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  1. Didn't we already get a demo for this?
  2. This reminds me when I used to play those Technos games in my childhood on NES and got some cartridge with full Japanese text. Didn't understand sh*t, me but that didn't stop me & my friend co-op'ing it by just pressing random buttons, selecting our players and trashing the mobs. We would make up our own Hindi dialogue based on the characters gestures; good f*ckin times! No Ichi unfortunately. https://www.thegamer.com/like-a-dragon-ishin-yakuza-ichiban-not-in-fit-beliefs/
  3. If the disc region ID doesn't match with the digital version then the save would be incompatible. The easiest way to check this would be to let the digital game creats a save file on your console. Then have both the save files (previous one and the current) copied to a USB drive. Plug that flash drive into your PC and check the title IDs of both save files. If they are different, then it won't work.
  4. Was the PS4 version that you played on also the same digital version or was it a different copy?
  5. F*ck! That knife counter 0:17 was amazing.
  6. I would fall into that camp. Well not angry per se, but more annoyed with that direction. Even after completing Like a Dragon, I don't find the style particularly appealing. I'd rather enjoy a free flowing brawler combat to turn based any given day. They can keep this style in their Like a Dragon series, but retain the original form in these spin-off titles. I somehow feel the 0's engine had much more amazing combat styles and much more impactful heat move executions than the Dragon engine. It's weird they chose Unreal Engine 4 for this one and something feels off. Nevertheless, very excited for this game and hope they give Kenzan a Kiwami treatment too.
  7. The voice actor or the face model? The latter is different.
  8. This looks bloody fantastic. Hope they got rid of those stick wiggles to break free and sh*t. Looks like QTEs are gone, what a relief!
  9. Seriously, people really need to learn how to make trailers. We're not asking for movie summary in 2 mins, just the basic plot. Even with that, I still had fun. The concept in itself was nothing new at all but the execution was very well done. It looks like they are already planning on a sequel.
  10. Saw M3GAN last night. Superb movie, loved it. Very creepy and entertaining till the end. I like movies like these where it's has a decent runtime and the pacing is just perfect.
  11. On the final episode of Warrior season 2. Dam, what a show! Episode 9 dialed all the action to a 11. Can't wait for season 3.
  12. For me, it was Saeko, Han & Zhao. Saeko being Idol, Han was Host & Zhao being Gangster. You'll need to beef up your party pretty well before you head in there. I'd strongly recommend getting a skill called 'Fulminating Forecast' for everyone in your party except Saeko (male job only). It's an AOE lightning spell (with chance of inflicting paralysis) and the tower has so many enemies weak to either Lightning or Ice. Also, complete the business management mini-game to ensure you get the Orbital laser, which is Kasuga's highest damaging magic attack and costs a ton of MP to cast. You'll have to grind the Kamurocho underground like there's no tomorrow; so be prepared for that. Lastly, you'll need a summon called 'Mr. Masochist' obtained from a side story which provides the absolute crucial defense from Amon's orbital laser attack, else consider it game over for your party. This is the best guide I've seen for it. Follow it to the 'T' and you'll be fine. I had maxed out everyone and every single weapon/job, still the tips from this fella were really good and doesn't require leveling insanely like I did.
  13. Ethan_Hunt

    Persona 5

    Nope. I completed it without any prior knowledge. Just go in blind and you'll have a lot of fun. I would recommend checking the requirements to unlocking the third semester though as it has the final portion of Royal's storyline and probably the best ending in my opinion. I was doing a full achievement run in a single playthrough, so had to use a guide to be on point with the schedule, but it's not really necessary. You'll easily pick up the gameplay loop once you progress further into the storyline.
  14. You get the below menu for Power options that you can set. 'Sleep' is essentially Rest mode equivalent and as you can see from the description it supports those respective features while in that mode. 'Energy saving' is basically a normal shutdown. I just stick to this as I normally switch all my electronics off from the main power socket when I'm done.
  15. EDIT: Already posted the subtitles bit by Bird Bird Bird.
  16. According to today's Twitter trend, so does everyone else.
  17. I tried to sell my Spider-Man PS4 disc a few years back and they said that it didn't install and kept giving some read error, which was odd, as I had tested it prior to being sent. I asked them to send it back and they charged Rs.100. Got it back and tested it on my PS5 and it was working perfectly fine. Sold it to Gamenation without any hassle. Wonder what these guys tested it on? EDIT: Please ignore the above. I re-checked this with my brother and it was actually Gamenation that we had tried to sell it to and they had it returned; it wasn't Gameloot. My honest apologies for the names being mixed up.
  18. Yus. It will be free for everyone who has access to the game. Yup, very much so. I'd say the main story campaign is pretty good for one playthrough and I'd also advise playing the War of Wakanda storyline as it has the best final boss battle. Kate Bishop & Hawkeye's storylines are pretty decent too. Haven't played for over a year now, so I'd probably re-install it once they unlock the whole marketplace and hope the final update allows the Raid battles to be permanently available to unlock higher tier gear. Also wanted to see Jane Foster's character along with Winter Soldier. Those are the only two I haven't touched yet.
  19. R.I.P Avengers! At least they'll give out all their marketplace cosmetics for free after the final patch on 31st March 2023.
  20. Do come back once you complete Tifa's pull-up's section and once the rage has subsided.
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