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AtheK's Feedback

  1. killzone123 left Positive feedback   

    aman the king..aman the dark lord...what else you expect from him in a deal other then *perfection* thanks bro you rock!!!!!!!!!

    AtheK was The Buyer

  2. reddevilgautam left Positive feedback   

    Smooth trade - no hassles...great guy...very understanding

    AtheK was Trading

  3. ΨΨ babloos ΨΨ left Positive feedback   

    super fast payment,friendly communication,higly recommended

    AtheK was The Buyer

  4. HundredProofSam left Positive feedback   

    Paid in time. No hassles. Thanks for participating

    AtheK was The Buyer

  5. shockwave left Positive feedback   

    Very good seller. Good communication and prompt shipping. Highly recommended

    AtheK was The Seller

  6. renjith left Positive feedback   

    Wow!! such a good dealing never ever..Excellent

    AtheK was The Seller

  7. xXx left Positive feedback   

    Nice & Smooth Trade....Hope you Like the Game ;)

    AtheK was Trading

  8. Akshay left Positive feedback   

    Another Fine deal

    AtheK was The Buyer

  9. Imrahn left Positive feedback   

    Outstanding? Brilliant? Hell, YES!!!!!!!!!

    AtheK was The Buyer

  10. Akshay left Positive feedback   

    Its nice to sell stuff to him. Prompt payment and he is a good friend of mine.

    AtheK was The Buyer

  11. Imrahn left Positive feedback   

    Simply awesome to deal with.....

    AtheK was The Buyer

  12. Harsahil left Positive feedback   

    My first ever trade on GI and potentially successful. Highly recommended. responded quickly and even let me get the game at 100rs less because 100rs got deducted in bank transfer and i wasnt aware that this happens. 10/10.

    AtheK was The Seller

  13. m-JeRi left Positive feedback   

    Nice&Trustworthy Guy..will deal with him anyday..no worries... p.s have a pblm of not checking if he got the money..had to bug a lot..hehheh

    AtheK was The Seller

  14. gpt left Positive feedback   

    Awesome guy. PMing is like IMing. Totally patient with payment. Always kept me updated during teh courier goof up. 100% recommended.

    AtheK was The Seller

  15. Imrahn left Positive feedback   

    All i have to say is.......Athek ROX !!!!!! Brilliant guy to trade with...

    AtheK was The Buyer

  16. HundredProofSam left Positive feedback   

    Brilliant Seller. The game was in flawless condition, and he was nice enough to ship the game even before I had paid

    AtheK was The Seller

  17. john117 left Positive feedback   

    Awsome trader .. very prompt and friendly

    AtheK was The Buyer

  18. insane79 left Positive feedback   

    good, nice trader & very nice friend too :-)

    AtheK was The Seller

  19. reaper left Positive feedback   

    nice and a very helpful person to trade with

    AtheK was Trading

  20. amul_capri left Positive feedback   

    Fast Shipping. Highle Rcmnded

    AtheK was The Seller

  21. Akshay left Positive feedback   

    Prompt in paying.

    AtheK was The Buyer

  22. lastAvenger left Positive feedback   

    A very good buyer. Highly Recommended

    AtheK was The Buyer

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