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  1. True value there ,for multi platforms games with gamepass xbox is easily the best choice.
  2. Summary of IGN Todd interview: Procedural vs. Handcrafted: - Once they figured out a good way to just make 1 good procedural planet, it's not as hard as you think to expand that to 1000 planets. They consider the fully procedural planets to be optional. Maybe you just like the view or want to set up a base for example. - They will make it obvious which planets have handcrafted areas and which are fully procedural. - They've done more handcrafting than in any other game they've done. Story: - Over 200,000 lines of dialogue now (last number they gave was 150,000). - Constellation is still exploring and figuring out mysteries of universe, looking for old earth artifacts. Start of the main story is uncovering artifacts of unknown origin. - Main story is a bit longer than previous games. 30-40 hours main quest. Not including factions or anything else. - Will be doing extra DLC down the line. Very excited for what modders will be able to do as well. - 4 main cities in game. New Atlantis is biggest, and biggest city they've built in any game. Space Flight: - They're big fans of old space sims. Ship has power systems, 3 different weapon systems, engines, shields, grav drive (FTL). - Pace of the dogfighting is not twitchy. Compared it to Mech Warrior in terms of pace, systems, and power. - You can disable, board, and dock with other ships. - You can steal ships. - There is smuggling. - No you can't fly down to planet manually. You pick a point to land. Early decision they made. Chose to have a separation between surface gameplay and space gameplay. Character Creation: - 20-ish character backgrounds to choose from. Affects dialogue and options in the game.
  3. feel bad for jaffe that he has to make these tweets for attention.
  4. I like this guy do you also do gaming analysis?
  5. Same ,last disc i bought was back in 2014 when destiny came out.
  6. Y do you care ? As if you will stop sh*tting for no reason
  7. Hellblade 2 ,avowed and contraband are next year too ,i would wait for gamescom or game awards for those. fable ,machines games unannounced ip and coalition unannounced ip are 2024 as per rumours . next year gets the ball rolling as far as 1st party exclusives are concerned.
  8. Still think its Better to upgrade your pc than buying the console.
  9. I sure hope so now that the world is moving on from WFH. Looking at how they are advertising the next 12 months this certainly is a better plan. Hopefully every e3 we get a list like this ,which is better for people subscribing and the haters also keep their mouth shut.
  10. Capcom schooling sony on how to do remakes and give free upgrades .
  11. FM and redfall too Also its good there was no gears or halo in this event. Expecting something from kojima?? We all found out he is working with xbox yesterday only.
  12. Variety is what I personally prefer and thats what gamepass needs too. I dont see why xbox needs to follow sony with those 3rd person cinematic experiences. They can both do there own things and do equally well just like nintendo . After gaming since so many years ,everything looks very same now . Want something different and unique to feel excited.
  13. I am not talking about MS ,i doubt they will buy anyone that big again But amazon ,apple etc could
  14. There is a night and day difference between the scale and scope of horizon and starfield . Its a really foolish comparison to be honest. If you are really hungry for comparison then lets compare gt7 and forza motorsport .
  15. You will have your release date soon
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