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  1. YeH i am not gonna go looking for it and looks like either I dont have the eye for spotting it or it's really not there.
  2. Bhains ki taang i didnt know if it's a thing. How to check for dse? doesn't look like I have it on my screen though.
  3. By DSE you mean dirty screen effect? This DSE is caused by improper handling during transportation?
  4. Wipe the screen with hcl solution daily.
  5. So it seems like this no cost emi thing works. Siste says that everything looks to be in order in her card bill. I paid for TV on 3rd Oct, cancelled emi on 11th oct and cleared the cc on 14th.
  6. All these sh*t coins. People just calling them sh*t coins are the actual shits it feels sometimes.
  7. f**k! You literally lost billions? Or maybe millions?
  8. Dont think so. I switched off the match as I was watching a match after really long time and I suddenly got West Indies world cup flashbacks but i could still notice the ball trailing a bit. Although i do not notice the trailing effect while watching any series anymore or I have become indifferent.
  9. Just get a new ac for the other room. AC will save you cost in case that cable snaps. Plus newer acs consume less power. Bachat hi bachat.
  10. Bhardiya tera batva. PS:- I have a small sip running. It's return has fallen from 17 % ish down to 11 %. Is there some more fall remaining or i should just go ahead and pay the 10k early by a week?
  11. kya bhai. board par seat toh nahi le raha na ?
  12. Season 2 of Another life is mind blowing. never seen a season overtaking its own season 1 like this.
  13. yes you can sell your sgb if you have them in your demat account. interest is not tax free the LTCG is tax free after maturity. my point was that if you buy SGB today @4700 ish and the market rate is 4950. you wont be able to sell SGB at market price. there is always a 2000 rs difference between market price and sgb. so once you are alloted the sgb @ 4700 and you immediately decide to sell it then the price you will get is lower than market price. sab log yehi karte baithte nahi toh. easy money hota sabke liye. also i am myself have decent sgb holdings. but wahi sip mai dalta toh paisa hi paisa hota.
  14. Vro taxes. If you were to sell sgb today it would fetch lower than 4711. You wont be able to sell sgb for 4950.
  15. Watching " Another Life" on netflix. What an interesting show. I always check imdb rating before watching a movie and series and this one got like 5. I started watching it for 4k HDR and got hooked. Imho the show is only bad in some places due to melodramatic parts but otherwise it is a tp and decent watch if you are out of options like me. Sab pel chuka hu. I also got intrigued as this one got a season 2 after a disastrous reception with a rating of 5.1/10 on imdb.
  16. Why were they bending the knee btw? Khaleesi aayi this kya?
  17. Same here bro. This match is what one calls a walk in the park.
  18. Picture quality settings were off. Led clear motion was off and noise reduction was off as well. I put judder to 10 from 0 and turned on clarity and noise reduction on auto.
  19. Btw. While watching shows on netflix and prime even for 4khdr ones i notice a lot of screen tearing and trailing when any character is doing some rapid movement. Like the rest of the scene is alright but like somebody does a rapid hand movement only that hand would feel like it is trailing or tearing on the screen. This is due to streaming or there must be some setting?
  20. This thread does start giving major deja vu.
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