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  1. But the compression is still sh*t though right? or has it improved? My subscription ended last December and didn't bother renewing it.
  2. 'Sup man, how's it going? Hope you're keeping safe. I'm still lurking around here, but not much posting going on. Intend to catch up with all that's been going around here.
  3. Ethan_Hunt

    Mafia III

    You just need to gain the perk from Burke that will make it much easier for all your car problems. The initial phase of the game is woefully slow, especially if you aim to complete everything in the game. I know it took me quite a while to clean out the entire collectibles on the map. I agree with the side missions aspect. They should have really made some meaningful quests instead of the repetitive area capturing charade that it makes you go through. Thankfully, the DLCs aren't structured this way and they are much more straightforward.
  4. Not officially, no. But if that reddit download size photo is anything to go by, then we should expect it to be around 78GB.
  5. Wrapping up the final Episode of 'The Fate of Atlantis' DLC for Assassin's Creed Odyssey.
  6. Ethan_Hunt

    Mafia III

    It's been a really long time since I completed the game, but if memory serves, you need to manually need to head out to Cassandra and collect it from her. However, later on in the game, you'll get a perk (from Vito) which will make it significantly easier to collect the kickback money without having to physically visit that location.
  7. Get 3 Months Of Xbox Game Pass For Only $10 https://www.gamespot.com/articles/get-3-months-of-xbox-game-pass-very-cheap-right-no/1100-6460516/
  8. Xbox Live Gold 1 Year sub for $40.00/2,666.00 INR https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/xbox-live-gold/cfq7ttc0k5dj/000G
  9. Ethan_Hunt

    Destiny 2

    The PC version on CDkeys is up for $6.69. Worth it?
  10. Finally 100% done with the base game and 'the Hidden Ones' DLC. Per the checklist: In addition to the above, got all the Papyrus puzzles too. Would have clocked close to 78 hours or so. I enjoyed the game for what it offered. Story-wise it was average. But the visual quality, good Lord, it was on a whole other level. Especially, on the PC, at 'Very High' settings, it looked absolutely brilliant. The gameplay was hit or miss to be honest with some of the skill tree investments being absolutely worthless. Throughout my playthrough, I didn't use a single smoke bomb, sleep dart or even poison an enemy. So those secondary skills were a complete waste for me. The ranged bow options were enough to take out an entire fort undetected. The game has to be applauded for it's dense weapon range, animal variety and the mind numbing detailed world. This engine was really off in terms of optimization and it's performance. The frame drops were all over the place, most notably in Alexandria and other crowded cities, same applies for the cutscenes too. It looks like a hiatus really did this franchise some good. But there is definitely a need for a protagonist to rival the likes of Ezio. Black Flag was the only other game which had a great bunch of characters. I feel Bayek's voice actor did a really good job, but the character itself wasn't entirely compelling. Even Aya for that matter, her motivation and her relationship with Bayek was really odd. With Ubi going back to it's yearly model, I'm keen to see what they do with Odyssey.
  11. Here's the full list of PC specific settings: http://www.capcom-unity.com/monster_hunter/blog/2018/07/09/monster-hunter-world-coming-to-steam-on-august-9th
  12. Black Friday is an absolute masterpiece. Brilliant movie. Saw it day 1 in theater when it came out. KK Menon nailed the role of Rakesh Maria.
  13. Ethan_Hunt

    Yakuza Kiwami 2

    Nope, it doesn't. Unlike Yakuza 6, which kicked off from the start, the progress transfer here wouldn't make sense as it's from the second chapter.
  14. It has the effect on you. I finished it last year during my week off and loved every bit of it. First Platinum I ever received. Too bad, I haven't tried the DLC yet.
  15. Ethan_Hunt

    Yakuza Kiwami 2

    Finished it last night and man I'm blown away by the quality. Happy to report it looks and runs way better than Yakuza 6 on the base PS4. Gone is the screen-tearing and the fuzzy low resolution look. The world now feels so crisp and the frame rate is stable. As for the game itself, well, It kicked off from Chapter 2 in Sotenbori city. All too familiar for me as the map and the layout remains exactly the same from Yakuza 0. The controls remain the same, so it was easy to work with. Most of the game mechanics are almost intact, so people who have played the current generation remaster/remakes would be right at home. I only managed to try 1-2 side quests, which were basic. Hit the Karaoke bar and sang to some sh*tty tune (hope there are better tracks). Hit Gandhara and paid to watch 2 "recreational" videos, which turned out to be audio only and the camera just shows Kiryu's reaction to the video. BOO! Where are my Jap AV babes? Anyhoo, didn't explore much and headed right off to the main mission and it was pretty much filled with cut-scenes with barely any gameplay. I guess they just wanted to give a really small sneak preview. But I'm impressed by the quality. This engine has a lot of potential. I'll hold of on all purchases for these games on the console, now that we have a legitimate PC releases lined up.
  16. Ethan_Hunt

    Yakuza Kiwami 2

    f**k yeah! Downloading it now.
  17. I have been out of the upgrade loop for far too long. So I've honestly not even looked at the current trend. His current GPU is GTX750Ti and the gaming needs are kind of basic, so even recommending him a 7th Gen i5 seems like an overkill, truth be told. I mean, even my age old 3rd Gen i5 paired with a GTX970 holds up to this day. So he should have no problem to breeze through it. I suggested AMD, but he has had a bad history with AMD combo before this, so is hesitant with the brand. So Intel it is.
  18. Thanks! I found out that the boards for this generation of Intel processors is quite expensive. Since this is for a friend who's on a budget, he'll probably settle for a 7th Gen processor with a basic Gigabyte motherboard. Unfortunately, it's for a friend who needs an urgent overhaul as his current rig is dead. So planning to grab the part urgently.
  19. The only thing you need to purchase in this game are the weapons. Materials need to be farmed. The simple components would be available with mid to lower tier machines. Once you have a decent set of weapons and mods to go with it, start taking down the top tier machines to pretty much gain a massive materials boost.
  20. Guys, what's a good budget motherboard for Intel Core i5 8400 processor?
  21. The best way to get Blaze is from Fire Bellowbacks. Grazers should have them too. Use Harvester arrows to knock it off them. Try the Nora Hunting ground trial to farm the Grazers for Blaze. EDIT: Also, wait till so encounter Stormbird and Rockbreaker. This game is nothing short of magnificent when it comes to enemy variety.
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