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  1. How about Tinkle Digest? I bought a few of them in raddi for nostalgia. Bought a few horror novels and scientific books on paranormal and ufo and aliens. Will post the names soon.
  2. Reading this thread and reviews the campaign seems to be great. Shame about the MP being dead though.
  3. Is this game still worth buying for the SP campaign for around 1500 bucks on PC? Also is MP active on PC?
  4. 7 way lol. Women's division ruined.
  5. Yeah exactly.Could be good as well.Hence reserve judgment until seen the movie.
  7. Kaunse angle ye Lara Croft hai? I won't judge until ive seen the movie but this seems like a bad casting choice.
  8. So this is the sequel to DBC17?
  9. I started the game last night.It has a little bit of Bioshock 1,Alien Isolation, Dead Space and Doom 3. So far im not annoyed by the blurring effect,i just played for 90 mins,hopefully it doesnt get too annoying.I heard the story is amazing in this game so hopefully that will keep me playing till the end.
  10. Yeah that moment with the blue whales and the shark dying were quite something. Really beautiful game with a thought provoking story behind it.
  11. Watched The Chamber. Pretty good movie. I doubt any of you might even have heard of this movie let alone watched it. Basically its a trapped in the submarine at the bottom of the ocean movie with 4 characters. I personally love such kind of movies. I'll give it a 7/10.
  12. Well I've only played 3. Blood money, Absolution and Hitman 2016 so among the three its my favorite.
  13. Previous iPhone models dropped in price,but still too expensive. 49k for iPhone 6S 128GB. Yes its still powerful but its also 2 yrs old.
  14. I finished all the missions including bonus missions.Game was great.I did all the missions only once so there is a lot of replay value left.This is no doubt the best hitman game,best graphics and gameplay.
  15. I just finished the game.Very short only 2 hours but game has a deep thought provoking story behind it.If you read this article,you will know the true meaning behind the story.