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MarketTantrik's Feedback

  1. Unrealistic left Positive feedback for a topic   

    MacBook Air 1st Gen, 1.86 GHz C2D, 128 GB SSD
    Awesome seller. Very accommodating. A++

    MarketTantrik was The Seller

  2. Major-Minor left Positive feedback   

    Good buyer, sale could have been a bit faster, but I am satisfied.

    MarketTantrik was The Buyer

  3. Nemesis!!! left Positive feedback   

    Super fast and super smooth trade facilitated through personal exchange! Gr8 experience trading with you!

    MarketTantrik was The Buyer

  4. The Gulabi Chaddi left Positive feedback   

    gr8 guy,fast response and good packing,will surelydeal with him again!!

    MarketTantrik was Trading

  5. TheDribbler left Positive feedback   

    A+++ Prompt communiation/Quick Payment. Highly Recommended

    MarketTantrik was The Buyer

  6. MadridistaLove left Positive feedback   

    Very gud seller..all the things in awesome condition as said!

    MarketTantrik was The Seller

  7. [email protected] left Positive feedback   

    Great Buyer, fast payment. A +++

    MarketTantrik was The Buyer

  8. STICK3Rboy left Positive feedback   

    Prompt Delivery! Excellent seller! 10/10

    MarketTantrik was The Seller

  9. godspeed4476 left Positive feedback   

    always a pleasure dealing with sheppard/wrex...hehe.....prompt payment

    MarketTantrik was The Buyer

  10. ghb left Positive feedback   

    Extremely prompt in paying. Excellent buyer!

    MarketTantrik was The Buyer

  11. Fire Wolf left Positive feedback   

    Great buyer, very patient and deposited the money without any hassles.

    MarketTantrik was The Buyer

  12. Achieved_Nirvana left Positive feedback   

    No-hassle buyer. Don't worry about payments at all. Actually included another's item in the package and asked him if he could deliver it. He did that as well.

    MarketTantrik was The Buyer

  13. Achieved_Nirvana left Positive feedback   

    Sold Silent Hill 2 Director's Cut (Platinum Edition)

    MarketTantrik was The Buyer

  14. lastAvenger left Positive feedback   

    Good Guy and good trading

    MarketTantrik was Trading

  15. Chaztin left Positive feedback   

    Ofcourse a Gr8 and Very much Trustworthy Buyer!!

    MarketTantrik was The Buyer

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