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  1. Jumping between Max Payne 1, Burnout Revenge, Sniper Elite 4.
  2. I am all in. Day 1 baby!! for the single player content.
  3. looks like, she herself is confused btw, interesting take here
  4. yup, everyone won't be comfortable doing this
  5. You can but for me, its like spending 5k at once vs dripping the money slowly slowly. I choose the second.
  6. Other then the master account on your Xbox, create a new account and buy the GamePass for 59rs per month / 59rs for 3 month (depending on the offer). Once done play the games on your master account. Couple of downside to this 1) Every month you will have to create new account. 2) Just make sure to turn off recurring payment on the new account immediately, or else end of month you will be charged full amount. 3) Won't be able to play games in offline state on the master account. I have been doing this for an year now, since i bought the Xbox Series X and no issues so far. Just need to take some monthly efforts of creating new account but better than pirating games and when you get the right offer like 800rs for 8 month (which is currently active on my master account, till June) buy that on master account.
  7. More ideal place for this video to be....haha
  8. What a beautiful game but unfortunately no budget to spare. Need to find a friend who owns PS5.
  9. Back Compat Sale is up on Xbox Store....some of my grabs
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