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~The TV Shows Thread~


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Post anything and everything regarding ur "fav","hated","currently viewed","etc","etc" TV shows!



Guidelines :


1. Keep it clean

2. NSFW content must be spoilered and tagged so

3. Posting content not originating from a TV series but from a different source material, e.g. books, comics, movies, etc. IS NOT ALLOWED. Take it to the respective thread.


Violation of any of the guidelines may result in disciplinary action.

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Added guidelines.
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i watch friends on my PC..i gotta a bunch of episodes here..on the telly i watch Ranvir Vinay aur kaun...its a new show and i expected it to be kickass..but its not really up to my expectations....the great indian comedy show was gr8..it was latr called comedy show hahaha..dunno wats happnd to it now..

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