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  1. If I'm not mistaken this got a 4K update right? or was it the Left 4 Dead games?
  2. I'm surprised they are taking the time to even respond to these dumbarse Twitter trolls. I mean this is a developer who has been pushing the visual boundaries since the early PS2 days. Graphics is the last thing we'd have to worry about.
  3. Games leaving by the end of this month: AI: The Somnium Files Astria Ascending Dandy Ace Going Under Lemnis Gate Slime Rancher Subnautica: Below Zero The Procession to Cavalry Unsighted Visage
  4. It's like Souls game on acid. The game definitely has a steep learning curve in terms of it's difficulty. Almost every Team Ninja game has punishing level of difficulty till you master it's combat. I tried the demo and I died so many times with just general mobs but that's mainly because my standard hack-n-slash muscle memory kicks in. You'll need to get the rhythm down to ace it and definitely get better at parrying; be it this game or Nioh collection.
  5. Thanks! I got it installed last night and runs perfectly on the Series X. I'm not an anime fan, but will definitely try it out for the story. The English VA is really good on this one.
  6. Just curious, you have played and completed this game right?
  7. IMO, it's the best one since Black Flag. Combine it with all the DLC, and you're in for one heck of a ride. Definitely recommended from my side.
  8. I'm actually planning to try this out after I'm done with Iki expansion of Ghost of Tsushima. It's either this or Immortals Feynx Rising. Need a light and fund game to play after the doom and gloom setting of Tsushima. I had started this back on PS3, but never got to deep into it as I didn't take the time to understand the combat mechanics. Now that I've played Like a Dragon, I think I somewhat understand how the turn-based system functions. Hope this isn't too complex later on.
  9. Flippin' Heck, they have summons from LAD.
  10. Man if they'd have given the ability to port our PC save to console for this game, I'd have re-downloaded this instantly.
  11. Just finished the main game and got the Platinum trophy. How is the Legends mode? Is it a story based co-op? PvP? PvE? Can anything in it be done solo? If yes, how difficult is it? Thank you!
  12. It's like I'm having a deja vu of visiting the same threads. What's with the sudden hard-on for Fedual Japan setting? Good thing their releases are all spread out. What engine is this game using? Unreal?
  13. So wait, why does this game not get the visual quality like the FFVII Remake?
  14. Amazing trailer. Definitely looking forward to playing this one. Will probably do so at the end of December though.
  15. F*ck yeah! Never thought they'd remake the thing and would instead make a remaster clubbing it with Kenzan and Dead Souls.
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