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  1. But what about AAA titles? For example let's not even focus on newly released games, how much does GTA 5 goes on steam right now vs getting ps4 version from amazon? Or let's take RDR2, in recent sale it went for 2.1 or 2.5k on steam, right now it's 3k while you can get it on Ps4 from amazon for 2.5k. I don't think including Indies as a value proposition is correct.
  2. Why optional though? Could it be that 60fps 4k reduces graphic fidelity by quite an amount? Don't want that to be the case.
  3. Haha, this is a very optimistic way to think about it. But productivity varies a lot. I don't think there are many career opportunities out where one will be able to pull this off. Just think, would a person wake up at 8AM, start work by 9, work for 8-10hrs as usual, then hit the beach around 5-6PM, party till late and be able to wake back up at 8AM the next day? One might be able to for a week but just by the experience of my internship. There is no way this will happen. Best thing about WFM is just the comfort of the home, saving on commute and ability to nap for a while.
  4. Time is money. One will lose time not playing while waiting for that trip. And local warranty and service means a lot which you won't have in that 25k real value.
  5. Lol, relating having money to buy a console to having foreign trips is not logical. If the person has money to buy a console or have such trips, why would they wait for their next trip or price to go down? For sure they will be able to afford it anyway. Also it's not feasible to have trips planned exactly when the console launches. They don't want to wait, that's the reason they are ready to pay a premium. Or more importantly they want warranty and service. By your logic, anyone who buys a high end car from a German company is stupid for paying govt. taxes. And anyone who wants to buy some computer hardware to some specific device should just plan a foreign trip.
  6. I sold mine a few months ago as I anyway wasn't going to play much because of internship. And I won't mind paying a bit of premium to get Ps5 at launch, bundles and discounts won't amount to a lot. Can't see pro selling for more than 15k next year.
  7. If a person has the money and wants to buy it, wants to play on the latest hardware and experience the advancements even if the games are less, that doesn't make her/him a fool.
  8. Dollar rate at Ps4 pro's India launch was around 67. It hovers around 75-76 right now. Rupee has depreciated as compared to other currencies too, though there is GST now. I think the overall price will end up being higher than 39k in India if it launches for $399.
  9. I have not used it myself but I assume it works on a local connection. So your internet does not affect anything, it's the capability of your router. If lot of devices are connected to it, you will naturally get delay. Also, check for interfering networks which may be cluttering up the same band and channels.
  10. What bitrate you guys get on Hotstar? I tried running Endgame and in video details it showed 3.5mbps but on some other movies it shows around 200kbps. Even 3.5mbps is pretty low.
  11. Don't buy one with a vent. It just harbors bacteria/virus. I have been using something similar to the 2nd one you have listed. Works well for a few outings if you use a few in rotation. I don't think any of these should be washed, it will damage the layers.
  12. Use this. And maybe get this moved to general or chatter for better visibility.
  13. I am from Saket, New Delhi and I switched from Airtel to ACT 6 months ago. I was paying 1300/month/500gb but was stuck on 40Mbps. Airtel dragged on for a year saying that higher speeds are coming but I finally gave up. Now paying around 1k a month for 200Mbps /1000gb while Airtel still stuck on old speeds. Never going back to them. Don't have any local providers like Spectranet here and only way to get unlimited data on Airtel is to get 799 base pack + plus 299 unlimited data pack (excluding tax). ACT took ages to come in locality as apparently Airtel had it locked down and ACT had to acquire some alternative routes to put its fiber.
  14. I am from IITD (b.tech+m.tech), not sure what your exact query is. Ping me for anything specific.
  15. Not gonna comment on Zodka but before the Ps5 and Xbox Series X were shown off, they were speculations and hypothetical too. But some speculations carry much more weight than others and one can take a logical guess if the industry is making this much noise about lockhart that it's coming. It's same with CPU's and GPU's, before the new 3000 series RTX cards comes out we can't say AMD won't beat them but we can make a logical guess.
  16. Not possibly, Definitely. These masks are made keeping a particle size in mind. I have seen many such "cloth" masks which also mention it, they look like cloth with within they have a proper filtering layer. Handkerchiefs are not made keeping them in mind. Now many people are indeed wearing masks which are just cloth but I don't think your handkerchief can create a good enough seal around your face. No one on this forum knows what kind of masks the other is wearing but when you directly say that you are just using a handkerchief then you are bound to feel the brunt. Get a proper mask brother, it's for your safety only.
  17. There is a Digital Foundry video where they compare AMD cards over the last few generations by limiting each to 4TF. The architecture improvements of each gen resulted in better performance when compared TF for TF. And in the end they try to mimic the new RDNA 2 architecture and find out that a 4TF RDNA 2 gpu should outperform One X's gpu. Combined with better CPU and SSD, it should perform much better. It's not a foolproof methodology but good enough especially coming from Digital Foundry.
  18. For marathons/long run try Asics Glideride. For everyday running Asics Nimbus 22. For speedwork Asics DS Trainer 25. Cumulus 25 has more cushioning so that's a personal preference.
  19. It's quite simple. For deadlifts and Squats applying force through your legs (feets) into the ground is the main thing. Hence, you want to cut out anything which will absorb that force or the normal reaction (feedback). That's why shoes like Nike Metcon's/ Rebook's Nano feature no soft cushioning, it's hard so the force is directly transferred to the ground.
  20. Being a sneakerhead and having tried almost everything on the market, I can say that they do make a lot of difference. But you have to understand the nuances of each shoe and what's it really made for. Trying to keep it as brevise as I can, Pegasus is a running focused shoe in a sense that it provides a lot of feedback, you can feel the track and adapt to it quickly, dynamic force distribution through the feet, basically what a running shoe should do but you won't really prefer these for walking because of that feedback, that's where Ultraboost come in. They try to eliminate as much of the feedback to reduce heel pain. Like you can walk for miles and still feel light in the legs. You can jog in these but because of the lack of feedback, they might feel unresponsive. So it's about finding the right fit. You can really give Asics a go for running otherwise Pegasus are good too.
  21. Not to promote my own post. But if you can get Buds for cheap then I would recommend those. Apart from battery life/mic there is nothing much to spend more on the plus. So check them out.
  22. Bro, there is no way it will be out of stock unless it's a global shortage. Most people in India don't buy a 40k console Day 1, let alone a 60k one, even ps4 pro seemed too out of place for people. People won't just abandon their ps4s. Sony centres, GTS, Amazon will surely have it in stock.
  23. They haven't made the price public, no one knows. Stipulating 399/449 for digital and 499 for disc based. So expect anywhere from 50-60k range in India.
  24. Best way is to hope that it's a global launch and pre order will be available. Otherwise, find a mule who can bring back from abroad maybe then you will have it on Day 1 (Indian Day 1). I think 55k-60k (disc version).
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