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  1. I am too done with 2nd dose... finally. And above statement is absolutely true. Even I didn't feel the syringe, both the times. I happened to go to the same hospital and same nurse and she recognised me. "Sir aap"...."aoo aoo".....the other nurse asked me to show the first dose vaccination certificate and nurse administering the dose "rehne do, maine hi inko first dose diya tha" that actually brought a smile on my face.
  2. Animus

    Far Cry 6

    I am gonna pre order it soon...but i am confused between Standard and Gold Edition.
  3. Animus

    Grand Theft Auto V

    OP is missing images as of now....haha...it's that old....haha.
  4. And done... though need to understand how does Ragnarok story picks up.
  5. Aha Venom in Spiderman game... another home run.
  6. I am looking forward to God of War Ragnarok proper reveal trailer and GTA trilogy remaster.
  7. Ooh my bad ..I got it wrong....and what exactly happens post 31 days?
  8. No longer Day 1.....read the fine print at the end of trailer. Comes to HBO Max after 31 days of theatreatical release.
  9. True.... let's hope for the best.
  10. Still not impressed....3rd is still the best.
  11. Midnight Fight Express is looking good. Might try it out.
  12. Starting 50 seconds, just gives out goosebumps. Let's hope both Tobby and Andrew are in the movie, Tom won't be able to handle all villians by himself.
  13. Btw.... internet saying....this is evil Doctor Strange.
  14. All of a sudden 3 MCU movies lined up within a short span of time. Shang Chi - September Eternals - November Spiderman NWH - December And f**k our theatres are not open yet.
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