. I hope government starts RT PCR mandatory rule. Our government can be silly with rules. Wtf is Precautionary dose 10th onwards? Just start the f**king drive already. My dad is also travelling and he could have taken the dose and then attended.
  5. I believe omicron will not give people a chance to asses if cases are rising at a high pace. It will suddenly hit everybody. Maharashtra govt is waiting till 10th jan to check and see how it goes. Dont think anyone is bothered anymore either. I had plans to attend a convention soon. Dunno what I am going to do.
  6. Livemint:- Harsh goenka makes a compelling case for "wfh"
  7. Livemint = news on whatever Harsh Goenka tweets. https://www.livemint.com/companies/news/covid-ward-full-in-a-mumbai-hospital-harsh-goenka-rings-omicron-alarm-11640614921748.html
  8. Bhai tu banglore mein hai. Not your or our governor/president.
  9. Which fund of Mirae to subscribe? There are several
  10. It gives them deniability i guess in case things go south. Or maybe that news company doesnt allow another agency to quote them. Or kuch chaapna hoga toh chaap diya.
  11. So a news article = a tweet quoting a news article with conclusion. The times we live in https://www.livemint.com/news/india/omicron-good-news-coming-from-africa-harsh-goenka-shares-latest-data-details/amp-11639914527758.html
  12. Too much work man. Although download speed has improved a lot. Still too much work.
  13. How are you guys subscribing to shitty service like voot just for dexter?
  14. At this point I pretty much dont trust pfizer at all wrt covid treatment. But not much that one can do. To think I actually planned to fly out and take pfizer vaccine at one point of time.
  15. I have read two different analysis by this same person in less than 24 hrs. Who the f**k is he?
  16. You have no idea how vela true movie goers are. A coupler I know dont subscribe to netflix and watch literally any new movie in the theaters instead. They probably get an orgasm watching movies in the theater is the only theory I could come up with so far. Sometimes they watch the same movie twice in the theater.
  17. Not totally unrelated to this thread but how come tablighi jamat has been banned by Saudi Arabia. Did they congregate and spread covid there as well?
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