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  1. Just the usual mucking around; hunting, taking in the scenery, completing challenges, side tasks, singing camp songs etc.
  2. Finally moved out of chapter 2 after spending close to...ummm....God knows how much time in it. My stats so far: Decided to update my look a bit:
  3. Having fun with the game so far. Plays so much better in 60fps.
  4. It absolutely isn't worth anywhere near 4.5K. I'm surprised that TVs and monitors these days are just doing away with basic audio out ports. I mean a headphone jack should be mandatory IMO. A lot of people still rely on them.
  5. Then yeah, essentially, you'd need something that would split the HDMI audio from your PS5 and connect to your speakers. The link you posted has a perfect pictorial representation of how each input and output is connected appropriately, the second image specifically from the top shows you how the devices need to be arranged. I used to browse around eBay back in the day for these kinds of connectors and you'd really find some cheap and decent ones on it. Unfortunately, Amazon is a true rip-off hub for these kind of rare devices.
  6. Where do you intend to route your audio output? Home theater or regular 2.1 speakers?
  7. Assuming there is no 3.5mm headphone jack in your monitor either, then you'd probably need some alternative audio routing device likes this:
  8. Ethan_Hunt

    Elden Ring

    She's probably Tifa under that hood.
  9. More Borderlands is always welcome. Tiny Tina's DLC was the best DLC from Borderlands 2. Let's see how this one turns out.
  10. Yeah I'm a bit surprised that even though it's a part of Warner Bros roster they haven't placed it (and a lot of other Hanna Barbera cartoons) on HBO MAX. It's available on Amazon US & Google Play US to buy and stream. The show only had 2 seasons as the creator said that the network felt like it had too much violence back then and canned it. But they can easily revive it now. A lot of the Power Zone shows from Cartoon Network back is the day has huge potential to either be ported in HD or be remade.
  11. Orko's part looked great; looks bad-a*s. The animation is really slick. Hope it has a lot more than just 8-10 eps. Man I wish they rebooted G.I Joe and Swat Kats this way. Probably Centurions too.
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