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Official Toys & Figures Discussion Thread of Plastic-Colored Awesome

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Greetings, strangers!


This is the place where you'll want to show off your collectible miniatures of wonders, that no geek should feel ashamed to own. Unless you're still living in your mom's basement, in which case, its cool with us but dude she's your mom!


Anyway, most people have seem my Transformers purchases in the What you bought thread. So imma gonna get started on the first gloating.


First things first, here's my Transformers Animated Autobot collection a few months back (i think around the same time the season 3 finale was about to show), taken from my work space. I don't have a proper Decepticon shot on me right now, but once we move into our new office, I'll have better one available.



Left to Right: Bulkhead, Elite Guard Bumblebee, Ratchet, Cybertronian Optimus Prime, Sentinel Prime, Ultra Magnus, and Jazz


Now for the Bayformers shelf. Missing from the collection is a blue repaint of Ironhide, from the previous movie-line, but that's sitting at Ghaziabad with my dad. The newer models based on Revenge of the Fallen have a better sculpted head, but I'm waiting for the Recon iteration to come here. He's got lots more guns, which makes Ironhide twice the dope toothfairy that he is. As you can see, Fallen and Devs are the latest additions. And the Bumblebee voice-changer helmet is just filling in as temporary space until I get more Autobutts in there (cuz dats how we roll).




Some closer shots of each shelf.



Left to Right: Optimus Prime, Sideswipe, Skids, and Smokescreen (a repaint of Jazz, probably the most balanced Deluxe Class toy out of the entire group)



Left to Right: Megatron, Sideways, The Fallen, two Starcreams, and Ravage (might replace him with the movie-accurate red repaint).



Naturally, Devastator gets his own shelf to himself (himselves?). But only on the condition that he doesn't haggle the booze again. Whatta f**king douche bag.



When I return in the evening, I'll tell you all about the unpacking of this bastard of a wreckage. Jebus Chwist!

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Haha brilliant thread!


and fyi, for anywho who needs info on where to get toys in delhi from - let me know. i can lend a hand or three~


Divulge thy secrets. Will provide sexual favors in exchange for information on where I can find a Master chief figurine.

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Apart from the G.I Joes and MOTU figures I've collected over the years I have the entire Delta Squad from Gears, a Locust Theron Guard and a kick-a*s fully poseable DMC3 Dante including all his signature weapons. Will post pics later.


I always wanted to pick up some McFarlane horror figures... especially Clive Barker's Tortured Souls series.

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always wanted this:-





& this:-




& this:-




& this:-




& this:-








& this:-




& many more......

but never got them


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guys if you have stuff to show off, please show pics! makes the thread all that much cooler 8^)


beb0p, AtheK - nice stuff!


also i'll get to toy store related questions and buying tips in a bit but first...


Unpacking of Devs!



why hello there!



note the decepticon insignia on the top cover.



right then, this shouldn't take too long! lots of tape and little twisty things, but i think i can manage.


(15 mins later)




SWEET MOTHER OF HADES WHAT A BEAST. As it turns out, not all the parts are connected to the main torso (arms were detached). While Devs looks quite tall in the box shots, he's incredibly heavy. His legs can't fully support him, so you'll have to hunch him for the desired "sup bitches i'm devastator" effect, which at least in regards to the movie, is fairly accurate. there's quite a bit of articulation at his shoulder blades, and his mouth is big enough to fit nearly any deluxe class toy, or if you want to get really creative, swallow an entire legends class one! dont surprised if i decide to fit a miniature mudflap inside that giant vortex death trap ;D


and contrary to the film interpretation, only 6 of the contructicons are displayed in this toy. everything can transform into their respective vehicle modes when seperated, but don't have their robot forms. given the complexity involved in pulling this off, i am not complaining. official pricing is Rs. 3750 but trust me, you won't be disappointed.



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finally !! u made this, !! :giggle:


damn, i feel like an a*s for seeing this soo late while in fact it was me that started the itch in ur a*s to start this :|


gorgeous collection mate !!

man, i miss my joes, the vehicles- vamp, sky striker, hawx, et all !!

the he man and various shades of batman. all gone :coolspeak:


I never did have any gaming related figurine but will start building the colledtion soon. ok, maybe not soo soon but when i start earning money, so, keez, u wrote something about locations in delhi. can u direct me to those places. prices STRICTLY under 1k (well till i am a student). not much into transformers, even gi joe craze is not that big anymore, any gaming related stuff that you are aware of that i can find in Delhi ? just lemme know, even if the price is more, i can always window shop :exoticdance:


P.S. if i forgot, awesome sauce collection u got there !!

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