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  1. The TV Decision Making thread

    Joe should switch to VCDs.
  2. What you bought this week

    Wow great haul, Congrats! [emoji106]
  3. The TV Decision Making thread

    Well you're obviously right. Spending more than $500 means 4K is the way to go but what i'm saying is 1080p is still great for sub $500 TVs and TVs 42 inches and under don't really need 4K but the good thing is most TVs 42 inches and under are under $500 anyways so its ok.
  4. The Mobile Phone Thread

    Yeah S7, G6, Nokia 8 are all good choices and under 30k.
  5. The TV Decision Making thread

    So before 4K became a thing, did u think all full hd sets were meh?
  6. The TV Decision Making thread

    You can compare to 1080p. 1080p is still great. 4K is not at all needed unless one is a videophile just like we don't need anything more than 1080p on phones.
  7. The Mobile Phone Thread

    Reliable customer service and oneplus do not go together. Also why not S7 instead of A8? Better camera as its a flagship and its cheaper as well.
  8. What you bought this week

    Not this week but a month ago.
  9. Ni no Kuni 2

    Yeah true but 12gb ps3 can't do digital downloads. Maybe I'll get 500gb model in the future.
  10. The TV Decision Making thread

    Just when it seemed plasma TVs had caught up to the performance benchmark set by the Pioneer Kuro—the Panasonic ZT60 and Samsung F8500 were notably great TVs—the major manufacturers pulled the plug on plasma production. Here are 10 reasons you can't buy one anymore. 1. Bright showroom conditions put plasmas at a distinct disadvantage versus LED-lit LCDs that can output much more light, allowing them to stand out in bright environments. 2. Aesthetics may have played a role in hastening plasma's demise. There are limits to how thin you can make a plasma, and edgelit LCDs (and OLEDs) are thinner than that. Unfortunately, high-end LCDs didn't just outshine plasmas in the showroom—they also looked sexier. 3. UHD/4K caught on quickly, and it's difficult—if not impossible—to build UHD/4K plasma TVs in popular screen sizes. Panasonic developed a few giant UHD plasmas, but they were not consumer products. 4. Screen-size limitations also played a part in plasmas plight. The vast majority of 1080p plasmas came in sizes ranging from 42 to 64 Inches, while 1080p LCDs were—and continue to be—available in a much wider variety of screen sizes. 5. You can't bend a plasma. I hate to think that being flat contributed to the death of the technology, but the last two companies to produce plasma TVs were LG and Samsung. Both companies are committed to selling UHD/4K curved-screen TVs. 6. Plasmas were harder to deal with than LCDs. They are heavier and yet more fragile than many LCDs. Shipping a plasma requires a large box that must remain upright. Plus, plasmas developed a reputation for being susceptible to image retention and screen burn-in, which was much more of a real problem in the early days of plasma, but the reputation stuck. 7. While OLED is still in the early stages of development, there's no question it offers greater potential than plasma. OLED is the future of emissive display technology. It should not come as a surprise that LG and Samsung stopped building plasmas—which are also emissive—shortly after OLED debuted. 8. Energy efficiency may have played a part in putting plasma out to pasture. Both LED-lit LCD and OLED are more energy-efficient display technologies than plasma. 9. Plasma was the original flat-panel technology, and that worked against it. It did not matter that it was a mature technology capable of offering superior performance. People just thought of it as old technology. 10. Projectors improved in quality and prices dropped. With LED-lit LCDs being well suited to bright rooms, the existence of decent 1080p projectors for under $2000 may have affected sales of flagship plasmas.
  11. Ni no Kuni 2

    Can he get me a copy of persona 5 for ps3?
  12. Any Gamers from Punjab here..

    Hey its me, ur brother.
  13. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Americans and their insane deals. Makes me mad.