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  1. They built up the protagonists crazily too Ram Charan single handedly beating up 1000 people and Jr NTR facing a tiger with bear hands. No way the villain stood a chance against them And Pushpa but it has the same plot as KGF 1 with sandalwood instead.
  2. Need some advice peeps, I have a HK account for ps plus had made it long back when ps plus prices were cheaper there. Will be getting ps plus extra thinking whether I should sub to my Indian account as prices are mostly same now, will be missing out on the 200+ games I had collected with ps plus over the years but don’t think I will be playing them anytime plus any games I do want to play are there in the extra catalogue. Should I stick to the HK account or is this the best time to move?
  3. Then you will love the iPhone, it’s complete opposite to mi super stable, smooth and great battery life.
  4. Yup the only thing I missed when I made the switch to Apple with iPhone 12 was the notifications, it’s miles better on android but hoping the new iOS 16 notifications will be better. I remember trying iOS long back with iPhone 3G couldn’t stand it and switched back to android very quickly. iOS has gotten better over the years in fact there’s not much difference now in terms of features between Android and iOS and add to that iOS is super stable and smooth easy to understand why so many are switching.
  5. Just checked I have only 13 days left. It ends on June 6. So 11 for 13 days should be around 26/27 per month then I guess it’s monthly rates conversion.
  6. I think it depends on the number of days pending in your current subscription. Mine had only one month left.
  7. I have a ps plus HK account and my regular subscription runs till June this year. PSN was asking 11 HKD to convert it to Extra and 14 for Deluxe. Will just let the regular subscription run for now.
  8. Xiaomi has recently launched an oled tv too, no idea how it compares against LG though. Xiaomi OLED Vision TV 55
  9. SF against Akshay Akshay 2 - 3 Kruzzo Kruzzo 2 - 5 Akshay
  10. Congrats! How much did the 48 inch model cost you?
  11. Both are bald easy to get mistaken.
  12. On the topic of build quality I never had any issues with my six year old ds4 too but that’s subjective and it’s from my experience. With the dual sense though I agree it’s fairly obvious as many people are facing issues.
  13. Name : Kruzzo PSN : Stergent1 Team : Man City Can’t use Arsenal player ratings not good this year
  14. Harassment due to dowry demand is still wide spread, it happened to one of my relatives, educated corporate job guy abandoning the wife and kid with full support from his parents because the girl refused to ask dowry from her family. I was of the same opinion that the laws are very harsh on men but imagine if it was not, the situation for women would be even worse.
  15. I charge my dual sense with a normal phone charger. Was doing the same with the DS4 never faced any issues.
  16. I did some TV research recently when I got the 43 inch Samsung Q60A. None of the tvs have good brightness levels required for HDR content which I feel is a must for ps5. The only TVs which are decent are Sony X80, X85, Samsung Q60A and frame.
  17. I am guessing should be same as PS Now catalog with some additional stuff during launch.
  18. I actually like that PS gives an option to choose either the PS4 or PS5 versions. Was helpful in FIFA could switch over to the ps4 version in case I couldn’t find players on ps5.
  19. Same, my mind always read his name as ps inside lol.
  20. Wow they have reduced the price of Xbox live gold too scampass will be even more cheaper.
  21. kruzzo

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Yes, decided not to buy it
  22. People on R/India are always complaining rarely see anyone there with positive views on the country.
  23. kruzzo

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Nice, last I played was on the Xbox 360 skipped the PS4 gen. Still on the fence whether to get it or not because for certain will not play the full game again but the ₹700 price tag is very enticing.
  24. C8, the newer ones should do a better job of mitigating it.
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