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  1. affordable

    Definitely OG crackdown vibes! Super fun in short bursts.
  2. That is highly likely. So what in my case where I already have the UC4 digital installed? (Hopefully they are smart enough to have 2 packages for SP, MP)
  3. When does the preload start?
  4. affordable

    He quit cause of the stuttering. Wanted to test it off stream to figure out the problem (either with streaming equipment or drivers)
  5. affordable

    TB Streaming Its pretty much crackdown as a baseline, so good new there. Has some framerate issues in certain areas on PC
  6. Nice! time for some bw shenanigans!
  7. *$10 million Also peaked out at 4.7 Million viewers on all platforms Kuro living the garbage man dream!
  8. affordable

    Preload is up. 23.8 GB (PC)
  9. Developer: Valve Software Platforms: PC, TBA Release Date: 2018
  10. Steam preload is up; 12.9GB
  11. YUSSS!!!! Atlus launched a teaser sign with the Persona 5 catchphrase “Take Your Heart” and the Arsene top hat logo. Below that, it reads Persona Q2 and Nintendo 3DS. That’s about it!
  12. Yea. 2 controllers. Its like fantasy fifa lite
  13. Its more intense in PvP. Solo is just plain boring