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  1. Redmi 5 baby! Dat 18:9 display and SD450!
  2. Kurt looks terrible.He's not half the wrestler he used to be. All the drugs didn't help and he is almost 50 as well.
  3. My next phone has a good chance of being a xiomi.For two main reasons-battery life and value for money.
  4. What more support you need other than 4 years of regular updates?
  5. Easily. Also you don't need 250gb ssd because you only install the OS on it, everything else goes on hdd and in today's age 1TB is simply not enough.
  6. First of all you don't need a 70k build to play GTA V. But if you insist Ryzen 5 1400 - 12k Any B350 board - 6k 2*8gb ddr4 ram - 10k Any 1050Ti 4gb - 12k 2tb hdd - 6k 120gb ssd - 3k Seasonic 520W psu - 5k Any decent case - 4k This one comes around 60k.
  7. Samsung,Oppo,Vivo,etc rely on clueless people like your driver.
  8. Do you feel there is a possibility that all critics are biased towards Marvel for some reason?
  9. dp.
  10. Aadhaar is the biggest threat to national security and no one's talking about it.Not newspapers,not news channels,no one.Everyone is mum about it. Linking Aadhaar to bank accounts and sim cards has been made mandatory and its going to be a disaster. People's aadhaar information and fingerprints will be stolen and their bank accounts drained,and even placing your fingerprints at a crime scene to falsely implicate you and many other disastrous possibilities. In fact aadhaar info has been leaked multiple times.I will cite a few examples of it below. There is a good chance someone already has your aadhaar and fingerprint data and if they want they could drain all the money from your bank account if they wanted to. This is a disaster waiting to happen. We are all f**ked.The fact this is not being debated on tv and newspapers and everywhere else shows how clueless everyone is or that nobody has the balls to talk about it. It is a huge disaster waiting to happen and it could very well happen to you tomorrow.And there is absolutely nothing you could do to prevent it.
  11. I have never used a Redmi phone so i don't have first hand experience.But most people have praised the phone.Just make sure to get atleast the 3gb ram model.
  12. Man you made a mistake. I loved this game so much i think its the best game i played in 2017.Certainly the most memorable.Truly amazing.
  13. Yes Joe you are right,this is the best NFS game since NFS 2015.
  14. Haha so much for all those cancel your pre order and not support this game threads on the battlefront subreddit.
  15. People who buy games based on just reviews deserve to be conned.