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  1. So, it spews out toast that's not toasted at the center. Noice, you had one job toaster.
  2. Original FF7 players playing FF7 Rebirth..
  3. Kena... Holy f**k is this game pretty. It feels like playing an animated movie.
  4. There's no saving face here. This was meant to herald a new coming of Xbox, and it was hyped in that manner too. Calling it game of the generation came back to bite their xbooties. It just had to be good and the hype would have carried it, instead it's groveling between mixed to negative.
  5. At this point you have to give MS credit for the amount of f**k ups they do. Even if they acquire PS Studios they'll find a way to turn them into trash.
  6. Change the fact? What fact? The slide literally shows it made money.
  7. You ask a question, then follow up with 'OK whatever floats your boat' before the response. I see you still can't make up your mind about anything The very same leaks you were parading earlier with estimates, also shows post launch data, suddenly it's not good enough for you? By that logic... Forspoken?! I don't know, maybe it really did flop. Why dont you check the same leaks, no info on it? Oh that's right, it's not first party.
  8. Sit down bucko. Just because sunset flopped hard, don't project that to other kid friendly games. Sony doesn't need to come out and say anything, it's convinient for you to say it flopped when estimates were out but suddenly it's still flop when same leak gives post release details that show it was wildly profitable. By that logic, fact that MS doesn't give out numbers for anything GP or sales of their games, proves that their sub service is stagnant and it's not helping sell their games like they said it would.
  9. Not really. More data from same leaks show RnC was profitable. Loss leak came from projection/estimate for that year. Overall gross shows made almost twice as much as development marketing budget combined. Meaning only Sunset flopped, making 500 dollars. There's so shame in accepting where Microsoft f**ked up another good game, or should the blame go to Xbox consumers who didn't show up for a good game.
  10. Yeah, Insider Gaming/Tom Hendersons site is random now. OK
  11. Oh no.. Slides from same leak also say its budget was 81Mil including marketing, and made upto 145Mil(not updated)
  12. Watched some footage of the game running. If that's pre-alpha, then game is in good hands. Shame though, this deserved a showcase type reveal.
  13. Yeah, it failed thanks to its exclusive launch to Xbox. Xbox f**ked it so bad, even Sony/Insomniac refuses to exhume it from it's grave
  14. Turning great games out of IPs that you consider average. They're doing their job just fine. The games themselves are excellent, there is no doubt there. I'd be concerned with studios that hype games to be GotG, spending 100s of millions of dollars and then putting out flops that are mediocre to bad.
  15. It's unfortunate, but RnC is critically acclaimed, GoTY winning game which will be continued to be played through ps+ extra. Will probably get a sequel in far future too. Meanwhile, Sunset Overdrive is dead in the water, and it's only hope of revival or remaster or any sort of follow up is Sony
  16. https://gamingbolt.com/insomniac-games-has-made-just-567-off-sunset-overdrive No, not $567,000. The studio has made just over five hundred dollars off the game, which released for Xbox One in 2014.
  17. gecko89

    Cyberpunk 2077

    It's a joke they're making, a self deprecating one, they're both laughing at themselves.
  18. Shame. They should have just given us the same barebones MP Factions like in the original game, instead of venturing into all this. All that dev time wouldn't have been wasted and ND would have avoided the bad rep too.
  19. Agreed on GP having better 3rd party titles compared to Extra, though PC GP has all of that for a better price. Xbox in itself you miss out on a lot of games, with PS+PC you get best of PS, new third party titles on GP for PC and whatever Xbox studios manages to churn out.
  20. Na, its gone down compared to the year before. Will go further down this year I'm sure, no longer a bachelor
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