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  1. Yep, working them into your combos seamlessly is a sign of efficiently using the weapon. But the foresight slash feels immensely satisfying when pulled off correctly and the Iai spirit slash is truly weeb-mode counter and badass. Spot on! Melee weapons always allows you to be close to the target monster while bowguns can shoot from a good distance. Even with my spread 3, all I'm doing is just spamming R2 and release for guard to do it thing. With the Dual Blades and LS I have to be on guard every time to evade out of an incoming attack. In the words of Kiryu-chan
  2. Oh trust me, once you start doing these Teo runs, you'll practically be swimming in dual and single rare gems. I used to alternate between this and the Guiding lands for it to not get repetitive. Single Agitator, Crit eye and Attack Boost are some of the extremely rare gems in the game but the combination ones should be easily obtainable once you start these deco runs. I was also practicing Longsword a few days back and I see why this is the most popular weapon on the polls. Deals heavy damage, extremely mobile and wide reach. I couldn't manage the timings on the foresight slash for the life of me. It's honestly a treat to watch the people that master this weapon and unleash it's true potential. It's like watching a swing dance.
  3. In other news, I finally managed to get my Expert Jewel +4 not once but twice in the same day. I already had the 2 which Capcom had provided for free prior to this but these are the first ones I legitimately farmed and finally sealed off all my rare jewel collection.
  4. Yeah some of the folks are absolutely spectacular and well coordinated when it comes to siege fights. Always good to send them friend request or a squad request to probably meet up with them later if possible. Also, quick tip of you're running low on dracolites. Each Safi fight you complete, you'll end up picking up some random weapon. If you're never going to use it, just exchange it with the elder melder who will give you dracolites in exchange for it.
  5. Depends on the augments you'd need. I'd stick with Tundra, Volcanic & Coral at level 7.
  6. Yep, just ran a search and found out. Pointless to be honest unless you just want to try it out. Seems like there taking the Microsoft route on this one.
  7. Apna bhi August 2022 tak set hain. But want to wait for another deal to stack up and year or two more.
  8. Yep, that build looks perfect. Got all the essential stuff. You can stick more partbreaker jewels on the Glider mantle+. This mantle has the lowest cooldown time, so you should have it one on most of the hunt along with temporal mantle, which is a must. TCS openings are mostly when he's knocked down, tied down by the one-shot binder or para'd (if you're palico has a paralysis weapon). Till Safi gets back, craft the Alatreon or Raging Brachy GS and practice with them. You should be able to pull it off even without that Safi GS.
  9. Excellent, going to binge this season soon.
  10. I used to do the same when gaming on PC. However, for Xbox one controller, I always went with the wired solution. 3rd party bluetooth pairing was shite on the PC and I was not going to put down more dough for that stupid MS wireless receiver. Hope you have already tested the Series X's wireless capabilities and if it works well, then Eneloop is the way to go. Else, I'd stick with wired and just get a regular full length USB cable to avoid any lags/disconnection. Also, I believe the controller needs to be connected via USB if you need to make any profile changes/firmware update via Xbox App (customer button mapping etc.).
  11. Yep, a wallbang when he's on all fours will net you the highest damage. Be careful though, when he drops after a flinch, it's a pin on the hunter. So if you don't maintain distance, you'll get pinned to the ground and take a huge damage. The wide cone breath is where you'll have the best window for full head attack, slinger burst to TCS (if on GS) or Helm breaker (LS). With GS, you'll need quick sheath and evade window. Try a Frostcraft build if possible. See if you can add a few levels of divine blessing, it will save you in some tight situation, once it procs. Hind legs are independent. Chest are is pretty large, so the hitbox is very easy and can't be missed when he stand upright on his hindlegs. Clutch claw and tenderize and you'll see the full chest area that you can deal damage on. Wings, tail and fore legs can't be tenderized; wings can be broken (but not worth it). Yep, augments and fire resistance can make the fight a bit bearable. Even with 1K+ defense, it still hits like a truck. You can get the Great Spiritvein gem (GSG) tempered Ruiner Nergi's quest 'Ode to Destruction' or something like that. It's a guaranteed 1 GSG at least. Can't remember it's MR requirement, but can't be higher than MR100, so that's the best quest if you need GSG; small area + spread 3 = insta-win. Yeah I know. People were really annoyed when it got released and had such low MR requirement. You should have seen the SoS situations back then; it was cart-ville center, left, right & round.
  12. It's an optional boss, so don't worry. All raid bosses in any Borderlands game are always optional. I remember playing this with our group back when the DLC was released and we did 2 full playthroughs to reach max level and even then, the raid boss was insane. I remember reading up every single strategy and moveset for this boss at my workplace. The DLCs are fun on their own, so you can just skip this battle and enjoy the rest. Hopefully, you have the Handsome Collection on the PS4 as it was the complete package for Borderlands 2 and Borderlands The Pre-Sequel.
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