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  1. https://psnprofiles.com/guide/10411-the-last-of-us-part-ii-trophy-guide 35 as per this guide, I'm assuming 40 in my case, since I'll slowly go through the game.
  2. DM sent. I request staff to give me a extra time, Since I'll be going for 100% completion.
  3. Just finished Concrete Genie, starting Valkyria Chronicles on the PS4.
  4. I know many haven't played this game, but after finishing it myself. I can highly recommend this as one of the most creative, sweet & fun to play title.
  5. yeah sth like that, what i am seeing is that even if there are 10-15 games donated right now there's not really any movement. so i came up with this. For eg i really wanna play Nioh 2/Neir Automata/Ghost of Tsushima & a few more. We can request here & if anyone's willing to donate/share, the game can be shared.
  6. Hi just a suggestion. Since most of the people in this library are trustworthy people with high ratings, how about having a game request thread?
  7. Hi, I'll take the game next. No hurry whatsoever finish it at your pace and lemme know.
  8. Great! Thanks for that! I don't know how to do that.
  9. Donating my copy of Dishonored (PS4) Condition - As New Images:
  10. I currently do not know why the website is down & how i should go about fixing it. PM Sent.
  11. Hello Fellow gamers, I don't know if there's anyone here who's savvy with website hosting & other stuff. My company's website has gone offline recently & i was wondering if anyone here can help me get it back online.
  12. My bhaiya's father in-law passed away this Sunday due to covid. And today my family (Parents, wife and me) got tested for covid with the RT-PCR method. My dad was down for a week with 99-100 fever. Fingers crossed 🤞
  13. I never quite understood apple's UI. What's history, play next etc
  14. I know the game, I'm just about to finish Persona 3 Portable and loving every moment of it. There were a few mentions of bugs and issues hence was asking.
  15. Hey guys pls suggest a good wifi mesh network for my home. It's a 2 floor Bungalow. I would like to have 2-3 units so that it covers the entire home. Pls suggest.
  16. Hey I'm thinking of getting this game eventually. Keep on hearing about a lot of bugs. Is it really worth it?
  17. So hyped currently playing Persona 3 Portable and loving it. was thinking of getting the vita just for this game and now it's coming on the PC!! Hope my simple laptop can run this...
  18. What a charge back? Can't seem to find the customer care number. Do you mind forwarding it to me.
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