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  1. Croma's website is so bad that I won't be surprised if they put Ps5 under washing machines and deduct your acc. without completing the transaction. That is like the last resort.
  2. That gift wrapping and yellow sticker is probably what they mean by Day 1 certificate.
  3. Milega toh zrur. Also my friend at Flipkart tells me that they are expecting more quantities than they got for XSX, so I assume that to be the case for Amazon as well. If that turns out to be true, I don't think it would be hard to get one online if one starts punching F5 before 12pm.
  4. Flipkart has messed up structure. My friends over there tell me how seniors enjoy a little too much power and hardly think about customer support and satisfaction. They are constantly told to focus on getting into new segments to drive up revenues and keep customer metrics on the backfoot. All that success and Walmart acquisition has gone to their head.
  5. Bhai aapne toh pay kia tha apne bhai ko, tab bhi guarantee nhi mili. Me logo ko phone karke puch rha hu and minnat maang rha hu ki mere liye order krne ki koshish karna on 12th, ab isme kya guarantee ki milega? And anyway, yeh croma wale ne final kardia then i won't go ahead with the online orders.
  6. Yeah. Over the years I have bought quite a lot of stuff from them and the store head knows me personally. So he'll text me when he gets to know about the pre-orders/allocation and will guarantee one for me or atleast he said so.
  7. That's bad, especially when his shop is in Delhi only. Anyway, I am just hoping my nearby Croma pulls through, I don't want to get in the online order and delivery shenanigans.
  8. Doesn't hurt to try though. I saw few people who were able to get XSX from him when it wasn't available anywhere. So let's see.
  9. Got his number, had a talk with him and sent a text to him. Acc. to him he is expecting to know about allocations by 14-15th even if pre-orders are on 12th.
  10. True. I will never be able to hold a candle upto them.
  11. So good news, a bit delayed but wanted to wait for the official letter. After a very tumultuous placement season and seeing nothing else than SDE in my future, landed a job which lines up with my interests. Plus CAT result was good as well. But will work for a few years and then give MS/MBA a thought. Bad news: Lost out on a couple of dream jobs because of the stupidity which plagues Indian placements. But that's life.
  12. Lol actually my maternal grandma was dolling away gifts because of a wedding in the family and kids wanted XSX, so I ordered. No way I am spending a penny on them otherwise, heck I'll run them over to get XSX myself.
  13. Arre bhai bahut casual and joking way me bola maine ? Just forgot to place some smileys to convey the tone. Chill hai.
  14. People over here who already have an XSX and a Ps5 and are still planning to order one to have as "backup" or to have an Indian unit. So that is also denying a genuine buyer from getting it. Meanwhile if someone is trying to order more than 1 so that it can be routed to someone on IVG then I am not sure how that is wrong? I don't think anyone will bat an eye thinking that some guy on this forum got a console by this means while another random guy living in some city wasn't able to.
  15. Haan toh bhai kisi ko mna nhi kia order krne se. Khud 3 baar card details enter krke lia tha. Agar kisi ko itna chahiye Ps5/XSX, so he/she will think about backups. Otherwise it's a limited quantity and high demand item, bound to be some people who won't get it. I myself said that I will try to order extra Ps5s to route it to someone who is not able to but if I am ordering for my cousins who didn't even know when it is releasing then it is not my fault that someone else didn't get one.
  16. It really does. My brother got an empty box instead of an ssd. CC wasn't of much help for a week but Jeff, next day money was refunded.
  17. Lol, earlier it would have been just me but now I have commissioned 3 people to buy one each ? Ek miljaye kaafi hai.
  18. Whoever does not want a Ps5, still try to order one. Those who do want, try to order another. It will be via online payment, within few days the money will be refunded if cancellation is done. Otherwise I am sure you will be able to route it to someone. I have told both my sister and my friend to order. If I get free from exam early, I will try to order one myself. Money refund is not an issue.
  19. Krenge order kisi tarah. Koi na koi jugaad krenge.
  20. I really love my luck. My last exam has been scheduled for 12th Jan 11am-1pm.
  21. Which games specialists stores? Any in Delhi? I will contact them because till now no one knows anything in South Delhi.
  22. Yesterday it poured for hours, non-stop. It's not raining right now but cloudy.
  23. I am looking for gaming only. Had planned to get an audio solution like JBL bar to go with my TV but won't be able to game at night with that. My parents will go bonkers. Plus headphones are just more immersive for gaming. Since I already have Sony 1000XM2 which still sound great and connect directly to my TV (without noticeable lag) for any night-movie watching, I'll go with Sony for this too. Thanks.
  24. I am just looking at JBL Quantum 600 (available for 11k on Amazon) and Pulse 3d. I am leaning towards Sony.
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