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  1. Never played any of 'em. I think I briefly tried Machine for Pigs, but didn't really like the gameplay mechanic, so dropped it. Had heard good reviews for the first game back when it released and a friend of mine kept raving about it.
  2. They already have given this as their PS+ free title earlier and also added it to PSNow this month.
  3. They did add it. Saw it yesterday in the 'Recently added' tab.
  4. Crap! Already played San Andreas. Wish it would have been Vice City.
  5. https://store.rockstargames.com/en/game/buy-grand-theft-auto-the-trilogy-the-definitive-edition PC version pre-order prices at Rs. 4994.99/- only.
  6. as in the lack of manual saves was the deal breaker?
  7. All Amons just bit the dust. It's a good thing I decided to complete all those IF7-R simulation matches for all the characters (which was a challenge in itself). You'd need the heat gauge boost and it's subsequent upgrades to take these SOBs on. Tanimura was totally saved by the Sacred Tree Armour. I really struggled with Jo Amon and died twice on it but finally figured out a heat move technique which worked perfectly. I think these Amons were much easier compared to say the ones from Yakuza 0. The main reason being the insane amount of HP levels they had in 0 was crazy, not to mention the absurd amount of attacks. Nevertheless, such a satisfying end to this great game.
  8. Ethan_Hunt

    God of War

    Honestly, IMO if you have a PS5, you wouldn't need to double dip. It already looks great and plays perfectly. For PS4 users, it would probably make sense seeing as how this game was notorious for heating up the console like crazy. I still remember how awful the noise was when playing this and Monster Hunter. It was so weird playing a God of War game on 30 frames.
  9. Ethan_Hunt

    God of War

    They have Nixxes and Bluepoint now that can handle the remasters/remakes. If the plan is just to bring their crème de la crème titles, then they'd need to space it out significantly as they'd run out of it rather quickly. They won't risk bringing PS5 exclusives early, so if they are really serious in PC investment, they'd need to revive some last generation titles. We never know how receptive the PC audience will be to what's considered niche or even B-tier titles per Sony's studio standards. Then again, the point on financial viability that Ank mentioned also comes to light considering how much time and resources need to be put into a franchises porting efforts. If they can gather more porting resources, it could be doable. It's a good testing phase at the moment to see how the PC users are adopting these 2-3 year old titles. If it's above their expectations, then it provides a window of opportunity to ramp this up. They are facing a lot of competition now in terms of gaming accessibility with cloud and mobile markets invading the scene. This is a good time to diversify and branch out to a new audience.
  10. Ethan_Hunt

    God of War

    I said the entire Sony library, which encompasses Playstation 3 as well. There are still a lot of games from that era which have the potential to be ported which enhanced visuals and still haven't aged as badly as the rest. The ones they are releasing are their premium best selling titles. They still have a lot more in their arsenal from the PS4 library. Off the top of my head; Shadow of Colossus remake, The Last of Us franchise, The order 1886, Gravity Rush series, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Gran Turismo, Killzone Shadowfall, Until Dawn, inFamous second son and first light, Ratchet & Clank etc. They can easily bank on these titles and if they do decide to port some of their older generation exclusives at a good prices, those still can be spaced out over a period of time and they can make money off it.
  11. Ethan_Hunt

    God of War

    It's a decent strategy to include a neutral platform for release. It's not like PC gamers who never intended to buy a console would suddenly get swayed by all these releases and run to get a console. At this point, I don't know if such a crowd even exists given the absurd PC hardware prices and they'd probably have at least one current gen console. Regardless, they (PC gamers) will at least get a taste of Sony exclusives without the need of buying the console. Some of the PC gamers I know have waited for the console's life cycle to end, buy it at a decent price, play just the major exclusives and sell it off. So they don't really want to be a part of the console eco system, just want to try out the exclusives. For the people who are already attached to console gaming, this move shouldn't even make a difference. It's not like they have released the entire Sony library on the PC, these exclusives hardly make up even a fraction of the entire line-up. They cherry picked these titles to show the absolute best visual and technical fidelity to the PC market. I think it's one of the reasons why they didn't bother releasing the previous Uncharted games or the original God of War saga titles as some of them would feel very dated. I'd say Spider-Man would probably be next and of course the fan favourite Bloodborne. It's win-win for Sony. Salty fans are already loosing their minds on Twitter, which is a cesspool now anyway. So no point in holding onto emotional exclusive attachment.
  12. Thanks man! 'For Faith' is such an amazing track. I heard it even before I played the 4th game. My brother is a huge Yakuza fan too and he had played all previous titles before me, so he showed me this track as I was about to start this game. The instrumental version during the finale was just fantastic. It's even present in the Western releases intro and is surprisingly not in the Japanese intro. Hidenori Shoji is a genius when it comes to his guitar riff based tracks. I mean at this point it feels like he could compose track for this series in his sleep and still be absolutely terrific at it. Mad respect to him. True be told, after reading all this, it makes me want to play this game even more. But, if I do, and I manage to get all invested and complete it, I'll need a massive break to play 6. I think it's mainly because the 4th game turned out to be so much more than I expected that it's hard to wrap my head around it's completion. I just have the Amon's to wrap up and then it will be a closure for me. Now that I look back on the time crunch RGG studios would have been under back then, I still don't understand how they managed to pull this off. They had 2 releases lined up for 2012; Binary Domain and Yakuza 5. The amount of content to deliver in Yakuza 5 itself would have been a mammoth task, but watching the studio deliver on the promise is terrific.
  13. What the? I think we have hive minds or something. I started Alien Isolation yesterday.
  14. Have you started 5 yet?
  15. Hahah! I love that line, might want to wrap it up in spoilers though. I'm clearing few activities off the checklist and then I'll be done. This game is still lingering in my mind and I'm not sure if I should just take a break or say "f*ck it!" and fire up Yakuza 5. It's staring right at me on the Xbox dashboard.
  16. Ethan_Hunt

    Days Gone

    Fellas, just installed this game. Just to check real quickly, is there anything that is missable post the completion of the main storyline? Side activities? Collectibles etc?
  17. Finished 4 yesterday and man I'm lost for words, easily the best finale set-up since 0. I loved Kiwami 2, but the whole build up with these 4 characters, their backstories, the tie in with previous titles and it's overall pacing was just next level stuff. Overall, I'm really glad I didn't rush through this one and took my time with it. Clock 65 hours (I think) with all sub-stories done for each character, going to do the Amon one soon. So anyone playing this title, please don't skip the sub-stories.
  18. Nope, just works normally as PSN+ does. I never said bad, but just go through that 400+ list and realistically tell me, how many of them are you actually going to play. If you feel like all of those 400+ games are top tier with no numbered titles, then you'd need to revisit the list. Just by looking at the current list, you have those NASCAR, LEGO, F1, NBA 2K games & finally WWE. That ties into your copy-paste debate. Here's a full master list of titles added to Game Pass till date and even upcoming titles coming to the service day 1. So there is a roadmap with the potential of more games being randomly added and possible first party titles being permanently added if they make further studio acquisitions. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kspw-4paT-eE5-mrCrc4R9tg70lH2ZTFrJOUmOtOytg/edit#gid=2019069146 You'd have to ask that questions to the horde of people that end up investing their time and effort into those games. For you, it's pick up a gun and shoot, for others, it might be a massively fun co-op, PVP, PVE experience. It's like asking why is Call of Duty so popular, or Fortnite or pick any other MP shooter you'd want. That statement itself is so generic that it nullifies any validity/popularity of multiplayer shooter genre. Halo is their prized possession since the birth of the original Xbox, so it's rather obvious they will continue it's legacy. Battlefield has been EAs trump card for a long time now and Destiny 2 has a very active MP scene. So it's no surprise they'd have it on their platform. Regardless of how you feel about these set of games, we cannot blame Microsoft for having them on their service and people actively playing and enjoying them. They had lagged behind on the Japanese games scene back in their 360 days, but not now. They have come to good terms with a lot of the major Japanese developers/publishers thus allowing for a lot more scope of niche titles like Yakuza finally arriving on their console. You can see tons of games from Capacom also making their list, DMC 5 had hit Game Pass mere months after it's release. Square Enix has practically granted them almost their entire catalogue. We can probably expect Nier Replicant on it as well.
  19. PS Now has 800+ title almost evenly split between PS3 and PS4 titles. They have so much garbage filler in there that you can't even imagine. I have this service on my Playstation and I can tell you, there is only a handful of PS4 titles worth the effort right now. The fact that it's not even officially available in India itself is a huge letdown. It's not a bad service by any stretch, for the yearly price, it's actually a dam good service. However, we're not judging by the quantity of titles, but the quality of the ones being added. Game Pass has a diverse roster and you can find that PS Now is just catching up with that list, Nier Automata, RDR2, Streets of Rage 4 etc, these have been on Game Pass for a long time now. Xbox also has the advantage of having the Xbox Series X patched titles and native Xbox Series games being added to the service, while PS Now hasn't got that yet. Both services have their fair share of unwanted titles (perhaps for us but not for everyone), you just need to get used to having them for it to claim a larger library.
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