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  1. Great to see you guys try out such variety of titles.
  2. Finished watching After Life season 3. Really good season once again. Why oh why do they only have 6 episodes in it?
  3. Been playing this for a while now and as usual, going through each Island one step at a time. It's pretty much the same Far Cry we had before just with a different setting and some slightly new mechanics. It's good to finally have a protagonist who actually speaks and contributes to the overall narrative. Playing this in 60 frames and looking so dam good gives me great joy on this current generation of consoles. Also Dani singing to the radio tunes while driving was a very nice touch. This came out of nowhere and really adds to the travel immersion. Overall, having a lot of fun with this game.
  4. I wanted to try out Steph's DLC story as it seems to be a introduction to her character. The whole LARP episode was great.
  5. He's got a high end laptop now and won't succumb to such peasantry.
  6. For me, 2nd season was the absolute best. Perfect atmosphere and super gory kills. I didn't know season 4 was out, or even announced. Hope they get it on Netflix soon.
  7. If they (Ubisoft) bring their PC pricing model to console as well, then it's a hard pass from me. Not shelling out $15 or whatever it's Indian conversion equivalent is at the moment. The fact that it's neighbouring service is priced lower and has a much diverse bunch of games on it should be an indication to them to lower their price and/or provide a discounted yearly model. Else it doesn't have enough catalogue of games for me to stay on the service. The wise thing to do is what EA did and hop on the Game Pass train. There are people who are still commenting on their Twitter feed of how if it's a part of Game Pass and they literally have to clarify in every post that it's an independent sub.
  8. My brother managed to play the base PS4 game on the PS5 and I was in no mood to play the game, so decided to sell it off. I'll just end up buying the PS5 directors cut when it becomes dirt cheap and not have to go through all this upgrade drama.
  9. They are advertising it as Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass being Day 1. So it should be available on the Xbox App.
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