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  1. IMO, it's good, but it's nowhere close to the hostess club mini-game from Zero & even Kiwami 2. Even the sub-stories involving all the hostesses were fantastic in Zero. It's disappointing that in this business management mini-game, you're capped at 3 Million from each shareholder meeting regardless of how much you have upgraded your properties. They should have really made some variation in that aspect based on the overall performance. Considering how much the weapon upgrades/armour crafting costs right now, grinding this mini-game endlessly would be rather boring.
  2. It's funny that this system still exists and even worse, it gets applied to the save files. If there are multiple SKUs for a specific game, it becomes increasingly difficult to match the respective DLC content if you ought to switch the disc/account region. It's a good thing that Xbox did away with this stupidity from the Xbox one generation. If I remember correctly, back in the 360 days, they had those NTSC, PAL & Region free coding. I'm surprised now that you can practically buy the disc from any region and it doesn't matter which region your account is based in, it will automatically match the save files and the DLCs. I'm assuming Sony still needs this archaic system to address regional censorship or similar content alteration.
  3. Forget that being weird. The fact that you can't even purchase the remastered copy separately via the store itself is a joke. It's tied to that stupid path where you need to buy the Miles Morales Ultimate Edition to get the code. WTH? Why would you want to do that? I understand if you didn't want to give a free upgrade option to PS4 GOTY edition owners, but at least give them an upgrade path from there instead of having to buy that dumb-a*s ultimate edition.
  4. So would our Day-1 pre-orders would be the biggest drop? I do remember most of us here got it on that day, if not all. For Xbox, I know for sure it would be the drop on 21st December that literally lasted for close to 2 days.
  5. I mean this literally feels like the EA Vault thing on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which has a pretty good catalog on it's own, but the Premium service is available on PC with all the bells and whistles. If the service is named Ubisoft+ classics, you'd need classic titles to be added to the list. They can keep the latest launch titles with DLCs to their main Ubisoft+ service.
  6. Not bad at all. It has both South Park Games and older Far Cry titles. Hope they add the older Assassin's Creed titles and it will be a good win down the line.
  7. "Ubisoft+ Classics will launch bundled with the PlayStation Plus Extra or PlayStation Plus Premium subscription tiers on May 24 in Asia (June 2 in Japan), June 13 in North and South America, and June 23 in Europe. For more details, visit www.playstation.com/Plus. To learn more about some of the games available on Ubisoft+ Classics, check out The Crew 2’s newest season, a look inside Far Cry’s villains, or Ubisoft’s strange history of cat boats." Hang on, so are all the games listed on Ubi's blog will be part of the PS+ Extra and Premium tiers?
  8. Hope they run some yearly discount thing for new subscribers at the launch of this service.
  9. Hot dayum! Can't wait for this season.
  10. Probably buy a used Xbox one copy off Gamenation for 899 and sell it off later once done.
  11. Why not get it back on the PS4? It's currently going for Rs. 299/- in Golden week sale.
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions! I'm on chapter 5 right now and it's been fine so far and not much complexity in the mechanics. I'm sticking with the Japanese VO as I can't imagine playing a Yakuza game with English VO now. Can I ask why should grinding be avoided before chapter 12? Is it because of the Sotenbori arena providing a faster (and thereby efficient) means to level up? I'm having fun beating random thugs from all over Yokohama. I wish there was a way to check the level of the enemies prior to actually getting into a battle with them. For instance, I went into Koreatown when I was pretty low level and saw a level 2 threat rating on the mini-map, I figured it would be manageable, but ended up getting my arse kicked (I was level 7 and the mob was level 13). I have notice that a 1-2 level difference is slightly acceptable in the encounters, but anything beyond that takes a massive hit on the HP. For now, all my party is at level 17 and bought a few weapons for the party from random shops to give them a slight edge. This wasn't even up for debate. Going through all of them as and when they open up and only leaving the ones which require heavy monetary investment till I get some cash from the management mini-game. Got Nancy chan, the sub story was hilarious and reminded me of the chicken sub-story from Yakuza 0. A lot of them feel re-hased from Zero. Aye. Nanba is my current healer. Saeko just joined the party, so just going through her skill-set. I haven't paid attention to the jobs yet and have been cruising around on their default ones as I didn't find the option to switch yet. What's a good recommendation? I'm a barely scarping through at the moment and have some around 60K in the ATM, but yeah I found that tip while my brother was playing through the game. Manually saving like crazy all the time. Just waiting to rake up the monies to try out all the good stuff. Do you have to do this every time you meet a new member? I see the bond bar going up but there seems to be some cap on it. I only did that with Adachi seeing as it was the introduction to the bonding system. I am just waiting for it to be unlocked and will go ballistic on it. BTW can you max it out in chapter 5 itself or do I need to progress in the story to get some boost with this system?
  13. Thanks man! Download is already complete. Will start it tonight. I'll probably try Judgement later but I thought I'd at least try this (LAD) style of gameplay for once and see if I'm any good at it.
  14. I finally managed to complete the Kiryu saga today (write up planned in it's respective thread) and planning to start Like a Dragon. This is the first time I'm going full mental to play 3 Yakuza titles back to back. Started out with 5, finished 6 and albeit my hesitation, I'd like to give Like a Dragon a fair shot. My main question to all you experts out here is what tips do you have for embracing the turn-based JRPG combat system? As someone who absolutely loathes this type of combat style, how difficult is it to learn the basics from this game? How deep is the system compared to other in this genre? I'll be honest and mention that my only foray into remotely playing this type of gameplay would be with the South Park games, which I believe were quite rudimentary. So bearing that in mind, what exactly should be my approach for this game?
  15. All you peeps facing drift issues, is that will all the games or just few random titles?
  16. Done with Yakuza 5. I had wrapped up the main storyline a week back and managed to complete all the sub stories, side stories, maxed out all characters, hostess stories and Master trainings in Premium adventure. Beat the Amon last night and ooh boy, it was a breeze for almost every character except Kiryu. He always seems to get the most annoying Amon in every game. Glad it's over now. I'll just say this very briefly that I was disappointed with the main storyline of this game; it was so convoluted, underwhelming and dragged out. In fact, I'll be honest and say that everything I mentioned above that I did apart from the main storyline had me more engaged and invested in the game. The amount of content this game offered was insane. I mean this is the first game that has a main storyline and sub stories, but they went a step further and added side stories, which essentially have their own mini-main storylines and connected side missions. I know it's feels very complex as I'm framing them, but believe me, as soon as you start playing them, you'll understand what I mean. In conclusion, I think the main storyline was average and forgettable (possibly the weakest in the Remastered collection), but everything else was really good. I'm going to instantly move onto Yakuza 6 now as I need to finish Kiryu's saga; it's been long overdue. First time playing Yakuza tittles back-to-back, wish me luck.
  17. When they say it's "not for them", it's very clearly said from a financial standpoint for their exclusives. For Microsoft, that would be chump change in a bid to gain a broader subscriber base, hook them to the service and get them addicted to it. With Microsoft's acquisitions, it would build confidence in existing (and prospective) subscribers that they will have a host of catalogue ready for them day-1 and for the entirety of the subscription's duration. Sony hasn't even commented on the duration of their exclusive content being on their new tier service. Just throwing around 700+ games boast is not something I'm interested in. The quality of the titles in it will ultimately determine it's worth. Streaming hasn't even launched in India, so we're sh*t out of luck with the PS3 titles. They have a good first party PS4 catalogue which can be leveraged and 3rd party next generation upgraded titles for the PS5 owners can be added.
  18. Except it's not. They may be culturally different, but once Eastern companies enter into the Western markets, they'd need to alter part of their approach to cater to the respective market and/or adapt to market trends. A very simple example would be when PSN launched initially, it was free. They pretty much emulated XBL's Gold strategy, turned it into Playstation+ and started charging consumers. Even now, Sony saw how immensely popular Game Pass as as service is and decided to modify their own subscription service into various tiers. These are all business decisions and nothing to do with culture, same goes for Day-1 releases. If it's not financially viable for the company to take that hit, then it's pretty evident they won't go down that road.
  19. Correct. Their 3rd party offering is very strong and most of them (if not all) stay on the service for a long time. The logic is simple, keep people hooked with the 3rd party library while they continue to work with their first party build up. With their massive studio expansions, the service would have a broader appeal considering the influx of titles they'd offer from Activision/Blizzards catalogue.
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