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  1. Hello, (one of) my PS4 controller's R1 and Square buttons have stopped working. I am looking for stores to repair the controller (as new ones are expensive). I stay in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. Can anyone help me finding any store in Delhi NCR region?
  2. Do you guys know about Sonic Mania and Sonic CD? These are fan made games. BUT the guy who made them showed it to SEGA and they gave him permission. Right now SONIC CD is an authentic sonic experience on Mobile. One of my friend is working on an HD remake of an old game. and he is planning to create a DEMO 1st and then will show it to the company. If company would agree, then he can continue on it. (I am sorry, as I cannot mention his name and the name of the game he is working upon. I do not want to spoil his 'half-baked cake').
  3. Is it too late to nominate myself?
  4. i enjoy Lara croft: temple of osiris, Rocket Legue, Guacameele, Magika 2 with my nephew, on my ps4
  5. Have you guys played? OR know about a game called "Clive Barker's Undying"? Me and my friend we used to play it a lot. And at that time, it was one of the best horror game on the block. Anyone remember it?
  6. YOU, my brother, is damn right. My 3 games are: Beyond Good and Evil Vanquish Brothers: Tale of two sons
  7. Original Bioshock Hi Res Artbook .... Free download http://games.softpedia.com/get/Tools/BioShock-Artbook.shtml
  8. Call me late comer but I have started FarCry 4 (limited edition). It's an gorgeous looking game.
  9. "Steam is buggy that the Windows Store seem like an ideal alternative."
  10. Mafia 1 was really good. I enjoyed it in 2003. Though the game had a large city but it was not as open as GTA. It had good storyline and nice mission design. I liked the noir and dark mafia environment and For the very first time reloading may waste bullets and you can't bring your gun in open. I played the demo one full night then got the full game in a week from a friend. Car race and car delivery missions were noticeably hard. In my opinion Mafia games are as important as GTA series for the gaming industry.
  11. I played this game so many times. Totally loved it. and I loved the idea to recruit ppl and giving commands. That TV station mission and sewer lines missions were my favorite. OH! Good times!
  12. This is what Game companies do. They will give away the 1st episode (or demo) to hook you up. So later you will buy the other episodes as well. I think episodic games are OK to a limited extent. E.g. Tell-Tale games' format is very much suitable to episodic approach. But Hitman series really suffered due to their episodic format. What do you guys think?
  13. I bought Far Cry 4 Limited Edition and Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition PS4.
  14. I had fun with Shadow of Mordor and Monolith Studios are working on the sequel. It's a good news to me.
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