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  1. Combat demo out now. Downloading on Steam first.
  2. I've played all their previous games and this was the only one remaining. I'm assuming the game still has the 30 frames lock on consoles, which is such a shame.
  3. Holy Sh*t! Legendary month. Time to try Quarry out.
  4. Ethan_Hunt

    Persona 5

    Ah, then it makes sense. The recent one had all the DLCs and that 100K bonus. Yeah that's the standard texts you'll always get from them. However, if you're very close to the deadline, Morgana warns you with a different dialogue or at least that's what someone told me when I started the game.
  5. Ethan_Hunt

    Persona 5

    That's odd. I didn't have any previous save file and still got it. Is this Persona 5 Royal for PS4 or the newly released PS5 version? On the final day you mean prior to the deadline? As for the treasure chest you missed, don't worry, nothing too important would be there in the early game that you can't make up for later.
  6. In what sense? The gameplay? Atmosphere?
  7. Please tell me someone remembers this track. Used to have epic LAN sessions and this track was in DM Turbine map was the ultimate rush.
  8. Ethan_Hunt

    Persona 5

    I believe in Royal, Morgana warns you once you're close to the deadline and you'll also keep receiving text from your party members asking you to head to the palace. It's fine if you want to build your social links for a week after receiving the initial deadline. Just keep the final week reserved to complete your palace activities. In the early game, there is very less benefit to putting off the palace completion ASAP as the Personas are pretty low level and your fusions will have better effect once you reach the second palace and get the hang of the mechanics. So it's a thumb rule to always complete the palace upon receiving the deadline and work on your social activities in the free time to boost up your confidants and other stats. Did you get the 100K Yen from your room's box? It's a decent sum as a part of the starter pack. You can buy some healing items from Takemi's clinic (once she unlocks on 18th April).
  9. Ethan_Hunt

    Atomic Heart

    Finally, some decent requirements for PC and good console performance mode options. Forwoken's performance had really boggled my mind.
  10. Man watching it (RDR) run at 4K 60fps on Xenia feels like the proper remaster we always wanted. Just need sell your kidney to afford an RTX4090.
  11. Ethan_Hunt

    Persona 5

    That is totally understandable and exactly something that my brother does. He waits for me to completed an RPG and uses the NG+ option to carry my save over. In that case, this game has a perfect option for you. Pick the 'Safety' difficulty and it will essentially just revive you with full health and MP if you ever die during any battle, with the enemies health being where it was when you died. You can just have fun cruising along the combat with this mode.
  12. Ethan_Hunt

    Persona 5

    Ah I see. Don't get me wrong, that's just how I'm wired and usually tend to over prepare for some reason. You don't have to follow it to that extent.
  13. Ethan_Hunt

    Persona 5

    I just XP farmed the hell out of the below and got to level 12 with all my party before taking on Kamoshida. You'll need to pay attention to fusion later down the line when you start raking in more personas. Essentially, it's combining different variety of personas to get your a newer one which has allows some combination traits and some new ones. They will give you more skills to play around with, so keep experimenting with them to form powerful ones. At the start, it's fine to just go with the normal ones that you gain along the journey. Whatever you do, DO NOT use the DLC personas, they are crazy overpowered and broken. This game offers a very deep combat mechanic if players choose to explore to the very end and it's very rewarding.
  14. Ethan_Hunt

    Persona 5

    You need to wrap it up within that deadline. You can access it at any point during that. Personally, I'd complete every palace within the first 2-3 days, this allowed time to freely focus on the remaining social activities.
  15. They removed the page. Just keep this bookmarked and when you click on the banner, it should re-direct you the the console page (when in stock). https://www.amazon.in/b?ie=UTF8&node=21725163031
  16. Title update 4 is live now on Steam & Switch. Patch notes here: https://www.monsterhunter.com/rise-sunbreak/update/en-uk/ver14_00_00.html Also people who had registered for the Velkhana layered armour by creating a Capcom ID, please check your Email for the code.
  17. Didn't we already get a demo for this?
  18. This reminds me when I used to play those Technos games in my childhood on NES and got some cartridge with full Japanese text. Didn't understand sh*t, me but that didn't stop me & my friend co-op'ing it by just pressing random buttons, selecting our players and trashing the mobs. We would make up our own Hindi dialogue based on the characters gestures; good f*ckin times! No Ichi unfortunately. https://www.thegamer.com/like-a-dragon-ishin-yakuza-ichiban-not-in-fit-beliefs/
  19. If the disc region ID doesn't match with the digital version then the save would be incompatible. The easiest way to check this would be to let the digital game creats a save file on your console. Then have both the save files (previous one and the current) copied to a USB drive. Plug that flash drive into your PC and check the title IDs of both save files. If they are different, then it won't work.
  20. Was the PS4 version that you played on also the same digital version or was it a different copy?
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