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  1. I see you posted the shorter version ๐Ÿ˜…
  2. Add to that, the author calls The Last of 'Us' (story about the human survival in a post apocalyptic world) a zombie game. Also, you'd think a self proclaimed writer would know what a zombie is, there's not a single zombie in the entire franchise ๐Ÿ˜…
  3. M3gan 8/10 Thought it was pretty good, James Wan knows what script to support when it comes to horror, well horror comedy in this case. Wakanda Forever 7/10 First one was excellent despite the shitty CG. Felt this one was just a good one time watch, last act they decided to just throw some sh*t in there. Angela Bassett delivers, Namor was meh. Shuri as black panther doesn't hold weight, (literally too) , but other than that she was great imo.
  4. I must be getting too old. Still don't get the PJ ๐Ÿ™ˆ
  5. This issue will probably affect the review scores. Think more than few outlets will deduct points just because it's based on Rowlings work.
  6. Wait til Lulu from Activision quote this and say PS is doing just fine and the multi trillionaire mega corporation MS needs the AB deal to pass so they can compete!!
  7. Being a platform exclusive this is absolutely insane.
  8. Meh, a game or two I'm interested in. Most games I intend to buy aren't on gamepass.
  9. This is an odd decision tbh. They intended to grow their market share in Japan, and now they hike prices when they're selling less than a thousand units per week. Not like they're losing a lot of money with so few units old weekly. Maybe MS has given up on Japan?! On top of that multiple Japanese Devs are ignoring Xbox in their release plans.
  10. Yeah, most keep their mouth shut even if they don't agree with the witch hunt. That said, Helena Bonham Carter (Bellatrix Lestrange) and Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) did voice support for Rowling. Slytherin > Gryffindor
  11. Looking at the IMDB score, I wonder if those people who scored it 1 would score the same had it been 2 women in Bill and Frank's place.
  12. 'Gay porn'? Are you sure you watched the same show as the rest of us? There's more male nudity in any regular dudebro comedy film.
  13. I'd suggest watching a story summary of the original FF7 game if you don't intend to play it. That way some of your questions will be answered, and sequel FF7Rebirth diverges storyline anyway so nothing will be spoilt. Edit: Second thought, there might be some similarity.
  14. Enjoying Crysis Remastered a lot on PS+ Extra. Started on highest difficulty, the challenge is quite addictive. Might buy the other 2 remasters if not in subscription service.
  15. Lol, meta user reviews are worthless for this very reason. Steam Reviews make sense.
  16. Not surprised, cheaper VRs available and people not knowing the tech behind the headset could be the reason. Has there been any news on India launch? 50-50k, might buy it Day 1.
  17. Dudes so concerned with the success of LoU TV show, it's hilarious to watch. Game and TV are both critical acclaimed. Meanwhile, Halo game is dying and in the flop TV show adaptation they've turned MasterChief to MasterQueef.
  18. Geez the whining never stops. Of all the adaptations we've seen, very few have been good. Most of them, be it TV or films, were quite bad compared to their source. The outrage in those cases were acceptable, but now we've got whining because the game director took some time off to help make the adaptation not lose it's way?!
  19. Yeah right, PS involvement doesn't do anything. Sony Pictures, PS Studios and Naughty Dog are the producers, the ones who bankroll the show get to say what goes and what doesnt. Paramount did the same, shame the IP and their makers are used to trash now :/
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