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  1. thought that it should be X X X X
  2. this is the perfect ps plus extra game
  3. hazard12345


    Having played this and avengers back to back. I know which will stay longer in my RAM
  4. Yeah i am looking more towards core & muscle strengthening and educating myself. Just get that round about good knowledge and to have that exercise schedule in my brain.
  5. Y0 is the ONE. It is a marathon but the best of all the previous yakuza games 1-5 (Side missions, activities are in this one) and then Y6 to end the kiryu saga. TIP : Always skip the intro (Lots of character reveals) and watch after completing the game.
  6. Y0 is a MUST MUST play for everyone. Still watch that intro and some scenes on YT 345 are only part of premium
  7. Would like to know if anyone here had a personal trainer for minimum 3 months and the experience ?
  8. hazard12345


  9. disney plus subscription is worth it after seeing all the releases before avengers
  10. hazard12345


    love this track
  11. Looks like a Yakuza group is helping John
  12. Enjoyed Gray Man. Best Non mcu film from Russos. Pacing & Screenplay were pretty good.
  13. Ok so i just wanted to play the main story and be done with it. But then comes the Stark outfit mission where i need to GRIND to achieve the required ranks for those side missions. Won't complete the main story now because this is not what is signed up for and was something that was never needed for the main story when I am 90% through it without the need to rank up heavily.
  14. Not into playing remasters but looking at the gameplay scenes, the lighting is the only MAJOR improvement i see.
  15. Started the main story and the opening scene was super fun to watch especially after completing Ms Marvel on D+.
  16. hazard12345


    The atmosphere is pretty good. A bit too dark environment wise
  17. hazard12345


    Takes around 8 hours to beat.
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