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  1. Ya even i meant mostly the new console buyers ,i doubt anyone is switching platforms unless they give the dlc also through GP which is unlikely.
  2. Its will 100% be passed ,sony is the only one who has issues and they themselves are the most greedy when it comes to screwing over the customers by charging extra or with their timed exclusive deals blocking out competition entirely. Just waiting for entire ABK catalog to drop on GP.
  3. I think sony is right ,once the sony -cod deals are over COD on Gp will be enough to influence buyers inspite on being multi platform.
  4. You are right it should be from april to june but its entire catalogue of 1st party and includes HZD bundle . Anyways it was expected with the economic situation world wide ,none should be surprised except a few not so smart people.
  5. Yes 69 will be a great year ,unfortunately you wont enjoy that too.
  6. 1st party games underperformed too inspite of being crossgen ,no wonder they are bundling and selling . @radicaldude need your spin on it
  7. Get you head out of console wars for once
  8. Series S is an easy pass coz of specs, series x is an easy pass coz of pc meanwhile xbox outperforming competition and growing yearly inspite of no 1st party games this year
  9. Well it is at the moment ,343 to be blamed. It will only get better ,which i doubt will happen for BF unfortunately. Also its the 4 most played game on xbox this weekend ,I dont see bF there. So whats the source for 2042 being ahead?
  10. Well it not a BR like the rest of the games , so its doing pretty well in that comparison. No way its beating them until it gets a BR mode.
  11. Halo 5 had even less nos than this, once the casuals leave its always the hardcore that continue playing it till the next game. nobody or nothing is killing halo ,its still the 3-4 th top played game on xbox behind the other top free games. Forge always brings back the crowd since there is no shortage of game types or maps once it hits. But ya i agree 343 hasn’t done a good job post launch. also the concern trolling is very evident ,you are not fooling anyone .
  12. Skip it guys ,i see it being in the sub in 6 months. Should have been a 10$ upgrade ,nothing more.
  13. Forge is going to be insane
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