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  1. WWE 2K18

    Too bad the game will be crap and buy on deep discount level category.
  2. WWE 2K19

    Keep your hopes low.It will be yet another garbage game with same bugs and issues that these games have been facing since almost last 15 years.
  3. ~The TV Shows Thread~

  4. Shadow of The Tomb Raider

    Even if there was not one standout memorable moment in first two games,they were still very solid games throughout the entire SP campaign. Solid enough that they were almost praised universally and liked by most even though comparisons with UC was inevitable. Shadow will be great throughout as well even though again i don't think there will be any standout moments . Tomb raider series is a kind of game that you really enjoy while you're playing it but don't remember or recall much of it a few days after you're done with it. It doesn't have to be memorable to be good.
  5. Wrestling fans

    That was instant classic between Sunil Singh and Reigns! Now I'm not sure if Omega vs Okada is the greatest wrestling match anymore.
  6. The Last of Us 2

    Although i agree ,facing waves after waves of human enemies towards the end of the game felt a bit much.
  7. Wrestling fans

    Also watch Will Ospreay match.
  8. The Last of Us 2

    Would prefer less human enemies and more monster enemies in the final game.Previous game was brought down a little bit by too many human enemies in the 2nd half of the game.
  9. Death Stranding

    Which recent kojima games?
  10. Death Stranding

    This is going to be an epic game that's for sure.
  11. Control

    Boring.Juts like QB.
  12. Movie Discussion Thread

    Just saw Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. While it is a decently entertaining movie, its inferior to the 2014 movie. I'd give it a 6/10. They need to do much better than this for future movies.
  13. UFC (MMA) Thread

    Also CM Punk is on the card
  14. Just Cause 4

    None of those features mean a damn thing if the game is a broken mess at release.I've heard they still havent fixed JC3 on PS4 yet.