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  1. Exactly. Why are these people trying to make everything about themselves. Same goes for people in USA and everywhere else as well.
  2. An Indian student was being interviewed a couple of days ago on TV. When the reporter asked why they haven't evacuated the girl gave the reasons as: No clarity from university if we have to stay or we can go Flight tickets were a bit expensive
  3. I'm not implying anything, I'm just a bit angry at people posting on social media that Ukraine opposed India in the past so let them die. We, talking about commoners, should have the spine to acknowledge what's wrong even if no action is being taken.
  4. Waiting for people saying hurr durr Ukraine opposed India at UN so let them die
  5. Why is everyone trying to get this thread closed? This is why we can't have nice things. Whatsapp univsersity ki alumni meet nahi hai
  6. But the ex-president of Ukraine is patrolling the streets with an AK like a mofo badass
  7. Not crazy enough, if there was no Ukraine going on right now I'd expect some sort of troop movement / actual action to intimidate them Swedes/ Finnies.
  8. Exactly, let's not get this thread locked. But he's primarily the reason why all the major countries are so vocal against Russia and how openly US is also supplying intel to Ukraine aiding them in whatever way they want. Russia's threat to Finland and Sweden further show his frustration.
  9. Kinda sad to see how this is all unfolding Have had a hard time concentrating on office-work
  10. Nukes are the a big thing going for us. Which might be a false sense of security but hey, we've got that going for us!
  11. Nato said they will defend Nato and their thoughts and prayers with Ukraine China must be thinking: Taiwan you're next
  12. At least we have ghostrunner which is worth a download. Another DLC and it costs 50$ to upgrade to the full game. Actually cheaper to buy the actual game/ director's cut here :|
  13. Guess that means we can start discussing the Ukraine-Russia situation now
  14. Finally! All the best! With RD you need all the luck you can get
  15. Nice haul, where did you get the TMNT funko from? Looks saweet. Moonwalker also must have been pretty rare!
  16. Welcome! We have some Indian members who are in Manila as well
  17. abhi90

    Gran Turismo 7

    crazy contacts and/or crazy money.
  18. Does anyone here have an Aramex ShopnShip membership and can help me out? Or any other equivalent service, need a game shipped from UK to India.
  19. What's stopping her for claiming something happened before or after? That sadly summarises everything
  20. Without naming anyone. Basically the normal when a person increases rapidly in stature and feels like he's the king of the world! I know of a lot of retailers discontinuing good products because HPZ was the new distributor of those brands. Reduced margins, not entertaining good policies, not providing ample support and imposing excessive conditions of purchase of products etc.
  21. They were good when they started out ~2013-14. I know the owner personally and have met him many times but the situation has worsened over the years to the point where even the distributors and reputed sellers I know have had issues with headphonezone
  22. I infact liked Nobody a bit more than JW3. It felt fresh and simple, like satisfying a guilty pleasure.
  23. abhi90

    Gran Turismo 7

    That made me chuckle. The best animation ever
  24. and one where someone is cooking something using coca cola instead of water :| gordon Ramsay needs to see this sh*t
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